Top 6 Best Movies on Tubi to watch Right Now!

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You may be wondering whether there are good movies on Tubi? Yes, there are many good movies on Tubi that you can watch right now and for free! Many users generally assume that anything that comes for free must have some form of a catch, strings attached, some loose ends, or even some cut corners. This is not the case with Tubi.

Despite being a free video streaming service, it is absolutely free to watch what’s on Tubi. However, Tubi is supported by ad revenue and therefore you’ll get an advert here and there. But is this too much of a catch or price to pay? Absolutely not. There are lots of good movies to watch on Tubi and you should sit back and let us take you through the top 6 best movies on Tubi to watch right now.

What is Tubi?

what is Tubi

Tubi is a comparatively new on-demand video streaming site that allows users to watch TV shows, videos and movies from its partner services free of cost. The best thing about Tubi is that despite offering you a chance to enjoy free streaming content, you do not need to download any software (or if you do, it’s free). You also do not need any paid upgrades or get any content behind paywalls. When using Tubi, you’ll be exultant since you’ll not be taken to any risky websites, you won’t receive any viruses or malware, and there are no popups or security warnings.

Additionally, it’s not a must that you use any Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to access Tubi content from anywhere you are. Using Tubi, you can watch more than 20,000 movies, TV shows, videos, and other content from partner services such as Paramount, MGM, Full Moon Pictures, and Lionsgate among many others.

It is available on the web, android, iOS, and smart TVs like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Amazon Fire, PlayStation, Xbox, Roku, and many other devices. However, you’ll still find that some of your devices may not be supported. In this way, you need to install a powerful Tubi downloader software to download Tubi movies to watch offline and on any device. For this reason, we are going to briefly walk you through the best Tubi downloader in the market today in the following part.

When you combine Tubi streaming with a perfect you’ll surely have one of the most blissful viewing experiences.

Now we can go straight to our list of the top 6 best movies on Tubi to watch right now.

6 best Movies to watch on Tubi Today

Whether you are looking for the best new movies on Tubi or the best horror movies on Tubi to watch, our Tubi movies list of ten will have you covered. Start watching now.

Priscilla, the Road Comedy in Australia Good Movies to watch on Tubi

Officially known as The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, it is one of the best funny movies on Tubi, an Australian road comedy that features two drag queens (Guy Pearce and Hugo Weaving) and a trans-woman (Terence Stamp). This good movie on Tubi takes you through an adventurous journey on a bus named Priscilla. The trio goes to perform in an Australian resort town deep in the desert. Along the way, they encounter excited crowds and homophobic rural villagers. Only Anthony (Hugo Weaving) knows the real reason why he accepted the performing job. However, when the other two realize the reason why they were invited to the performances, the fabric of their relationship and performance is greatly threatened.

The film is a perfect example of how to address LGBT in a 1994 set that, by watching it today, you’ll discover was truly ahead of its time.

A taste of Horror

Good Movies to watch on Tubi

If you are looking for the best horror movies on Tubi, Let the Right One In is just fine for you to watch today. This is a movie that combines horror, art, and romance in the same place featuring a story of a boy called Oskar, (played by Kåre Hedebrant) and a young girl named Eli (played by Lina Leandersson). Oskar is a 12-year subtle and terrorized lad living with his mother in a Sweden suburban. The shadowy and temperamental Eli is his new neighbor. Although initially keeping some distance from each other, they eventually strike a friendship. But Eli is not the everyday young girl that she seems to be. When the two slowly form a stronger friendship connection, Eli goes clean and reveals her ghastly and cadaverous secret to Oskar.

Is Eli connected to a series of gory and vampirism-related local murders? Discover this when you watch this horrific truth on Tubi and download it using StreamFab Tubi Downloader.

Do You Want to Be Bad?

Non Essere Cattivo or Don’t Be Bad is the last film directed by Claudio Caligari before his demise from a tumor. Set in Italy in 1995 and one of the best movies on Tubi, this 2015 film features a story of two Roman guys and youngsters who are more brothers than friends called Vittorio and Cesare. The two are engaged in illegal activities, consumption, and sale of drugs in order to get ahead in life.

One evening, Vittorio takes drugs and goes into a trance and hallucination. In his quest to change his life, he looks for a job at a construction site and tries to lure Cesare into it too. The two friends go through their changed lives with more than just difficulties. The story takes a romantic twist that involves Cesare’s engagement with Vittorio’s former girl, Viviana. Vittorio is also involved with a housewife Linda and goes to live with her and her son. In another twist, Cesare goes back to crime and he’s fatally shot in a failed stealing attempt. What happens when Vittorio meets his former girlfriend and his late friend’s fiancé a year later?

Iceland’s Heartstone

Good Movies to watch on Tubi

Heartstone is another popular entry in the good movies to watch on Tubi. Directed by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson, this 2017-release, Icelandic drama and movie recounts the story of two young boys in a small, remote fishing settlement in Iceland.

These two boys have a strong friendship connection and will take you through a tantalizing journey of sexual and emotional hurly-burly typical of adolescents. One of the boys called Kristian already has a girlfriend. However, his close friend dramatically and weirdly develops queer feelings for him. Among the good movies to watch on Tubi, Heartstone provides some of the most breathtaking sceneries to enjoy. If you’re looking for a Tubi movie with playgrounds and beautiful coastlines Heartstone is the one to choose. What happens to the two boys and a girlfriend? Capture the happenings and save the drama on your device using StreamFab Tubi Downloader.

