Top 13 Best Bollywood Movies on Netflix

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Netflix is one of the most popular movie streaming applications that have a huge amount of content that includes movies, documentaries, Television series episodes, reality shows, etc. So any user can get lost in the huge collection of Bollywood movies and spend days watching beautiful and exciting movies. However, it is not easy to find the best Bollywood movies on Netflix due to the large amount of content. So in this short article, you will get the complete list of the top 15 best Bollywood movies on Netflix so that you can just start streaming without having to search a lot.

Can You Find Bollywood Movies On Netflix?

Bollywood movies have a huge fan base all over the world and so Netflix offers the best collection of Bollywood movies that include all the traditional movies as well as the contemporary ones. Moreover, you can search for the movies according to the genre so it becomes easier to find new movies. However, you do not have to work so hard as in this article you will get to know the best Bollywood movies that are available on Netflix.

Best Bollywood Movies On Netflix

Download Netflix Bollywood Movies with Netflix app

The best thing about Netflix is that you can download the movies on your computer or laptop and then watch them afterward without any internet. You can follow these steps to download Bollywood movies offline:

  • Open the Netflix application.
  • Search for the movie you want to download.
  • Click on the download sign beside the name of the movie.
  • Wait for the movie to complete downloading.
  • After that, simply open the Download folder on Netflix to watch the movie in offline mode.

Download Netflix Bollywood Movies with Netflix app

However, you should keep in mind that by downloading the movies with the Netflix app, you cannot share the downloaded contents to any other devices and if the downloaded contents have an expiry date attached to them, they shall be automatically removed from your computer 30 days later.

Download Bollywood Movies from Netflix with a Video Downloader

With a Netflix video downloader software, you can not only download Netflix movies and TV Shows from the streaming service to watch offline, but you can also keep the downloaded Netflix videos, in this case, the best Bollywood movies, forever, because they will never expire on you. Moreover, you can also transfer the downloaded videos to other devices, including but not limited to smartphones, tablets, game consoles, or any physical video player you have.

Download Bollywood Movies from Netflix with a Netflix Downloader

So where to find such a Netflix video downloader software? Well, StreamFab Netflix Downloader is right here for you. This Netflix downloader can download all the on-demand streaming videos from Netflix as either 1080p or 720p MP4 files on your computer for you to watch at any time you are available, completely offline.

Check out the steps to download Netflix videos with StreamFab Netflix Downloader:

Step 1: Launch the software and move to VIP Services.

Step 2: Open the Netflix website and log into your account.

download netflix movies with streamfab netflix downloader

Step 3: Play a video and then click the Download Now button on the following popup to download that video.

Top 13 Best Bollywood Movies on Netflix

All the 13 movies on the list are popular as well as admirable for their acting performances as well as intriguing storylines. Let’s look at the 13 best Bollywood movies on Netflix:

Jodhaa Akbar

Jodhaa Akbar is one of the few historical romantic movies that revolve around the holy union of the Mughal ruler Akbar and his romance and marriage with the Hindu princess Jodhaa. It was released in 2008 and still, now it is very popular among movie buffs. In the history of India, marriage between a Hindu and a Muslim was taboo and the couples who went through such marriages had to face lots of problems in their personal and professional life. Similarly, Akbar had to face lots of troubles with the rulers of the neighboring states due to his marriage with Jodhaa and the story beautifully portrays how love wins at the end.

Best Bollywood Movies On Netflix

Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi is a must in the list of best Bollywood movies on Netflix because it is one of the few Indian Bollywood movies that shows how mental illness is a common problem among Indians and how they suffer from depression and anxiety while trying to live a happy life. The film is directed by none other than Gauri Shinde and portrays the new actress Alia Bhatt as the main protagonist. She is a mental patient who suffers from depression and so she cannot live a happy and normal life like others. Then she meets her therapist who is played by Shah Rukh and then he helps her in seeing her life through a new perspective that helps her in getting over her depression.

Best Bollywood Movies On Netflix

Om Shanti Om

Although there are lots of romantic movies in Bollywood, Om Shanti Om is different from all of them because it not only portrays a romantic relationship between a common man and a star girl. Released in 2007, the movie is about a common man Om who dreams of becoming a movie star so that he can date and marry the popular actress Shanti. However, their romance is short-lived as Shanti dies in an accident that was staged by another rival actor. Om witnessed the entire accident and the story is about how he tries to bring justice to his dreams as well as to Shanti.

Best Bollywood Movies On Netflix


Some films have an exciting storyline and some of them have a feel-good aspect to them. Billu which was released in 2009 belongs to the second group and it is a wonderful drama cum comedy movie that shows the village life of Indians. Billu is the village barber and he claims that he was a childhood friend of the popular actor Sahir Khan but the story takes a comic twist when Sahir visits Billu’s village for a movie shoot. The movie is wonderfully directed and shows the common problems faced by villagers, their lifestyle, and how they remain happy even after leading a frugal lifestyle. Billu is a must-watch cinema in the best Bollywood movies on Netflix list.

