Top 5 Tools to Convert Photo to Line Drawing

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In South Africa, about 75,000 years ago, the ancients drew a few crisscrossed lines on the rock flake. And now, we live in a digital world where converting photos and digital photography looks to be an ancient topic. You will underestimate the Convert Photo to Line Drawing art if you think that it is old and only about connecting two lines.

From the beginners of an art program to Picasso leaving standard works, everyone attracted the people by creative visuals and line drawing in this field and won a lot of popularity on Reddit and Pinterest.

Moreover, if you are not one of those who are good at painting, particularly when it comes to making use of the strokes, however, you may become attracted to this topic when you will see online tools for line drawing. Here, we are going to discuss the five best online tools to make line drawings.

Five Best Tools to Convert Photo to Line Drawing Online

convert photo to line drawing

Let’s discuss the five best online photo to sketch converter tools. With these tools, you will be able to convert a photo to line art for creative work. You can try any of these tools right now.

Vance AI Sketch Converter

convert photo to line drawing app

Price: Free, $24.99 for three months

Compatibility: Online

There are a lot of tools that can help you convert your photo in the line drawing, but Vance AI Sketch Converter can be the best one of all of them. It is a line art portrait generator (AI-powered), which enables you to convert photos to line drawing online free of cost quickly within only 5 seconds. Moreover, you will be able to get the line of the photo with your desired effect.


  • It enhances the resolution of the image in an automatic way.
  • You can fix the blurry, pixelated, and low-quality images easily.
  • Moreover, it also enables you to improve the color quality and much more.


  • The Vance AI Sketch Converter is an easy-to-use tool.
  • It is completely automated.
  • And it provides quality results.


  • You can transform the limited number of images free of cost.


photo to line drawing

Price: $9.92 monthly

Compatibility: Online

The Rapidresizer is also helpful for you to convert your images to line drawing in a short time. Moreover, this converts photo to line drawing app helps you select your desired effects when you want to turn your photo to line drawing online.


  • The Rapidresizer app comes with the project management feature, which is helpful for the users.
  • It helps you to resize the images in real-time.
  • You can use this app with the drag and drop feature, which makes it easy to use.


  • You can download it quickly.
  • The users can use it with simple commands.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.


  • It doesn’t enable you to draw.
  • You can’t choose your preferred language.
  • And the displayed colors are reliable.


convert photo to line drawing online

Price: Free, $4.66 monthly

Compatible: Android, iOS

Picsart is an online tool, which enables you to turn your image into line art by applying a photo filter. This image-to-line drawing converting app enables you to keep your original photo and output drawing to make your style. Picsart can be your favorite line art generator as a photo converting to line drawing app because you can download it on your mobile phone.


  • It is the best photo editor application.
  • Picsart comes with the transparent Mod and also offers dispersion and stunning effects.
  • Picsart is the best convert photo to line drawing free software providing double exposer effect and magic effect.


  • The Picsart app comes with an intuitive user interface.
  • It provides a lot of creative presets, consisting of drawing and collage functions.
  • Moreover, it also works as a social network enabling you to enter challenges and win trophies.


  • In the free version, the advertisements are full-screen.
  • This app will not load the pictures from the cloud, and you have to download the photos on your device to edit.


convert photo to line drawing online free

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, Android, and iPhone

Lunapic enables you to fine-tune the outlining effect of the picture to online line art. The line of the output image is not very important. The final effect is similar to a white and black photo rather than to a line drawing.


  • The Lunapic tool comes with the social media integration and import-export option.
  • It enables you to batch editing with the filters and effects.
  • And, you can also remove the objects with it and can have revision control.


  • You can use it free of cost.
  • It enables you to use a lot of effects and animations.


  • Showing ads on the tool is its downside.
  • Its interface is not slick like Photoshop Express or Picnik.

Super Stencil Maker

how to turn a photo into a line drawing

Price: Free, $2

Compatibility: Online

Super Stencil Maker tools help you to turn your photo into line art. Particularly, it has a keen focus on the requirements for painting, art, t-shirts, signs, and much more. Therefore, the effect it offers is similar to watercolor painting.


  • This online tool adds the connecting bridges in an automatic way to make sure that the stencils are connected and will not fall when cut.
  • In order to get wonderful results, it supports up to 4 layers (5 colors).
  • Moreover, it also enables you to select the detail level, which will be better for your image.


  • Super Stencil Maker is an easy-to-use tool, and users can use it easily.
  • It comes with amazing features.
  • It offers three package plans; the users can choose one of them according to their requirements.
  • Also, the Super Stencil Maker comes with a lot of graphic assets.


  • Its plans can be a bit costly and have quite hard limits.
  • You can’t share the Super Stencil Maker subscription with your collaborators and teammates.


With the advances in AI technology, basic art techniques and line drawing have become accessible for anyone. You just have to upload one of your desired images; then, the online tools will turn it into line art. There are a lot of tools, but the Vance AI Sketch Converter can be the best solution. These online tools are comparatively more accurate than traditional free picture to sketch converters due to their state-of-the-art trained algorithms. Simply select a line portrait generator to convert your profile on Pinterest or Facebook in the line drawing. If you want to know more about photo editors, welcome to have a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Will You be Able to Do with the Sketches, Stencils, or Line Drawings Made by AI?

To impress your viewers, you will be able to share AI-generated line drawings on Twitter and Facebook, etc., with white and black drawings. Also, you will be capable of coloring your line drawings with AI colorization tools.

2. How to Turn a Photo into a Line Drawing?

How most line drawing tools work is that when users upload, they instantly process the images. So, you may easily go to any website and upload the picture, wait for it to be processed, and then download it. You can try different settings to understand what is suitable for you and download the picture.

3. Which is the Best Sketch Maker Tool?

You will be able to turn your photo into a line drawing with amazing results through Vance AI Sketch Converter. With this, you can get quick and better results.

4. Is it Safe to Pay on Your Website?

Sure, it will be safe. In the United Kingdom, the payment processing platform of Vance AI is Paddle and a well-known SaaS payment service provider. The provided payment details on the website will be directly encrypted via paddle, and Vance AI will never retain your personal information.

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