Fear this Alien

Good Movies to watch on Tubi

More than four decades and still holds great eccentricity? Yes, Alien is a 1979 sci-fi horror movie that captures your imagination more than any other new movie on Tubi despite being ages-old. This is coincidentally one of the best horror movies on Tubi that you can watch right now. The move takes the viewers through a dangerous and adventurous journey as one of the crew members (although seated at home) in a commercial spaceship called Nostromo.

You can be forgiven when your stomach burps when you see the spaceship crew members who were responding to a distress call but were led to a trap, encountering the alien. This is a noxious and belligerent extraterrestrial being that wreaks all havoc on the spaceship. The extraterrestrial picks the crew members one by one and wraps itself on the prey’s face. Discover what transpires and who actually makes it alive after all havoc and aggression from the extraterrestrial by heading to watching Alien and discovering other good movies to watch on Tubi.

American Drama Driveways

Good Movies to watch on Tubi

Driveways are one of the fairly new movies on Tubi that you can watch now. Directed by Andrew Ahn, it stars some of the most talented actors like Hong Chau, Brian Dennehy, and Lucas Jaye. The story is set in an upstate New York summer residential neighborhood. Kathy (Chau) and her son Cody (Jaye) go to her recently-deceased sister’s house. She is planning to sell the house and go back to her usual life. However, on this evening they drive to the house, and she realizes that the house does not have power. All this time, an old widower neighbor called Del (Dennehy) is watching them through his house window upstairs. When Kathy calls the power company the next morning, she realizes that her sister owed the company some money. As if this is not enough, she realizes her sister was a hoarder.

While she spends more and more time cleaning the house and getting it in the right shape for sale, Kathy’s son Cody develops a friendship with the old lady Del, who is also a Korean war veteran. Cody also meets other neighbors striking some relationships while Kathy reaches a situation where she suggests the possibility of moving into the house instead of selling it in a yard sale. Download this Tubi movie and discover more on what’s on Tubi using StreamFab Tubi Downloader.

Best Streaming Video Downloader: StreamFab Downloader

However, if you need to watch any of these videos in our Tubi movies list offline, you’ll need a good Tubi Downloader.

best streaming video downloader

StreamFab Tubi Downloader is the best downloading software that you can use to watch good Tubi movies online, from any device, and from anywhere, anytime. In a nutshell, StreamFab Video Downloader offers the following exciting features for your use and enjoyment;

  • Ability to watch the best movies on Tubi offline. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to watch online content, the best way around this is to download it to your local device and watch it when you want. StreamFab Tubi downloader allows this and more.
  • High video and audio output. When you download Tubi movies and shows, the downloader allows you to save these files in high-quality formats. You can choose the resolution of HD 720p and AAC 2.0 quality audio tracks.
  • Ability to download subtitles and metadata with the Tubi videos. With many videos on Tubi having closed captions, StreamFab Tubi Downloader comes in handy. You can remux video subtitles directly into the downloaded file and choose to display or not to display the subtitles. The automatically downloaded metadata, on the other hand, allows you to better arrange your files in your Tubi TV movies list you download to your local device.
  • A chance to save Tubi movies and videos in MP4 and MKV formats. This is especially important because these formats are compatible with playback using any device. Just download good Tubi movies, play using any device and share them across whatever device that you wish.
  • Enjoy an ads-free watching experience. Tubi does not require any subscription. The site is supported by ad revenue. This means that every 12 to 15 minutes, Tubi throws in an ad. This is annoying and sometimes embarrassing especially when watching Tubi in the company of a visitor who knows that you can use StreamFab Downloader to remove ads from any video download.
  • Batch download mode. StreamFab Tubi Downloader comes with the ability to download multiple files at once. This is especially important when downloading series, multiple episodes, seasons, and the like. You can just select all for download and end up having an entire Tubi TV movies list downloaded all at once. To make this better, the downloader will download the Tubi movie list in a matter of seconds.
  • DVDFab Blu-ray Creator comes with the StreamFab Software. It lets you burn any video content to Blu-ray video format to playback or share. The metadata displayed on the menu further allows you more viewing flexibility and enjoyment.

Blu-ray Creator software

How to Use StreamFab Tubi Downloader to Download Tubi Videos

It is extremely easy to use StreamFab Tubi Downloader to download Tubi movies list and videos from the platform to your local device. To download from Tubi, use the following steps;

1. Download and install StreamFab Tubi Downloader software from the official site.

2. Launch the downloader on your device and set the output quality and language for the subtitles. To do this, go to settings on the downloader homepage as shown below.

3. Select Tubi downloader from the list of VIP Services.

Tubi downloader

4. Search, locate and select good movies on Tubi that you want to download.

5. Play the video or movie that you want to download.

download Tubi movies

6. Choose to Download Now or Add to Queue.

StreamFab Tubi Downloader lets you save your files wherever you want on your device. You can then playback from there or share the compatible MP4 files to other devices. It does not matter what video or movie you want to download. The tool downloads all new movies on Tubi and all classics.


There are many good movies on Tubi you can watch right now. It does not matter whether you are looking for new movies on Tubi or you just want to know what’s on Tubi. This free video streaming platform has a lot to offer. Download the best movies on Tubi using StreamFab Tubi Downloader. Unlike other Tubi downloaders, StreamFab provides you with all the tools that you need not only to download but also to edit your Tubi movies and videos. Take your Tubi experience a step higher and make a persona, local Tubi playlist with StreamFab Tubi Downloader.

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