Best Peacock Movies On Peacock TV 2023

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Peacock Movies is a platform that competes well with globally used platforms like Netflix and Prime Video majorly because of its user-friendly options and free streaming. Showcasing all the features as well as some of the popularly viewed movies on Peacock TV.

A new online service that streams various movies and tv shows is Peacock TV. This online service is from NBCUniversal. It is designed in a way that it successfully competes with online streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Paramount and HBO Max.

This online service is named after the NBC logo in its honour. The aim is to provide ad-supported, free service and stand out among the competitors. It offers hours of movies, live sports and TV shows. The platform offers a variety of movies. The new movies on peacock are always impressive and widely viewed.

Peacock Movies

Top 15 Best Movies To Watch On Peacock TV

With so much content available for streaming on Peacock TV, looking for the best movies and television shows to binge-watch can be a daunting task. You must be thinking, which movie to watch in so little time?

Well, fret no more, as we have a list of the top 15 best Peacock movies you must watch in 2022:

Away from Her

A moving love story, directed by Sarah Polley is a story of two people who are struggling from the pain of Alzheimer’s. It was released in 2006. The movie stars Julie Christie and Gordon Pinset. The moving performance of Christie even won her an Oscar nomination. This movie has a &.5 rating on IMDb and is one of the best movies on Peacock TV.

Away from Her: Peacock Movies

The Cabin in the Woods

The razor-sharp script was written by Joss Whedon and Goddard, this movie is rewatched multiple times and is still considered one of the many available good movies on Peacock. The cast of this movie is pretty huge, starring Chris Hemsworth, Bradley Whitford, and Richard Jenkins. The movie offers a variation in the genre of horror.

The Cabin in the Woods: movies on peacock


A semi-autobiographical movie with a combination of Drama and Comedy when released was a huge disappointment. However, the movie was critically reappraised and rewatched multiple times over the past few years. This movie has always managed to stand out and be a part of the Peacock movies list. The story revolves around Troy and her Brooklyn family, set in the summer of 1973.

Crooklyn: best movies on peacock

Better Watch out

This movie begins like any typical movie featuring the theme of holiday and Christmas and Santa, what unfolds later takes its viewers by surprise and thoroughly entertains them. It is definitely not any ordinary holiday season-themed movie and manages to keep the viewers on their toes.

Better Watch out: good movies on peacock

The Blue Brothers

The classic movies are termed classics for a reason. This movie is an all-time watch enjoyed by people of all age groups. The viewers won’t be able to find a better watch that has toe-tapping tunes and gut-busting humor. The amazing picture quality offered by Peacock TV makes it even more entertaining. When searching what movies are on Peacock TV, this particular movie always makes it to the list without fail.

The Blue Brothers: Peacock Movies

The Harry Potter Franchise

Who doesn’t love the Harry Potter chronicles? Luckily, the franchise is available for streaming on peacock TV. Now, whether it's your first time watching this amazing and epic saga, or the 100th time, you will always be left in awe. This is also an ideal viewing for all the children and adolescents out there!

best Peacock movies

The John Wick Franchise

Everyone loves Keanu Reeves, and his acting and movies deserve no less than an applaud.

best Peacock movies

You’d be glad to know that the first three John Wick movies are available for streaming on Peacock TV. If you haven’t already watched John Wick, then let us tell you the backstory behind this epic movie saga. Keanu Reeves is the main character, who plays the role of a retired assassin whose puppy is killed by intruders. He then wants to take revenge. However, it digs deeper into the assassin world and is more than your average revenge shooting scene.

Broke Back Mountain

best Peacock movies

This movie has won three Oscars and is the best tragic-romantic drama everyone must watch on Peacock TV now. The movie is based on the book by Annie Proulx with the same title and has lead roles of Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. Both these characters play the role of two strangers who meet in 1963 and are hired to herd sheep through the summer. Ultimately, they develop feelings of attraction and love for each other, which continue to haunt them for years to come.

