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The word anime is associated with crazy stuff like never-missing episodes of dramatic storyline that includes power-packed action, passionate love, emotional expression, and a sharp end. Your internet search starts with the best Anime to watch and ends with the best anime movies to watch. Endless surfing about Anime indicates how popular the shows are among the kids, young adults, and even grown-up junior college-goers.

Warning Notes: Now, Anime shows are not confined to Japan. The USA, UK, France, Germany, Philippines, Mexico, and other countries can also access anime shows, movies, and TV series. Please be sure whether the best app or the best websites to watch Anime is available in your region or not.

Anime and its Popularity

The word Anime originated in Japan, which means animation show. Japan has a rich cultural heritage, and the film industry portrays the social and cultural dogma to the world in animated form. Anime took birth from that concept and spread slowly across the globe, and the rest of the world made it short and kept ‘Anime’.

You must want to know the best anime to watch with friends. What strikes us most in Anime is its exciting storyline. In every episode, you will unfold surprising elements that glued the viewers with the show. Big eyes, sharp chin, small nose, typical clothing are the characteristic features of your favorite Anime character. When Dragonball Z was in peak, Tom & Jerry cartoon lovers had a hitch to watch Goku, Vegeta and their attires, their conflict, their complex relationships, their psychological binding, etc., enchanted us, and slowly we turned. The perfect way of story-telling grabs the attention of a large population and hooks them to watch till the end, and this is why Anime is so popular and a favorite among the viewers.

The actions, including real-life struggle, romance, thriller, and crime, are the forte of anime movies or shows. These exciting elements are represented in anime movies or TV series to entertain the fans. Though Japan is the creator of Anime, now entire Europe, the USA, partial Asia, Africa (especially the South) are the big lovers of Anime.

Best Websites to Watch Anime

Anime lovers find peace and solace in the websites where their favorite superhero is ready to perform the action, romance, and many more moves as per the story floats. The websites are considered as the best places to watch Anime. If you are a regular viewer and never miss or skip an anime show, this website is suitable for you.

In our next part, you will get information on the best sites to watch Anime where you can find your favorite anime hero and his activities. Let's jump in:


Majority of the Anime lovers around the world prefer Gogoanime. It can be regarded as the best place to watch anime for free. Systematically organized and alphabetically arranged, the show's name attracts millions of anime watchers. You will find old and new titles available on this site. Easy to navigate, the site offers a well-mannered structure where you can find the anime name, its publishing date, year, and month. You can check how popular the shows are. The Gogoanime platform is the best place to watch Anime for free.

best websites to watch anime with gogoanime

Main Features

  • User-friendly features are suitable for anime fans.
  • The interface is convenient even for kids and grown-up children.
  • All the anime shows arranged there include the show name, releasing date, producer house name, etc., details that give a clear picture about what you are going to see.
  • Upcoming titles ads will be there to inform you what is coming soon.
  • Genre specification is mentioned so that your search will not take a long time.
  • Customized new releases and the new season can help you to make your watch schedule.
  • If you have any business queries, the site will answer all your queries with the necessary data.
  • Users' first preference is Gogoanime for its vast collections of titles. It has some pros and cons that make the site stand apart from others.


  • Gogoanime is updated every day, and you will get the latest news and information regarding the Anime industry
  • It's a free streaming site
  • Anime shows are downloadable


  • You have to be careful and never click on unwanted ads while watching online
  • Slow loading time can make you annoyed

Pricing Plans: Content on this site is available for free viewing and free download.
Supported Devices: You can view this streaming service on your laptop or mobile device with ease. There is also a dedicated app for Android and iOS users.


Old is always gold, and Crunchyroll proved that. Being the oldest game streaming site, it brings Anime to the Western world, and the rest is history. Crunchyroll is not only famous for Anime but also for Manga. Millions of users trust Crunchyroll for not the shows but for its users' merchandise. Anime shows, latest updates, and new releases comprise the site as the second best site for anime lovers.

best place to watch anime crunchyroll

Main Features

The features are exclusively for anime lovers.

  • You can watch anime shows in HD format
  • English Subtitles are available
  • The site is compatible with all the latest devices
  • Original anime content broadcast on Crunchyroll
  • Popular shows have dubbed versions, and users can access them


Relatively popular site Crunchyroll has a few significant advantages.

  • Availability of original anime content
  • Anime store facility for the users
  • The 14-day trial period you can avail before final payment


  • Less dubbed shows

Pricing Plans: It is $7.99 per month for ad-free viewing and access to simulcast.
Supported Devices: You can view the website on your mobile browser as well as on desktop browsers. It also has a dedicated app for Android and iOS devices.


Another best way to watch Anime with your friends is 9anime. It offers many more things to anime lovers. While opening the site's interface, you will navigate the show you want to watch right away. The best part is that old and new titles have been segregated to find out which one you are looking for easily. The site offers updates with the recent release and a catalog of old and new shows of dubbed and English website to watch anime with 9anime

Main Features

With a vast collection of anime titles, 9anime has a large fan base. Let's know the features.

