Yellowstone 1883: Premiere Date, Cast Details, and How to Watch

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Yellowstone 1883: Premiere Date, Cast Details, and How to Watch

yellowstone 1883

There are a few weeks left to spin off Yellowstone 1883. The powers behind the western prequel of the Taylor Sheridan offer the viewers sneak to see what lies ahead for the seemingly horrific series. This series will debut on December 19 with several stars Sam Elliot, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, etc.

Yellowstone 1883 will take place about 125 years back (first appearance of Dutton in Montana) to the audience. Taylor Sheridan (Yellowstone creator), with the cooperation with MTV Entertainment and ViacomCBS Studios, developed for the streaming service of the Paramount Network, Paramount+. This new series follows the original Dutton clan crosswise to the Great Plains as they make their way to Montana. In short, when considering the difficulties Dutton will face in season four, seemingly, there will not be a good time for being a part of this family.

The Duttons are not the rich and influential family that we saw on Yellowstone in the last three seasons. The Paramount+ statement confirms that the company says, "1883 would be a Western expansion stark retelling and study of a family escaping poverty looking for a better future in the promised land of the United States of America, Montana ". Here in this article, we will cover each and everything about Yellowstone 1883, including its release date, cast, premier, and many more.

Yellowstone 1883 Cast

Yellowstone 1883 Cast

The announcements of the cast for Yellowstone 1883 have been next level. This series features country music royalty, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill will play the roles of James Dutton and Margaret. Sam Elliot will play the role of Shea Brennan. Elliot says of Sheridan that he thinks the genre speaks to both. The man's classic struggle against man, nature, and himself, is all in Yellowstone 1883. And he feels proud to become a part of this.

Elliot is certainly a legend of the Hollywood industry, having acted in several Western films and a few recent films like The Hero and A Star is Born. Moreover, McGraw also has a history in the Hollywood industry, having co-starred in movies such as Friday Night Lights and Blind Side. Since 2015, it will be the first on-screen appearance of Hill. However, she appeared on the big screen for the first time in The Stepford Wives.

And, the rest of the cast, which was announced in the mid of November, is an up-and-comers' collection, which certainly plays a key role in the story. For example, Audie Rick will play his role as a John Dutton Sr., a very young man. The more cast consists of Martin Sensmeier, Marc Rissmann, Noah Le Gros, Eric Nelsen, Amanda Jaros, James Landry Hébert, Stephanie Nur, Dawn Olivieri, Nichole Galicia, Emma Malouff, Anna Fiamora, Gratiela Brancusi, and Alex Fine. There will be so many new faces that you have to keep track of.

Yellowstone 1883 Trailer

Yellowstone 1883 Trailer

On December 3, the 1883 Yellowstone trailer was released, making us more excited to see the new show. The intense clip shows Faith Hill, Sam Elliot, and Tim McGraw in costume with many actions.

Yellowstone universe

According to Variety, the 1883 Yellowstone prequel becomes a part of the deal amongst the executive producer, writer, and co-creator of the Yellowstone Taylor Sheridan and ViacomCBS & MTV Entertainment Group eye on several new series.

According to the announcement of the Paramount+, the show will get a spin-off that is presently working under the 6666 as a working title. Although, there are scarce details of the project. With the show's announcement, the released synopsis suggests that it will be set on the West Texas ranch of recent times, along with a potentially dramatic history as the Duttons.

Moreover, the Paramount Network describes Yellowstone 1883 as the Yellowstone origin story. Its first teaser explains one family's journey on the road west, and, at first glance, it seems quite intense. It consists of several scenes like crowded caravans of covered wagons, violent battles, and more distracting characters. Along with all this was a chilling voiceover: "We are in the land of no mercy now," mystery voice speaks.

Although we like a vague clip, some more information regarding the plot has been released. The Yellowstone 1883 will follow the Dutton family as they go west searching for Montana, a promised land, through the Great Plains. Moreover, if you like old western movies, you will also love this one.

Yellowstone 1883 Premiere Date

The Yellowstone prequel 1883 will premiere on Paramount+ on December 19, 2021 (Sunday).

Frequently asked questions about the Yellowstone 1883

Can we watch the full trailer for Yellowstone 1883?

You'll want to sit for it! Only two weeks earlier to the premiere of the series, Paramount Network released a full trailer featuring the main cast in the full role and more indications about the show's plot.

Will Yellowstone 1883 be on the Paramount Network?

The Yellowstone 1883 will exclusively air on Paramount+, a new streaming platform of Paramount Network, with the fourth season of the Yellowstone. Moreover, there are also plenty of more shows available. So, if you like things such as Blue Bloods, Survivor, and NCIS, you may want to consider signing up.

Will we be able to get a few more sneaks peeks at Yellowstone 1883?

In addition to the official trailer and teaser, Paramount has been pretty quiet regarding the exact details of Yellowstone 1883. That said, they released some snaps from the set on Instagram.

Where is Yellowstone 1883 being filmed?

According to the officials, the Yellowstone 1883 is being filmed by the Paramount Network in the Texas Panhandle.

Are Paramount+ and Paramount the same?

The Paramount+ and Paramount seem to be similar. And, both of them offer access to similar content but are not the same. The major difference between them is that Paramount is a streaming service, while Paramount is a cable channel, which needs a live TV subscription.

Does Paramount+ offer a free trial?

Yes, before getting a paid subscription, Paramount+ offers a free trial for seven days

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