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Funimation Production house is a well-known entertainment company in America. And what is the best anime on Funimation? The production house brings entertainment from foreign countries and has specialities in streaming and dubbing. The notable foreign media it distributes to the audience belongs to the Japanese animation series. Best anime on Funimation content launches is derived from the novels, manga, and games belonging to Japanese culture.

The streaming platforms of anime Funimation have a lot of stunning anime series that will demand you to sit in front of your PC or mobile screen. If you are looking to know how much is Funimation subscription, no worries, it is not too costly. You have to pay $5.99 every month. Moreover, you can also Funimation download for PC from Microsoft Store. And, if you have an interest in watching animated movies or series and searching for a set of popular anime, then sit back and just explore the following.

How to download anime from Funimation to watch offline?

Before jumping to the list, let's first get to know how to download the best anime on Funimation to watch totally offline, because anime on Funimation is very likely to be removed or replaced by the streaming site due to various reasons.

To deal with this situation, the best method is to get these Funimation anime downloaded. I bet you may have already learned that Funimation doesn’t support downloading unless you subscribe to its Premium Plus plan which costs $7.99/month or $79.99 per year. Sounds expensive?

Thus, you're advised to use a third-party software, called StreamFab Funimation Downloader.

Features of this StreamFab Funimation Downloader

  • Download Funimation videos in 1080p quality with AAC audio;
  • Batch download feature allows you to download anime in one go.
  • Download Funimation anime at a fast speed in universal MP4 format for playback anytime, anywhere, and on any device;
  • Download subtitles or remux into file;
  • Both available on Windows and Mac systems;
  • Download media server friendly metadata info;

How to download Funimation anime with StreamFab Funimation Downloader

Step 1: To download videos on the Funimation anime list with this streaming downloader, you need to install this software on your PC first.

Step 2: Launch this software by double-clicking its icon and then going for the VIP Service section to select the Funimation card.

funimation downloader

Step 3: As a result, the StreamFab Funimation Downloader will open Funimation's official site by its built-in browser. Then login to this site and search for the anime you want to download.

Step 4: Play this anime after selecting it. As soon as the video is played, it is also downloaded.

funimation downloader

That's it. Now that we've learned how to download Funimation videos offline to watch on any device, then let's move on to see the best anime on Funimation that anime lovers can download to binge-watch.

Best Anime on Funimation to Watch

Soul Eater – best anime on Funimation

Soul Eater – best anime on Funimation

The central theme of the story Soul Eater revolves around the Maka and Soul. The two girls join a school where they learn to become the combination of meister and death scythe. They contact Maka's father and Lord Death. Maka dislikes her father and wants to become a better scythe than her father. The first assignment of Maka and Soul is to explore and collect a set of 100 souls, one witch's soul, and 99 evil souls.

Evans is a soul eater and demon scythe who cares for the cool things. She has a dream of becoming a death scythe by the guide of Maka Albarn. With Meister's companions and weapons, they fight and defeat the evils that possess and destroy the world.

Sword Art Online – online anime on Funimation

Sword Art Online – online anime on Funimation

This famous animation is derived from a game. The story of the game is organized in the year 2022. It is an online reality game that offers multiplayer to join the online gameplay. The players can engage by using a technology known as Nerve Gear. Nerve Gear is a helmet that can excite the brain of players.

In this game, players cannot leave the playing field unless they win the 100th level of the game and kill the final boss. If problems in gameplay occur or a player takes off the helmet in reality, they will die. This game show wins popularity for its music theme and animation.

Attack on Titan – best anime Funimation

Attack on Titan – best anime Funimation

The story of the anime catches the scenario of a world where human life just exists in the walls of the home. People are afraid of the Titans outside the walls and looking for humans to eat. The shocking and exciting scenes start from the first episode of the series and leave people stuck on their couches.

This manga anime shows the story of young boy Eren Jaeger. He joins the military after the death of his mother killed by one Titan and starts to train himself for fighting against the Titans. As you continue to watch this anime, you will be glad not to live in that situation. The realistic scenes and the fear in people of that world will terrify you as well.

One Piece – best Funimation anime

One Piece – best Funimation anime

Anime lovers are familiar with the One Piece anime series. It is derived from the manga series with a similar name. This Japanese anime TV series is a long-lasting anime series than others. But not like the other typical long series, every episode of the One Piece will excite you even more.

Monkey D. Luffy is the main character of the story. He is a pirate and aims to become the world's most popular pirate. Luffy has accidentally eaten a Devil Fruit, and his body gets the flexibility like rubber. He has a crew of pirate companions known by the name of The Straw Hat Pirates. With his crew, Luffy goes to explore the world's last edge known as "One Piece."

Snow White with the Red Hair – best anime Funimation

Snow White with the Red Hair – best anime Funimation

All the story is captured about the Shirayuki. She has very beautiful and unique red hair that makes her prominent even crowded. She was raised with teachings to be conscious and careful about her hair. And, she grew young as an independent girl.