  • Anime shows that are compatible with HD includes 720p,1080p,2k, 4k streaming based on the original content
  • English subtitles and dubbed; both varieties are available
  • Offline download and watching feature added benefit
  • The site is mobile friendly
  • Maintain a healthy loading speed in downloading and streaming


The site is preferable for grown-up children. Its advantages are as follows:

  • It's a free anime site
  • The accessibility of the site is amazing


  • Loading speed is comparatively slow
  • Popping up ads sometimes creates a problem

Pricing Plans: There is no subscription cost, either on the website or on the apps.
Supported Devices: You can view the website on desktop or mobile devices. Also, there is a dedicated app for Android and iOS devices.


The AnimeFreak site offers an extensive collection of Anime titles for its users. With regular updates on new releases and new seasons, the site broadcasts all the anime news and information for its users. AnimeFreak, another best place to watch anime for free, is a favorite for all ages anime fans because of its simple and easy access, well-arranged titles with release dates, as well as new and old seasons mentioned and many more.

best place to watch anime for free with animefreak

Main features

The features of the site demonstrate how beautiful and well-designed the site is AnimeFreak.

  • You can watch high definition 1080p resolution anime videos
  • Genre-specific title arrangements
  • 24x7 live chat support
  • Maintain a large community to exchange thoughts, ideas, reviews about Anime
  • The site is mobile-friendly

These exclusive features have been serving their true purpose to entertain a large mass.


Let's see what the new things it would bring to you. The pros of the site are as follows:

  • It offers free service
  • The interface is attractive


  • Ads create problems while you are watching anime shows
  • Slow loading speed spoiling your time

Pricing Plans: There is no subscription fee involved.
Supported Devices: The website streams smoothly on desktops as well as on mobile browsers. It also exists as an app for Android devices.


As one of Japan's best websites to watch anime, Funimation brings everything to your table that a true anime lover wants. A responsive site with massive original anime content, the latest updates of the anime industry, new launches, old season repeat telecasting dates and schedules, and so on. Anime fans love to spend time in the best place to watch anime to get authentic and genuine information. With the honor title of the best website to watch anime, Funimation has its most extensive fan base, and surprisingly anime-lovers for the best place to watch anime free of charge are growing.
best websites to watch anime with funimation

Main features

The partner broadcast of BayBlade, Pokemon, Funimation is the best suit for anime lovers.

  • Attractive interface but simple access
  • High definition picture resolution gives a memorable watching experience
  • The site offers an anime store and purchasing offer
  • Broadcast all the exclusive anime titles for the viewers
  • Split the screen into two in the premium version


The renowned site is exclusively for anime shows.

  • Dubbed and subbed versions are available
  • Currently premiering shows also airing on Funimation


  • You have to pay the subscription for the dubbed version
  • You have to bear the ads while watching your favorite title

Pricing Plans: A premium subscription comes for $5.99 per month.
Supported Devices: This website has a separate app for Android as well as iOS devices. It also has an application compatible with Xbox.

The above-stated sites are the best anime sites to watch and explore. Though paid modes include more features and premium access to the titles, latest updates, and news, freeways do not seem despondent to the fans.

If you are curious about the best anime to watch on these websites or the best way to watch anime, please ask us and we will reply to you.


  • Can I watch Anime through an app?

Yes, you can watch Anime through the app. The list is quite long, including Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, HIDIVE, etc., which are a few names. You can select Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, the best app to watch Anime.

  • What is the best Anime to watch?

It's difficult to say the best Anime to watch in general because the good, best and better anime shows categorize based on the genre. For instance, action genre best show and romance genre best anime show never be the same. You have to identify your favorite genre and then search for the best Anime to watch.

  • How do I locate the best place to watch Anime free of charge?

The Anime-friendly website is the best place to watch Anime for free. Gogoanime, Funimation, Crunchyroll sites are free and provide the best places to watch Anime with the best picture quality, massive content library, live chat support.

  • Can I download anime shows?

Yes, you can. You have to check which website and streaming services allow you to download content from their platform. Gogoanime, 9anime, etc., sites enable users to download anime episodes, and Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc., like apps and streaming services, maintained their own download criteria and policy. Or you can also use a third-party software to download the best anime to watch offline. And we recommend you with StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader. It has an inbuilt browser, allowing you to download animes at a fast speed and in high quality. For more details, you can turn to anime downloader to get more.

  • What are the five best anime movies to watch?

If you are a die-hard fan of Anime, keep the five best anime movies to watch on your watching list.

  • Death note
  • Full-metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Naruto
  • Attack on Titan
  • Dragonball Z

Final Words

Anime movies and shows are the powerhouse of entertainment for the kids, grown-up adults undoubtedly. The exciting storyline, characters representations, powerful central characters, intense climax, and irresistible sequence are elements anime fans could not miss. Thus Anime has become an integral part of the daily entertainment of a significant population. Fans would find the best way to watch Anime, exchange their thoughts and ideas on the community forum and be even more thrilled to welcome the next episode of the popular anime shows. In addition to the best anime to watch, you can also turn to Popular Anime TikTok Song 2022.

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