Best Horror Movies on Hulu 2023

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Most of us enjoy watching scary movies precisely because it allows us to experience fear in a controlled manner and without any real danger. It’s not fear itself that people look for but the sense of relief that comes once the fear has passed. With that in mind, put your brave faces on because today we’re going to take a look at the top-ranked best horror movies on Hulu as of 2022.

When comparing the big streaming services, Hulu deserves credit for finally developing a horror-specific area rather than lumping "horror and suspense" into one category that included films like The Babadook and Snowden. Horror fans with a Hulu membership, on the other hand, have access to a surprisingly vast library of high-quality horror films. Now, let's look at these best attractive scary movies on Hulu.

Best Horror Movies on Hulu

15 Best Horror Movies on Hulu 2022

Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In - horror movies on Hulu

It is one of the top horror movies on Hulu. With the exception of the undead, vampire adversaries in the film have become tamed and overused. But a Swedish novelist and director managed to restore the fearsomeness of vampires by creating a book and film that turned the genre on its head. When a 12-year-old orphan Oskar meets Eli (a centuries-old vampire locked in the body of an androgynous (although presumably feminine) youngster), a tangled friendship and romantic relationship develop.

With each passing day, Oskar becomes more and more like a human "familiar" to her, and the movie wonders if their connection would ever be able to reach the level of true love. It's also a disturbing, extremely effective horror film when it chooses to be, especially in the magnificent end sequences, which conjure Eli's terrifying skills with just the perfect touch of obstruction to leave the worst of it in the viewer's mind. A remake of the film, titled Let Me In, was released in the United States in 2010. Though it has been criticized by viewers who have grown tired of remakes, the film is an excellent rendition of the story that may even improve on a few minor points.

The Fly

The Fly - from the best Hulu horror movies

The Fly is considered one of the best Hulu horror movies. The 1980s were a fantastic decade for redoing classic '50s horror and sci-fi films like The Blob, Thing, and Fly. There is a tendency to dismiss the original Kurt Neumann/Vincent Price version of The Fly as merely a "camp classic," but it's a well-made film that is more about mystery and intrigue than gore, and revolves around the mystery of why a woman confesses to crushing her husband to death in a hydraulic press.

When it comes to The Blob remake, David Cronenberg takes that fundamental notion and drapes it in gallows humor and body horror, with Jeff Goldblum's researcher watching portions of his flesh gelatinize and melt away in front of his eyes. As "Brundle," he's fantastic, bursting with crazy energy, creativity, and finally an insectoid-enhanced physique as he makes his way across the world. To this day, it remains one of the most horrific and gory examples of practical effects-driven horror, with the likes of The Thing and The Exorcist. For many people, an ordinary housefly no longer has the same allure after seeing a man-sized Brundle fly vomit acid.

Memories of Murder

Memories of Murder - one of the best Hulu horror movies

One of the best Hulu horror movies is Bong Joon-version Ho, a cop drama based on the case of South Korea's first serial killer. The conflict develops from a clash of styles between an impulsive rural investigator (Song Kang-Ho) and his more professional urban counterpart (Kim Sang-Kyung), who has been deployed to hurry up the investigation, which is progressively derailing due to blown opportunities and unjust arrests. Both serve as cultural monuments that operate against the backdrop of the military dictatorship of the mid-1980s.

The Host

The Host - one of the best Hulu original horror movies

This South Korean monster and one of the best Hulu original horror movies was Bong Joon-main ho's work and calling card before breaking out globally with a tight action film like Snowpiercer and later winning a bunch of Oscars for Parasite. It draws a lot of lines between sci-fi, family drama, and horror. However, there are a lot of scary things, especially with menacing little kids. It was a phenomenal box office success in his home country. The deformed creature in this picture is shaped like a big tadpole with jaws and legs, which is far more terrifying in person than it seems on the surface. kudos to the monster designers for creating one of the more distinctive movie monsters of the previous few decades—the mutant creature in this picture is designed to look like a huge tadpole with teeth and legs, which is far more terrifying in person than it sounds.