Once, she was caught noticed by Prince Raj due to her hair. The prince sent an order to Shirayuki to marry him. She refused the order and ran from her home to the neighboring state of Clarines. When she was traveling to the state, Prince Zen met with her with his two companions, Kiki and Mitsuhide. They became friends with her. Once the prince gets poisoned then Shirayuki obtains a cure for him. However, the story moves forward, and Shirayuki passes the exam to enter and train in the palace.

Tokyo ESP – best anime on Funimation

Tokyo ESP – best anime on Funimation

The story begins with a character named Rinka Urushiba, who is a high school girl. In her family, she has only a father performing his duty as a police officer. Some clashes came to Rinka's life when her father got unemployed due to some circumstances. She starts a part-time job in a restaurant as a waitress.

Kyoutarou Azuma is another boy who goes to the same school as Rinka. Rinka notices one day a shiny fish and penguin swimming in the sky. She touches a shiny fish due to curiosity and feels that she has developed some weird powers. She gains the power of phasing via nonliving things like floor or wall.

Azuma also has the power of teleportation. She meets with him and fights together to defeat the gang that wants to use their power for evil deeds. Rinka's power is not a single thing that makes her special. Her hair becomes white when she utilizes her powers. She becomes the town's hero with the title of "White Girl."

Gungrave – best Funimation anime

Gungrave – best Funimation anime

Gungrave is an old anime series but still has popular space in the Funimation anime list of great anime series. It is available on the Funimation anime website. The story of the series starts with Brandon Heat, who was reborn by the process of necrolyzation after 13 years of his murder. His best friend Harry MacDowell killed him. When Brandon is reborn and arrives in the world, he starts to take revenge on the criminals.

The story flashbacks for some time to show the circumstances when young Brandon and Harry become friends. Harry belongs to a mafia group involved in many criminal activities. Brandon and Harry join the Enter Millennion, underworld strong mafia. Harry has a passion for taking the place of Big Daddy.

Casshern Sins – best anime Funimation

Casshern Sins – best anime Funimation

Casshern Sins is the story of a future world where robots designed by humans start controlling humans instead of humans controlling them. Robots become dominant and self-aware. Braiking Boss is the leader of robots who ruled the world.

A mysterious girl Luna called by the remaining humans to save them from devastation. Braiking Boss ordered his three strongest fighters to kill Luna. Casshern, Leda, and Dio went to dispose of her. Casshern successfully catches and kills Luna. This incident set the world on the edge of havoc. Hundred years later, the atmosphere of the earth was contaminated with poison. The remaining humans lost their ability to reproduce, which pushed them to the threat of extinction.

Haibane Renmei – best anime on funimation

Haibane Renmei – best anime on funimation

Haibane is a little girl who falls from the heavens. She lost her memories as she woke up in the world. She gets herself bound in a cocoon. People gave her the name of Rakka due to her dream of falling. At last, she found a little group of beautiful girls having angelic faces and grey wings. These girls live in a city surrounded by giant fences.

My Hero Academia – best anime on funimation

 best anime on funimation

My Hero Academia is one of the best superhero Funimation anime currently going. It follows a group of high school kids training to be the next wave of heroes. This show is set in a world where superheroes aren’t only real, they are everywhere. From this aspect, My Hero Academia isn’t really that original. It is basically Harry Potter for the superhero set. And what makes this show attractive is that the character designs are interesting, and the powers are bizarre and inventive.

Dragon Ball

Since its release, Dragon Ball has become one of the most successful manga and anime series of all time and is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential manga series ever made.It is original inspired by the classical 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West, combined with elements of Hong Kong martial arts films.

This story follows the adventures of Goku who is trained from childhood to adulthood to become a martial art and shows us how Goku, his friends, and his family become the strongest saiyans of the land. The main concept of this show is good versus evil. So if you love to watch fighting anime, then Dragon Ball is highly recommended.

Black Blood Brothers

If you enjoy vampire stories, then please watch this series. Black Blood Brothers is a short series telling a story when the peace between vampires and human is about to crack. And two blood brothers, the good vampire, try to stay safe and move through the cities without attracting attention and also do their best to create a good name for vampires. In the first two episodes, you may get confused at times, but after two episodes of this show, you will enjoy this Funimation anime, whether the action, violence, romance, or fantasy.

FAQs about Best Anime on Funimation

Is the Funimation app served for free?

The complete library of Funimation is not open for free use. Access to the complete library requires a subscription for premium plans. However, a limited stock of shows or videos is available for free but with annoying ads frequently popping while watching the video.

Is Funimation free trial available for its users?

Yes, Funimation has a free trial for its users. You can have Funimation free as a trial for 7 to 14 days. The duration of 7 to 14 depends on promotions only.

Crunchyroll or Funimation, which streaming platform is better to watch anime?

Crunchyroll and Funimation are two well-known sites for watching anime. And, Crunchyroll has the major focus for subtitles and needs more cost for subscription. Funimation focuses on dubbing in English and also comes with affordable packages.

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