Top 20 Best 80s Movies on Netflix Available 2023

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New movies come out almost every week. So, you can never feel bored. But the classic movies are called classics for a reason. 80s movies on Netflix will not only delight you but also move you. The much-loved movies are old-school and black-and-white mainstays. However, they have been entertaining movie buffs for years. A few are nostalgic favorites from your teen or childhood time. All these movies just up your soul as you watch them.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best 80s movies on Netflix and how you can enjoy them.

1. Can You Find 80s Movies on Netflix?

The 80s produced some of the biggest and the most popular cult films. There is a reason that the present era is going back to the 80s nostalgia. Netflix has captured the snapshot of the 80s and has made some movies available to viewers. So, you can now stream these movies any time you want. From biopics to murder mysteries, you will find it all.

best 80s movies on Netflix

2. Download 80s Movies to Mobile Using the Netflix App

You can watch Netflix offline at any time. All you have to do is download your favorite 80s movies from the Netflix app. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Thereafter, you will have to follow the steps given below to download an 80s movie on the Netflix app on your phone.

  • The first step is to search for the 80s Netflix movie you would like to download. Look for the Download button to find out if it can be downloaded. You can also filter the 80s movies that are available for download. This is because not all movies are available for download.
  • Once you find a movie that can be downloaded, tap on the download icon.
  • Go over to the ‘Downloads’ section on the Netflix app. This is where you will find the downloaded movie.
  • Tap on ‘Play’ to play the 80s movie on Netflix.

The downloaded movie is available on the device that was used to download it. Once you download the movie, you can watch it anywhere you want, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

3. Download Netflix 80s Movies with 3rd-Party Netflix Downloader

In case you want to download a bunch of 80s movies on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and watch it without the internet, you can take the help of a third-party downloader, such as StreamFab Netflix Downloader. It is specially designed for users who like watching Netflix videos offline. With this, you download several 80s movies at a faster speed.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download an 80s movie on Netflix to your computer local storage.

  • Download StreamFab on Windows PC and install it on your computer.
  • Startup the software, and then click on the ‘Settings’ button to open the settings window where you can choose the output format and quality.
  • Now, click on the VIP Services on the left panel and then open the Netflix website from the supported streaming services on the right side.Download Netflix 80s Movies with 3rd-Party Netflix Downloader
  • Now, find and play the 80s movie you want to keep offline watching.
  • When the playback starts, there will be a popup window carrying two buttons showing up, click on the Download Now button.

Download Netflix 80s Movies with 3rd-Party Netflix Downloader

  • Once you are done with the download, you can go over to the library for checking the downloaded 80s Netflix movie. Now, you can watch these downloaded movies on your PC wherever you want without an internet connection.

4. Top 20 Best 80s Movies on Netflix

If you are exhausted with all your Netflix originals, it is time for some 80s movies on Netflix. We are here to suggest to you a few classics. So, sit down with a bucket of popcorn and catch these movies.

1) Back to the Future

No one is more perfect than Michael J. Fox in the role of Marty McFly. In this movie, he has a squinty and charismatic role. Fix had been phenomenal in the movie and easily passed off as a high school student.

best 80s movies on Netflix

This classic movie can be fun for the whole family. It is a part of the legendary sci-fi series and became the highest-grossing film in 1985. It has a soundtrack that will make you sing along. The movie is now available for watching on Netflix. So, watch it while it is still there.

2) Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

One of the most iconic movie characters that you might have heard of is Indiana Jones. It is this movie that introduced the character to the world and is etched in the memory of every movie lover. He is sexy, hot, and smart.

best 80s movies on Netflix

The archeology professor who plays the role of the top-class treasure hunter is unearthing artifacts for the museums before scrupulous means can get a hold of them and sell them in the black market. This is one of the best 80s movies on Netflix and is a must-watch.

3) E.T. Extra Terrestrial

This alien-based movie has been the favorite of many as a kid. This is one of the 80s movies on Netflix is filled with hope and innocence. Also, it is wickedly exciting and funny. It is a movie that you can grow up and old with. It tells the story of love and friendship.

best 80s movies on Netflix

The story is about a boy and an alien who becomes his best friend. By the end of the movie, it is hard not to cry. E.T. is a movie with many surprises and is a reminder of what movies are for. It will make you think, feel, and take away all your problems.

4) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This is a classic movie by John Hughes where Matthew Broderick performs the role of an unmotivated high-schooler named Ferris. He feigns sickness one day to skip school. The school VP doesn’t believe his story of sickness and is seen trying to catch him red-handed in the whole movie.

best 80s movies on Netflix

In hindsight, it seems like a lot of effort for just busting one kid. The charm of the movie is in the breaking of the fourth wall to hear the thoughts of Ferris. It became one of the top-grossing movies for the year.