Taxi to the dark side

best Peacock movies

This thrilling movie hits the top of our best Peacock movies list of 2022. This documentary shows the audience about the American military's use of torture. They focus on an Afghan taxi driver who was murdered and was before taken into custody for questioning and inquiry by the Bagram Force Air Base. Later on, it was revealed that he died due to excessive physical abuse. Therefore, this documentary shows how individuals are tortured, especially by Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay during George Bush’s administration.

The Goonies

best Peacock movies

The Goonies is one of the most charming movies to stream on Peacock TV. The story revolves around 1980s kids and is all about adventure. The kids go hunting for a lost pirate treasure that is said to be underneath a sleepy Oregon town. However, numerous obstacles come in the way, such as being hunted by a family of criminals who want the treasure too.

Inside Man

best Peacock movies

Inside Man is the perfect crime-thriller. The story revolves around the mastermind behind a bank robbery that took place in Manhattan. A detective tries to negotiate with him, but the situation with the broker worsens.

Drag Me To Hell

best Peacock movies

Who doesn’t like horror movies sometimes? Peacock showcases multiple horror films, and Drag Me To Hell is one of the top best ones. The movie tells a story about a bank loan officer who denies a gypsy woman a loan. Then, the lady curses the banker. This leads to chaos and terror ensues, as the banker faces consequences of treating the gypsy women wrongly.

Short Term 12

best Peacock movies

This movie is about Grace, who is a young counselor at a California care unit. There she meets different residents who are reminded of past and present abuses.

About a Boy

best Peacock movies

About A Boy movie is definitely praise-worthy, especially because of the impressive acting of Hugh Grant. The story revolves around a man-child who learns how to grow up from his friendship with a kid. This is the perfect romantic comedy-drama you must watch right now.

The Big Lebowski

best Peacock movies

This is another must-watch movie on peacock TV.

Jeff Bridges plays the role of a lazy L.A., who literally transformed this flick into one of the best comedy-crime classics. When trying to recompense his rug from the wealthy Lebowski on which he peed on, he gets caught up in an intricate kidnapping case, which turns into one of the best comedies of all time.

The above-mentioned movies are most watched and are available as free movies on Peacock. These movies come under the category of Peacock free movies and are searched and viewed globally. There are various other movies available on the streaming platform which are available to premium viewers.

Listed below are the top 5 available movies on Peacock premium:

  • Elf.
  • The Grinch.
  • Die Hard.
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Peacock TV Features

Over the past few years, Peacock TV has managed to gain various viewers and members. Amongst many, the following are some of the features that make Peacock Tv unique.

Free of cost

Many movies and tv shows available on Peacock TV are free of cost. This is one big reason that attracts many visitors online. Peacock movies free offer good quality content that is enjoyed globally.

Large library of movies and tv shows

The complementary benefit of Peacock TV is its huge library which offers a wide variety of free TV shows and movies on Peacock TV. It is widely visited because the free library has many movies and TV shows to watch.

High Picture Quality

The other added advantage of choosing Peacock TV to watch movies and TV shows is that the picture quality is remarkable. This feature is highly appreciated and has managed to impress various viewers. The premium package of Peacock TV has other benefits but the free version too provides reasons to the users to choose this platform for streaming.

How to Download Videos from Peacock TV?

With so many movies to start streaming, wouldn’t you wish to watch these while you’re traveling, or basically not at home in order to kill time? Now, you might be thinking this cannot be possible because Peacock TV, as well as other streaming services, require an internet connection for you to access and watch its movies and television shows.

You now must be wondering about Peacock TV’s own downloading feature you can use in order to watch your desired movies and TV serials totally offline. But, did you know that this downloading feature is only available for Premium Plus subscribers? This means you cannot use the downloading feature if you are using Peacock for free, or have a Peacock Premium subscription.

Also, there’s a restriction and time limit for all your downloads. You can download only 25 titles in a single go, and your downloads will also automatically delete in 30 days. Lastly, as soon as your subscription expires, you will lose all of your downloads. Where’s the fun in that?

