The Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime 2023

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Most movie fanatics will agree with me that it is one of the best movie streaming sites that so far exists. It is a hub for a wide variety of movies, across the genres. From popular TV series, and shows to new movie releases, Amazon Prime has maintained a reputation for providing quality streaming services. You can find all genres on Amazon Prime, from the most lovey-dovey drama series to extremely gruesome horror movies. They regularly updated the list of movies in their online library and over the years, their collection of online content has improved. There are movies for different age groups.

Today, I have compiled a list of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime that you can easily access. This was after thorough research over a while. The list contains old and new movies on Amazon Prime.

1. Bingo Hell

best horror movies on Amazon Prime Bingo hell

In the list of very good and captivating horror movies, "Bingo Hell" obviously has to be part of it. Amazon came up with a series called " Welcome to the Blumhouse" which showcased acting skills displayed by well-established as well as rising stars to tell a distinctive story. " Bingo Hell" premiered in the series and proved to be one of the best. It talks of how a community bingo hall had been providing the locals with a sense of community and a source of joy, especially for those poverty-stricken ones. Suddenly, a new possessor resumes its ownership and promises an overwhelming amount of wealth to those who were willing to pay the price. With a highly motivated group, the director ushers the viewers into a world of wickedness, darkness, and breath-taking scenes. It is also a new horror movie on Amazon Prime and you should check it out.

Starring: Adriana Barraza, L. Scott Caldwell, Richard Brake

Director: Gigi Saul Guerrero

Released: 2021

Duration: 1hr 25 minutes

Rating: Non-rated

2. Black Box

black box the best horror movies

In a move to improve quality and appeal to many viewers all over the world, Amazon and Blumhouse studio came together to initiate a unique event called "Welcome to the Blumhouse." This was a new horror movie on Amazon Prime and was geared to promoting the growth of content and allowing upcoming filmmakers to display their talents. The series comprises 8 films, under a single banner. Time and resources were invested in the films in equal measure, but apparently "Black Box" managed to stand out after all. In its style, it depicts a man who is ready to risk it all in search of an effective way to get back his lost memories, regardless of the repercussions of his actions. The movie has nerve-racking scenes and thus making it one of the top horror movies on Amazon Prime.

Starring: Mamoudou Athie, Phylicia Rashad, Amanda Christine

Director: Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour

Released: 2020

Duration: 1hr 50 minutes

Rating: Non-rated

3. Blacula

blacula  the best horror movies on amazon prime

Initially, Blacula was thought to be a jest. People saw it as a humorous way to market it and sell many tickets to its premiere. Viewers were later shocked to discover that they had thrown a lot of criticism to a gem. The director invested a lot of expertise, time, and resources to help achieve a unique and quality piece worth watching. Together with the film star William Marshall, the duo perfectly come up with attractive and romantic scenes that were equally scary. The movie explores the life of a man in hot pursuit of a woman who had a great resemblance to his late wife. I will leave the events that ensued to your imagination. The movie makes it into the list of most skilfully curated and best horror movies on Amazon Prime.

Starring: William Marshall, Denise Nicolas, Vonetta McGee

Director: William Crain

Released: 1972

Duration: 1hr 33 minutes

Rating: PG

4. Carrie

carrie horror movies on amazon prime

The film Carrie, though created several decades ago, it is one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime. It was adapted from one of the best works of Stephen King, a renowned horror film writer. Brian De Palma in conjunction with talented star Sissy Spacek came up with a work of art to behold. This intriguing movie illustrates the struggles of a young girl who was constantly trolled and oppressed by everyone around her. Her classmates, teachers, and surprisingly her biological mother took part in her daily persecution till she got fed up. To spice it all up, she had dangerous psychic powers. The happenings thereafter include extremely frightening scenes that could give a sensitive person a sleepless night. However, it manages to be one of the top movies on Amazon Prime.

Starring: Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving

Director: Brian De Palma

Released: 1976

Duration: 1hr 38 minutes

Rating: R rated

5. Children of the Corn

Children of the Corn top horror movies on amazon prime

The movie is greatly inspired by one of the short stories developed by Stephen King named, "Children of the Corn". It is one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime. The storyline of the movie explains how a couple got lost and stuck in a strange town with nobody within the vicinity. For them, the town seemed to lack human life but the truth hits the hard upon the realization that this small town in Nebraska is full of secrets. The town had adult inhabitants but they were all murdered by the children in a strange, bloody, and religious killing spree as dictated by some cult rituals. The gruesomeness and horrific nature of several scenes in the movie attracted many remakes and sequels, but none of them could match up to the original version. The involvement of children in the gory scenes attracted many negative reviews and critics but that should not deter you from accessing one of the top horror movies on Amazon Prime.

Starring: Linda Hamilton, Peter Horton, John Franklin

Director: Fritz Kiersch

Released: 1984

Duration: 1hr 32 minutes

Rating: R rated

6. A Chinese Ghost Story

By now, you have seen how much effort and skill it requires to produce a quality horror movie. To produce the scary images and frames for this new horror movie on Amazon Prime, a director has to go out of his way and work on it until quality is assured. Some work hard and deliver beyond expectations. For instance, if you are looking for a movie with almost all features incorporated, go for, "A Chinese Ghost Story" since it has comics, romantic scenes, ghosts in temples, ghost romance, and martial artistry. It manages to showcase all these scenes within a short period allotted to it. As if those are not enough, it also has a demon that resides on a tree. This is one of the most interesting Chinese films I have ever watched. With all that packed into a single movie, why should I leave it out of my list? It merits being among good horror movies on Amazon Prime.