Best Bollywood Movies On Netflix

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

You must have heard the proverb old is gold and the proverb is adapted for the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai that was released in 1998 and was directed by Karan Johar. The film shows the story of three characters who were college friends, Rahul, Anjali, and Tina. Rahul and Anjali are college best friends and are inseparable until Tina joins the college. Anjali was in love with Rahul but could not say it to Rahul due to fear of ruining their friendship. Rahul ultimately falls in love with Tina and they have a girl after marriage. Unfortunately, Tina dies in childbirth but she leaves a set of letters for her girl also named Anjali that she uses to find the other Anjali who was her father’s college best friend.

Best Bollywood Movies On Netflix

Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti is a story about how history repeats itself and corruption and bribery are always found in societies and governments. The movie was directed by Rakeysh Mehra and was released in 2006. The movie starts with a foreign aspiring filmmaker who wants to make a film on Indian freedom fighters and casts a group of Indian friends in the movie. Unfortunately, just like in the past, one of the friends is killed by a corrupt and evil official of the government who takes bribes. Then the group of friends revolts against the government and the film shows their hardships and what it means to be a good friend.

Best Bollywood Movies On Netflix

Taare Zameen Par

This is a beautiful movie that shows how children with uncommon disorders like dyslexia have to face troubles in their personal and academic life. The story starts with Ishan, a dyslexic child of eight years who is misunderstood by his parents. His parents think that he does not have any eyesight problems and he does not study or perform well in exams intentionally. So they send him to a boarding school hoping that he will change his attitude towards life and start studying. Fortunately, he meets a wonderful art teacher called Ram in the boarding school who understands that Ishan suffers from dyslexia. The story shows how Ram was able to help Ishan in getting over his problems and have a happy life.

Best Bollywood Movies On Netflix

A Wednesday

Released in 2008 and directed by Neeraj Panday, A Wednesday shows the struggles a common man has to face due to terrorist activities. A bomb blast in a train in Mumbai left a man terrorized after he saw his friends die in the blast. So he vows to take revenge against the terrorists that were responsible for the blast. The story is told by a police officer of the bomb squad who got a mysterious call from an unknown person on a Wednesday. The mysterious man has some demands and threatens the police officers that if the demands are not met then he will blast some bombs strategically planted in several parts of the city. The movie is a wonderful show with the perfect mixture of suspense and clarity.

Best Bollywood Movies On Netflix

Dil Se...

Dil Se is one of the older Bollywood movies that were released in 1998 by the director Mani Ratnam. The story portrays Shah Rukh in the lead role as a radio journalist and his mission is to cover an assignment in northern parts of Assam. Assam in those days was full of insurgency and the streets were full of people revolting against corrupt practices and officials. After going to Assam, he falls in love with a local woman who is hiding something from him. The story is the epic journey of two of them and what the journalist finally discovers about his love mate.

Best Bollywood Movies On Netflix

Lust Stories

If you want to watch some Bollywood movies on Netflix about taboo topics like sensual life then Lust Stories is a must-watch movie. The film is an anthology by four leading directors and each of them takes up a taboo topic like a sensual relationship between a teacher and a student. Another story revolves around how caste differences play a major role in India and what problems a couple from two social classes has to face in their love life.

Best Bollywood Movies On Netflix


Queen is one of the movies that show a female protagonist and her struggles in life. Directed by Vikas Bahl and released in 2013, the movie shows a girl who went through a breakup just before her wedding. She became devastated and was broken so she decided to take a trip to the European lands on her own. The story shows how she meets different types of people on the journey and how she got back her will to live.

Best Bollywood Movies On Netflix

Main Hoon Na

Main Hoon Na is the story of an undercover Indian Major who has to enroll in a college to protect the daughter of a prominent person. The story happens when India and Pakistan were locked in constant battle and terrorist activities were common phenomena. The college is attacked by a terrorist group and the undercover Major has to protect the college students and teachers with his expertise in dealing with such situations.

Best Bollywood Movies On Netflix

Jab We Met

Jab We Met is one of the best romantic Bollywood movies on Netfl that shows how strangers can fall in love in any place. The story is about Aditya who wants to commit suicide after his girlfriend marries someone else. He meets Geet, a lovely happy girl and they travel together all over India. The story is about how they ultimately fall in love and have a happy life afterward.

Final Wrap-Up

So now you have got the complete list of all the 15 best Bollywood movies on Netflix that are exciting and life-changing. The movies are based on various themes so you will not get bored while watching them. Moreover, you can also download the movies and watch them offline. So download any Bollywood movie from the list and start watching for a wonderful experience.

If you are looking for an enhanced offline viewing experience, such as watching the downloaded Bollywood movies on any of your playback devices or sharing them with your family and friends, then you can choose the Netflix video downloader introduced above. The downloaded contents by this software come with no strings at all.

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