5) Purple Rain

Purple Rain is a masterpiece. Albert Magnoli’s pseudo-biopic brought the Minneapolis music scene to the audience for the first time and the subject who presided over it, Prince. The movie won an Oscar for the Best Original Song Score.

best 80s movies on Netflix

It tries to show a kid’s changing perception of women. The final two numbers of the movie are energetic and are intercut with scenes of the triumph of the kid and their reconciliation with Apollonia. Purple Rain is a musical time capsule and is truly priceless.

6) Tootsie

It is a Broadway adaptation of Tootsie. The movie is definitely a crowd-pleaser. The movie is about Michael Dorsey who changes himself into a woman to secure the role of a soap opera character. Ultimately the character ends up winning the hearts of the viewers.

best 80s movies on Netflix

This classic movie touches on issues, such as having kids out of wedlock, homosexuality, alcoholism, and more. The storyline places Michael in the frontline, who has to go through a compromising situation. However, it also leads to personal and fun discoveries about respect for others and one’s self.

7) The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead is a movie that is filled with over-the-top gore. It drips, sprays, and rains blood. It is one of the best 80s horror movies on Netflix. The movie shows 5 friends traveling to a remote cabin in the woods. As they reach the cabin, they play a tape with an incantation.

best 80s movies on Netflix

This tape releases demons that possess them one after the other until just one of them is left. Irrespective of the inexperienced and low-budget crew and cast, the movie is highly entertaining and shockingly accomplished.

8) Scarface

Tony Montana will be etched on your memory as he shows the facets of a tortured person. Usually, thrillers use interchangeable characters, while gangster flicks are interested in action instead of personality. However, Scarface is a special movie that takes on a flawed evil man and lets him be human.

best 80s movies on Netflix

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the character of Montana has been played by Al Pacino. The movie shows how Tony and Manny build a large drug empire in Miami. Nevertheless, as his power increases, his enemies also increase. Ultimately, it is his own paranoia that starts to plague his empire.

9) WarGames

Once you watch it, the movie is surely going to be one of your favorites from the 80s. The movie has an excellent balance of good seriousness and humor. It will keep you on the edge. Even after 4 decades, it has the capability to make you jump on your seat. David Lightman, a high-school student, hacks into a military computer as he searches for new video games.

best 80s movies on Netflix

After he begins the game of Global Thermonuclear War, he leads the supercomputer and activates the nuclear arsenal of the nation in response to his triggered threat as Russia, the Soviet Union. But when he comes to his senses, he along with his girlfriend has to look for a way to inform authorities to stop World War III.

10) Airplane

If you are up for some comedy, this is it. The airplane is lauded as one of the funniest movies from the 80s. Viewers call it the greatest parody movie of all time. You can watch it with your family or friends.

best 80s movies on Netflix

In the movie, a former pilot, Ted Striker who is scared of flying finds himself in a situation where he has to land a plane safely as most of the passengers and crew fall sick because of food poisoning.

11) The Naked Gun

This is another spoof film from the 80s that you can catch on Netflix. In case you thought Airplane is funny, you should watch this.

best 80s movies on Netflix

The movie is about an inept police detective who sets out on a mission to obstruct the plan of Vincent Ludwig to brainwash common people to assassinate the Queen of England. It will make you pee in your pants within just 15 minutes.

12) Red Dawn

Red Dawn casts little light on the present-day Anglo-Soviet relations. The Patrick Swayze cult classic is simply wild. Sure, historically it might be awful but that is half the fun. Swayze stars along with Jennifer Grey and Charlie Sheen.

best 80s movies on Netflix

In this movie, Cuban and Soviet paratroopers invade Colorado. During this time, a group of teenagers evades it by running to the mountains. When they were left with no place to run, they had to engage in guerilla warfare to fight the invading force. This is a fun and enjoyable movie from the 80s on Netflix.

13) Popeye

Do you love the cartoon, Popeye, the sailor man? Then you are surely going to love this movie on Netflix. The adventures of Popeye have been transformed into a Hollywood musical. It is one of the most weirdly enjoyable and puzzling musicals that has ever been created.

best 80s movies on Netflix

The songs in the movie do not rhyme. Thus, they feel more like usual dialogues. Altman seems to have hit home by making a comedy musical that stars Williams as Popeye. The dialogues are delivered in overlapping and naturalistic waterfalls.

14) La Lamba

It is the favorite of many 80s kids. The movie never gets old. The beautiful movie has the saddest ending that you can ever think of. In this movie, you will see how a teenage Mexican migrant, Ritchie Valens becomes a star overnight. But as his stars start ascending, he has to deal with the envy of his brother. Also, he has nightmares of a plane crash.

best 80s movies on Netflix

The movie opens with a sequence that seems like a memory. It shows teenage boys playing basketball and a plane is seen in the sky. The scene’s color is washed out like an old memory. Then another plane comes and the game continues. The two planes then collide against each other and fall into the schoolyard where the boys were playing. As it is the story of Ritchie Valens, we assume that it is his memory. One of his friends had been killed that day and he always assumes that had been in the schoolyard, he might also have been killed. That is the reason he never liked airplanes. This is what his nemesis becomes in the latter half of the movie.