Starring: Leslie Cheung, Joey Wong Cho-Yin, Dawei Hu

Director: Tony Ching Siu Tung

Released: 1987

Duration: 1hr 35 minutes

Rating: Non-rated

7. C.H.U.D.

Another outstanding and one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime you might want to watch is C.H.U.D. which is the short form for "cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers." The entire movie is full of action and overly frightening scenes depicting unearthly creatures. It starts with numerous unexplained disappearances of people in the streets of New York City. As the movie takes a progressive turn of events, it becomes crystal clear that a strange being beneath the city is on a hunting spree. Thereafter bloody and extremely explicit happenings follow and obviously, it needs a great deal of composure to make it through the entire movie. But that's the thrill we are all searching for, right? Merits to be one of the top horror movies on Amazon Prime.

Starring: John Heard, Kim Greist, Daniel Stern

Director: Douglas Cheek

Released: 1984

Duration: 1hr 36 minutes

Rating: R rated

8. Come to Daddy

The movie follows the life of a musical artist who was used to a rather comfortable life. He happened to get a mail from his supposed long-lost father. The mail was an apparent invitation to his dad's private home. He decides to go and upon arrival, he's greeted by the sight of a rather weird waterfront home in complete seclusion and a man who seems nothing close to being his biological father. The movie is tense, overly dark, and heavily loaded with unprecedented levels of gruesomeness. Even though it is not a new horror movie on Amazon Prime, it brings with it what others can't.

Starring: Elijah Wood, Stephen McHattie, Martin Donovan

Director: Ant Timpson

Released: 2019

Duration: 1hr 35 minutes

Rating: R rated

9. Creepshow 2

This film might not be the best in terms of quality and skill involved, but it sure has a wonderful storyline that would attract the attention of anybody and make it one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime. It was produced as a sequel to the original movie "Creepshow" although its predecessor is way far better. This horror movie on Amazon Prime is compelling to a big audience due to the darkness of the tone used, wonderfully talented cast, and more importantly because it features great horror stories from renowned horror film writers like George Romero and Stephen King. It also features " The Raft" which was an extremely gruesome and nerve-jarring horror movie that stuck in the memories of every kid that watched it to date. Overall, it is a good horror movie on Amazon Prime and the movie is a perfect embodiment of great content, wonderful characters, skill, and resourcefulness.

Starring: George Kennedy, Lois Chiles, Tom Savini

Director: Michael Gornick

Released: 1987

Duration: 1hr 29 minutes

Rating: R rated

10. Dead & Buried

This top horror movie on Amazon Prime tries to explain life in a small town and generally the horrible experiences that people undergo at the hands of ruthless unknown forces. Darkness engulfs the town as strange killings take place in one of the villages bordering the sea. A sheriff sets out and starts a thorough investigation process that leads to the discovery of strange happenings going on in the village. The films captivating demeanor and display of very scary scenes will keep your eyes fixed on the screen throughout one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime. And even afterward, you will be left yearning for more. If you are looking for thrilling horror movies on Amazon Prime, here is the solution for you.

Starring: James Farentino, Melody Anderson, Jack Albertson

Director: Gary Sherman

Release year: 1981

Duration: 93 minutes

Rating: R rated

11. The Deeper You Dig

The joint efforts of the Adams Family to make one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime resulted in the production of some of the most wonderful horror films of all time. The family came up with a collection of movies that saw great filmmakers like John Adams, Toby Poser, and Zelda Adams put in large amounts of resources and long hours working to give their viewers a magnificent product. They produced some of the best stories as proven by the release of " The Deeper You Dig". The movies talk about the events that follow after an unintentional killing as serious haunting ensues. These films helped the trio showcase their production prowess and thus opening bigger doors in their film production careers.

Starring: John Adams, Toby Poser, Zelda Adams

Director: John Adams and Toby Poser

Released: 2019

Duration: 1hr 35 minutes

Rating: Non-rated

12. Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

This piece of art entails an intriguing introduction whereby a character called Elvira earns the possession of a house after a relative passes away. Thereafter, she suddenly becomes a misfit in the community. The events that follow involve several characters taking turns in building this movie's storyline to a much-deserved success. The unpredictability of the scenes and quick turns of events makes the movie a go-to site for a bored person in search of a thrilling and adventure journey. The comedy part of the movie breaks the monotony of gruesomeness and brings some light to the already existing darkness.

Starring: Cassandra Peterson, Phil Rubenstein, Tress MacNeille

Director: James Signorelli

Released: 1988

Duration: 1hr 36 minutes

Rating: PG-13


As you have seen, time, skill, resources, and manpower have to be invested during film production to come up with something worth watching. Amazon Prime is a good avenue for movies and TV series therefore with the above information, you will not have to skim through the entire internet in search of horror movies on Amazon Prime. It will guide you and give you prior knowledge of what you are about to see. There are many top horror movies on Amazon Prime but I think those were the best.

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