Possessor - one of the top horror movies Hulu

Brandon Cronenberg's Possessor (one of the top horror movies Hulu) depicts desolate, lonely, and modest metropolitan scenes from a familiar perspective. Brandon is David's son, as you may or may not know; he shares his father's fascination with corporeal grotesquery, bodily metamorphosis as a metaphor for mental transformation, and an unsettling, current preoccupation with viruses. On the other hand, Brendan cuts deeper than Daddy, if not with a similar incisiveness, with clinical precision, which just adds to the oneiric oddity running through Possessor. Using a series of neurological connections, Cronenberg depicts a terrifying journey from the mind to the body. It takes a detour into the arteries, which are the conduits of life and death in a bigger body. Despite the film's gross efficiency, Cronenberg's reminiscences on the theme of a foreign invader corrupting a wayward spirit in a poisoned culture are as potent as ever.


Southbound - one of the best horror movies on Hulu

In the anthology film, Southbound, you'll find a plethora of vengeful ghosts and serial killers, as well as the lingering influence of Satan. While the film is based on a single vision, its dismal and ghastly horror tropes will satisfy even the most ardent horror aficionados. However, the best part is that the erratic transitions between different parts of the image enrich rather than detract from the overall experience of watching the film. A recurring thread of loss, remorse, and guilt recurs throughout the film, and the film as a whole examines how people unintentionally design their pain. On the other hand, one of the best horror movies on Hulu, Southbound is a joyride through Hell that's well worth the price of admission.

Paranormal Activity

Best horror movies on Hulu

What makes Paranormal Activity one of the best horror movies on Hulu is that it does a good job at convincing you that what you’re looking at is not a film but completely real. Some of the sequels are too bad either but the original is by far the best and scariest in the series.

Friday the 13th

Horror movies on Hulu

Despite its age, Friday the 13th remains one of the absolute best horror movies on Hulu. Obviously, we’re not talking about the 2009 remake starring Jared Padalecki but the 1980 original. There have been countless sequels about Jason Voorhees’ exploits around Camp Crystal Lake but this is where it all started.

An American Werewolf in London

This movie was pretty revolutionary when it first came out back in 1981 because it should in great detail a werewolf transformation that looked really good. Despite its age, the movie looks great even by today’s standards thanks to the quality practical effects used. This should be one of your first picks if you’re looking for horror movies on Hulu that also throw a bit of comedy into the mix.


Mother! Is the latest project of Darron Aronofsky, a director known for his rather unusual style. This movie definitely fits the bill and feels quite different when compared to most others in its genre. Some people didn’t enjoy the artsy approach to horror but others loved it precisely because of that. We’ve seen many good scary movies last year and Mother! Is definitely among the best horror movies on Hulu from 2017.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

If you’re looking for horror movies on Hulu that are likely to give you nightmares this is a good place to start. After all, this movie is all about a supernatural killer with the power to invade people’s dreams and kill them while they’re sleeping. You’re probably already familiar with the iconic Freddy Krueger so check out A Nightmare on Elm Street on Hulu if you want to see where his legend started.


Once again, we have two movies that share the same name but we’re obviously referring to the classic 1976 adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. Easily counted among the best scary movies on Hulu, Carrier follows the titular protagonist as she takes revenge on all of those who wronged her when she discovers her telekinetic powers.


If you loved the original Saw you’re definitely going to enjoy this one. Hostel contains just as much blood and gore but offers a new and interesting premise. The movie centers around an underground hostel where people are being tortured by those who are rich enough to afford it. The method of torture? Well, that’s entirely up to the buyers. Definitely one of the most gruesome horror movies on Hulu right now.


Now, this is a fairly divisive horror movie. Some absolutely love it while others believe that it tries to cram in too many scary stories that are only loosely related to each other. It’s a matter of personal taste at the end of the day but at least there’s no denying that V/H/S tries to stand out from other horror movies and does succeed to some extent.


You can’t have a list of the best Hulu horror movies without Hellraiser. In 1987 this nightmare-inducing movie introduced us to one of the most twisted and gruesome worlds to ever grace the silver screen and some of us are haunted to this day by Hellraiser’s hellish villain, Pinhead.

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