15) She's Gotta Have It

The movie is an incredible debut of the singular filmmaking voice of Spike Lee. It shows the patriarchy, the black-and-white dissection of sexual identity, the unwanted pressure put on black women, and slut-shaming. Tracy Camilla Johns gives a terrific performance in the movie. It has the worst scene that has ever been performed by Lee. There are 3 male suitors who are desperate to lock Nola down in oppressive monogamy. But the rest of the film is a chaotic rendering of progressive ideals.

best 80s movies on Netflix

Even though the movie was filmed on a small budget, it has received some good reviews. The movie had been successful in launching the career of Spike Lee. The story is about Nora Darling who is a beautiful graphic artist from Brooklyn. She is seen juggling three suitors as she is attracted to the best of each. However, they don’t want to commit to any of them. But her carefree and liberated lifestyle comes to an end as the suitors meet and compare notes on her. The movie ends with the reunion of Nola and Jamie.

16) Child’s Play

This is one of the classic 80s horror movies on Netflix that is definitely going to give you the chills. The movie is about a haunted doll. A murderer’s soul, just before being shot to death, is transferred into a children’s doll. Thus, the doll comes to life and starts performing murderous mayhem. In case this little description doesn’t make you drop everything to watch the movie, we are going to describe it a little more for you.

best 80s movies on Netflix

It became an iconic multimedia franchise. Also, Chucky turned out to be the ultimate horror character. Chucky is menacing and stripped off any sense of humor. The 80s horror movies on Netflix has a subtle satirical focus on the consumerism of 1980s pitches towards kids. Child’s Play is one of the most consistent franchises you will come across.

17) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

This is the second Indiana Jones movie on the list. A few sequels go deeper, while others go wider. But Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade have succeeded in doing both. On the deeper front, you get to learn about Indiana’s upbringing and personal life. This includes the addition of the father of Indiana, Sean Connery.

best 80s movies on Netflix

The movie shows the fun bickering of Connery and Ford. On the wider front, Spielberg has fun with his blockbuster sequences. Every piece in the movie has a different tone. Everything has been put together cleanly and crisply. From joys to horrors, you will get to experience all kinds of emotions in this movie.

18) The Natural

This gives you a slice of American cheese and you are going to love every second of the movie. If you love baseball and want to watch a movie on daddy issues, the work of Barry Levinson is just what you need.

best 80s movies on Netflix

The movie follows Roy Hobbs through his baseball career, especially his recovery following a traumatic accident and injury that involved Barbara Hershey. The movie is a pure melodrama. However, it has an engaging and rich performance to keep audiences hooked to the screen. In fact, it is one of the subtlest 1980s movies made.

19) Spaceballs

The movie is a one-time watch but is definitely a great catch. Following a funny opening, the story launches into planet Spaceball. The movie shows how it is attempting to steal the atmosphere of Druidia, its peaceful neighbor. If you have watched Star Wars, you will see that the villains and the heroes are clones of Star Wars.

best 80s movies on Netflix

The dialogues in the movie are constructed out of some funny names, old jokes, and puns. Nevertheless, there are some incredible visual gags in the movie. It is all about the hero and his trusty half-dog and half-man setting out to rescue a princess who has been kidnapped from an evil despot. Brooks is a great comic director and the Star Wars satire can be a good watch if you are not much of a fab.

20) Little Monsters

This movie from the 80s shows that no matter how old a movie is as long as you can sense the imagination and passion that the actors bring out on screen. If not one of the best 80s movies on Netflix you have watched, it can surely be a guilty pleasure for you.

best 80s movies on Netflix

Brian is not afraid of the monsters that live under his bed. In fact, when he learns about the monsters and gets to know the boogeyman, Maurice and he becomes close friends. In the middle of the night, Maurice took the young one into the world of the monsters. In the monster world, they have a great time as they have fun by doing mischief in the life of sleeping kids. However, their opinion of Brian about Maurice and the way he lives his life changes when comes to understanding that he himself is transforming into a monster. This is a movie that you can watch together with your friends and family.

Final Wrap-up

No matter the type of movie you are in the mood for, the list has got you covered. In case you are feeling like watching a movie you have wanted to watch for a long time or simply want a second look at the movie you love, there is something on this list for all. The list has a mixture of subject matter. However, each of them is special for its own reason. What’s even better is all of these are streaming on Netflix. So, it is time to switch on your TV and chill with one of the 80s movies on Netflix.

As for the need to download Netflix movies, videos, and TV shows to watch without an internet connection on any of your devices, you can use the third-party Netflix video downloader to download all your favorite Netflix 80s movies to MP4 videos. And we recommend you to use the StreamFab Netflix Downloader, with 1080p quality and EAC3 5.1 audios to your computer. Next, you are free to watch them on any device you have, because you can now easily transfer the downloaded videos anywhere.

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