Top 20 Best Chinese Movies on Netflix to Binge 2023

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Netflix is home to hundreds of the best TV shows, series, movies, documentaries, and Netflix originals out there. The content you’ll find on Netflix isn’t restricted to a certain age group or country- you’ll find many best and most famous foreign shows and movies, that too in various genres. The same is the case with Chinese movies on Netflix, which are quite popular among the English-speaking audience as they are dubbed in English and come with English subtitles as well!

This article is going to focus on Chinese movies on Netflix, the top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix you would definitely want to binge on right now, and how you can download your favorite Netflix Chinese movies with the Netflix official app to mobile devices with ease.

1. Top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix 2022

Chinese movies on Netflix

Because Chinese movies have been gaining quite popular even among English-speaking audiences, Netflix has been expanding its offering of Chinese movies and TV shows. Moreover, it continues to add more Chinese content to its platform by acquiring the rights to multiple classics and blockbuster movies, and TV shows.

Isn’t exploring and watching new genres and content on Netflix exciting? Who knows you can come across a binge-worthy movie or series! Therefore, we have listed the top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix you definitely need to watch!

1) Beijing: Wan Jiu Zhao Wu

This movie is based in Beijing, which is the place where dreams come true. Moreover, it involves young individuals who have dreams and ambitions, with romances, heartbreaks, and questions about their fate in the city.

Top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix

Watch this movie to be part of this adventure revolving around careers and partners, and having to choose between the two.

2) Assassin in Red

If you’ve read the short story written by Shuang Xuetao, you’ll definitely love this movie as well. The story of this movie is about a novelist who recently got assassinated. This assassination was done by a mysterious woman and a father who had been searching for his missing daughter. If you’re into action, thrill, suspense, and mystery, Assassin in Red is definitely a must-watch for you!

3) SkyFire

For all the thriller lovers out there, and those who have seen Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, this Chinese film is a must-watch! The story revolves around a scientist who believes that she is about to make a prominent and life-changing discovery of a volcano that will soon erupt on the island where her mother had also passed away. Therefore, soon the volcano erupts and the visitors run for their lives in order to save themselves. Watch the SkyFire and be part of this thrilling adventure!

4) So Long, My Son

There’s a reason why So Long, My Son lands on the top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix- this film has won two acting awards, and was chosen for Golden Bear at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival.

Top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix

This film revolved around love, life after marriage, ups and downs when raising children, grief, and complicated and tough challenges one must face in life. Moreover, it focuses on the prominent social changes in China.

5) Wandering Earth

If you’re a fan of films that are all about sci-fiction and adventure, you should really consider watching Wandering Earth, on our recommendation. The story was a huge success in 2019.

Top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix

It revolves around a group of astronauts who are out to find a new home for the human race, as the sun is dying out and the end of time is near. Thus, they must find a new home as the time they have left on earth is numbered.

6) Long Day’s Journey into Night

What’s exciting about this movie was that it was partly filmed in 3D! This movie is all about adventure and revolves around a man who is returning to his hometown so that he can finally reunite with his old sweetheart, whom he had never forgotten. This is definitely a movie that you might not have seen before.

7) Angels Wear White

This movie is one of the most interesting ones you’ll find on Netflix when talking about Chinese content.

Top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix

A true thriller, this movie revolves around a woman who has witnessed an assault of two young school-going girls in a hotel by the sea.

8) Duckweed

This movie is sort of autobiographical revolving around a man who had survived a fatal accident. He gets to travel back to the ‘90s and finds a few things about his family.

9) Flavors of Youth

This story is based in China and consists of three stories told in three different cities of China, all based on the loss of youth and entering adulthood. All these stories within the film recognize the comfort of the past and attempt to revive the neglected flavors of youth.

10) The Mermaid

Who doesn’t like a little fantasy? The Mermaid is a famous romantic/ comedy film revolving around a mermaid who has fallen in love with an entrepreneur.

Top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix

However, this entrepreneur is ready to finish off all sea life in order to develop a reclamation project. Moreover, this movie has an important life lesson, which makes it a must-watch.

11) Coming Home

Coming home is a famous movie revolving around historical melodrama, which is based on a well-known novel by Yan Geling. Its story is about a professor who had been sent to a labor camp because of his political ideas. After coming back home after several years, his wife does not remember him anymore.

12) Black Coal, Thin Ice

Black Coal, Thin Ice deserved its win at the Golden Bear at the Berlin Festival last year, which is why it has landed on our top 20 list as well. The story of this film takes place in an industrial town in the north of China.

Top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix

There, a body was found which was dismembered. A detective works to solve this case, however, gets shot during his investigation. He survives but is not the same as before. After 5 years, the murderer strikes again, and he is dragged into the case yet again.

13) The Farewell

This film is truly an emotional one and stars a Chinese-American woman who returns to China when her beloved grandmother has been diagnosed with a terminal disease. She struggles and faces problems with the family's decision to keep grandma in the dark about her own terminal sickness.

14) Seoul Searching

This film is based on a group of foreign-born Korean teenagers in the 1980s who cross paths at a Seoul summer camp.

Top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix

There are three boys you’ll see as the main character, one from the U.S., the other from Mexico, and the third one from Germany. All three boys meet three girls who rock their world.

15) The Wild Goose Lake

This movie is quite unique, as it revolves around a gangster on the run and a prostitute who eventually team-up. This film is a unique blend of crime and romance.

16) Free and Easy

Free and Easy is another famous Chinese movie, which revolves around a traveling soap salesman who arrives in a Chinese town.

Top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix

There, a crime occurs and sets the strange residents against each other with tragicomic results.

17) Here, Then

This film is all about different people living in China, who are connected together by desires, coincidence, and a lost mobile phone.

18) Word of Honor

The story of this film revolves around Zhou Zi Shu, who gets embroiled in a conspiracy in the martial arts world after he quits his job as the leader of an organization that is in charge of protecting royalty.

Top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix

Then, he meets Wen Ke Xing, who is a mysterious martial artist who has escaped from the Ghost Valley in order to avenge his parents’ deaths. They befriend each other and embark together on this miraculous adventure.

19) The Grandmaster

Who doesn’t know about Bruce Lee? But little do people know about the man who made Bruce Lee. This movie is one of the best martial arts films available to date. Thus, if you’re a Bruce Lee fan, and love martial arts, don’t think twice before watching this film!

20) Gone With the Bullets

If you’re into movies that are all about action, drama, and comedy, this film is the perfect mixture of those three! This movie takes place in Shanghai in the 1920s and revolves around two best friends becoming arch enemies.

Top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix

2. Conclusion

As a final wrap-up, let's have a quick overview of what we talked about in this article. We talked about Chinese movies on Netflix and also listed the top 20 best Chinese movies on Netflix. If you also want to know about other best movies on Netflix, such as 4K movies, 80s movies, and Bollywood movies, you can turn to our Movie channel to get them.

Moreover, if you are wondering how to download Netflix movies on your device, we also have you coverd! StreamFab Netflix movie downloader that will help you to easily download the best Netflix content of your choice on any device of yours, for complete offline viewing. You can click the link above to know more about it.

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