Well, in order to overcome all these limitations for you, so that you can seamlessly and peacefully watch all your favorite and exciting Peacock movies and TV shows without having to worry about the internet, the Internet globally provides various software and applications to decide from in order to download any video from Peacock TV. One such online platform is StreamFab Peacock Downloader.

The next question that might cross your mind is, why StreamFab Peacock Downloader? Well, this particular online service provides the option of downloading any Peacock TV video in 1080p which is any day better than 480p or even 720p. This provides the users with a good quality video with great sound and visuals.

How to Download Videos from Peacock TV?: StreamFab Peacock Downloader

Any user can therefore go on the official website of StreamFab Peacock Downloader and request any video and enjoy the good quality content with great sound and visual effects.

Why StreamFab Downloader?

  1. Offers the option to Download any Peacock TV video in 1080p which is a much better picture quality than 480p or 720p.
  2. Full HD video quality with great sound that ultimately makes the entire experience of the viewer more delightful.
  3. Ability to save videos in MP4 which can be played on any device and anywhere makes it more feasible and convenient because of the removal of restrictions of devices.
  4. Removes all the ads which interrupt while playing any video on Peacock TV which is a really big benefit of downloading videos from StreamFab Peacock Video Downloader.
  5. Fast downloads of any video save the internet as well as time.

Peacock Premium vs Peacock Free

Peacock TV offers two basic services of streaming to its users. One is the paid service known as Peacock Premium and the other is the free service popularly known as Peacock Free. It is important to research and decide before investing in Peacock Premium. However, it is popularly purchased and used globally because of the huge library which contains many movies and TV shows.

Peacock TV’s free tier offers approximately 13000 hours of free streaming to all users. The huge library contains various TV shows and movies to choose from. It stands out in the available list of streaming platforms because of the option of the free-trial period.

Peacock Premium users get a benefit of an even bigger library to choose from. It is one huge platform that includes all the movies and tv shows released globally in one place. Also, Peacock Premium additionally provides access to any live sports globally.

The added benefit is that Peacock TV is progressively moving forward towards producing its original movies and TV shows which ultimately increases the spectrum of options for its users.

In conclusion, Peacock TV is one internet service that has a huge collection of globally released movies and tv shows all on one platform. This makes it convenient for the users to choose any content of their choice and watch under one platform. This platform stands out mainly because of its added benefit of free streaming for 13000 hours. Therefore, Peacock TV is aggressively moving forward and has managed to become a good competitor of already established streaming platforms.


Does Peacock TV offer free service?

Yes, Peacock TV offers both free and premium services to its users. People get a huge library to choose their choice of content to watch from. It offers approximately 13000 hours of free streaming which makes it stand out among its competitors.

What makes Peacock Premium different from Peacock Free Tier?

The added benefit of Peacock Premium is it's an even bigger library of content to choose from as it makes many movies and tv shows available for the users. Peacock free tier offers many free movies and videos but Peacock Premium makes the list longer.

How do I download a good-quality Peacock TV video?

There are many software and internet services available online to download Peacock TV videos. One such platform which is globally used and witnesses many visitors daily is StreamFab Peacock Downloader.

What can you stream on Peacock?

There is something to watch for everyone on Peacock, even kids! You’ll have access to more than 20,000 premium content from various kinds of channels and networks. You can find content from studios and networks like ABC, NBC, NBCSN, Bravo, CNBC, MSNBC, USA Network, SYFY, Oxygen, E!, Golf Channel, Universal Kids, CBS, The CW, FOX, HISTORY, Nickelodeon, Showtime, and more. Whether it's classic movies, television serials, recent shows, or any show from NBCUniversal’s broadcast and cable networks, Peacock TV streams it all. It also showcases mega-hit movies from Universal Pictures, Dreamworks Animation, as well as Focus Features. You can also find numerous newly-released television shows on Peacock, such as Brave New World, and even remakes of classics.

Peacock subscription plans:

Peacock Premium- $4.99 a month or $49.99 per year. This Peacock subscription plan includes ads in its videos

Peacock Premium Plus- $9.99 a month. This Peacock subscription plan will remove most ads from its videos, and also includes a downloading feature

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