Top 12 Adult DVDs for You to Store 2023

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There’s something exciting about watching adult DVDs. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re now old enough to watch them. Maybe you find them thrilling. It could even be that they’re your favorite way of unwinding after a hard day. Whatever the case, there are tons of adult DVD empire movies to choose from.

If you're spoiled for choice and don't know what to watch, don't worry. We’ve got you covered! Here are our top 12 picks of adult DVD movies that will rock your world!

A Quick History Behind Adult Movies

Do you ever wonder where empire adult DVD talk and movies came from? Well, the first porn dvd was made in 1896. It had various names; "Maria Falls to Sleep" and "Bedtime for The Bride."

Despite this movie being the intro to the adult DVD movies we have today, it did not have any sex scenes. It only had a scene with two adults sharing a long kiss. The movie only lasted 7 minutes, but the backlash from viewers was so strong. What is normal now wasn't normal back then, and a long kiss on TV was definitely out of the ordinary.

The first adult DVD movie that brought close-ups of nudity to the public was made in 1910. Its title was "In the Evening," made in Germany. After this film was released, the frenzy of adult porn DVDs started with testing and settings that pushed the limit of what was acceptable and what wasn’t. The mid-19th to early 20th century saw an outbreak of adult movies containing everything our minds could conceive.

Adult films were eventually legalized in the mid-20th century, and with this legalization, a new set of film stars and Japanese adult DVDs emerged. Now, anyone with an internet connection can watch free adult DVDs.

Enjoy the Adult DVDs Offline with the Best Downloader & DVD Tools

If you love watching free adult movies online or want to know how to buy porn DVDs, you've probably wondered how you can download, copy and store the adult DVDs you like for future use. The good news is that there is various third-party software to help you with this.

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The Top 15 Adult DVDs of All Time

There are many categories of DVD empire adult movies to choose from. Adult DVD Empire, the largest retailer of adult films, compiled a list of their best-selling adult DVDs. Check them out below!

Jesse Jane Erotique

The Top 15 Adult DVDs of All Time

Director Nick Andrews released this adult movie on Jan 1st, 2004. The main star is Amber Lynn and the movie starts with Jesse riding a fast bike and pulling into Bella's garage.

Bella pulls Jesse in a kiss, followed by some heavy boob action. There is a fingering and strap-on combo as Jesse fucks Bella against the bike; this is an extremely hot scene. Bella and Jesse have great chemistry and seem to be a match right from the start.

If you’re into girl-on-girl action, then Erotique is an amazing movie and should be one of your top picks.


The Top 15 Adult DVDs of All Time

Flashpoint is probably one of the best adult films out there. It was released on Apr 8th, 2003 and over 28,500 copies have been sold since.

Jenna plays a firefighter in this movie. She has three different scenes in this movie; two straight scenes and one lesbian scene. The lesbian scene takes place in Jenna's head and the action is intense. There is also an orgy in the movie and on a firetruck, no less.

Flashpoint is one of the few adult movies with a good storyline that flows and is guaranteed to turn you on.


The Top 15 Adult DVDs of All Time

Pirates is perhaps the most expensive adult movie ever produced. It showcases many well-lit XXX scenes and corny scenes involving seascapes, caves, ships with skeleton pirates that have to duel with some hot girls on an island.

If you love boobs, this movie has plenty. There’s no denying that hot busty girls dressed in pirates' clothes are sexy. This movie's boobs, sex, and comedy streak make it a must-watch.

Island Fever

The Top 15 Adult DVDs of All Time

The cast in Island Fever is small and good-looking, with beautiful sex locations. What makes it a favorite is that the series works with a simple idea; beauty. It is a nicely done film with six separate scenes in which the girls have great chemistry with the guys.

There’s also good passionate sex with romantic feelings, which is rare in porn today. The mix of teasing, masturbation, and rimming for male and female characters is a total turn-on.

Island fever is definitely a great adult DVD movie to watch with your partner for some steamy sex.

All Star

The Top 15 Adult DVDs of All Time

Over 15,000 thousand copies of All-Star have been sold since it was released on Oct 30th, 2000, by Digital Playground. It features five guys in Malibu in search of the All-Stars mansion. Once they find it, they split up, and the adventure begins.

All-Stars is filled with anal sex scenes; it features Rocky Roads' first ever anal sex scene. Every scene in this film is shot in multiple angles, with each one synching perfectly with the rest of the scenes. This adult xxx DVD movie is loaded with the hottest girls in the adult entertainment industry, which explains its top ranking.

Dream Quest

The Top 15 Adult DVDs of All Time

In this adult fantasy movie, Jenna Jameson plays the character Sara. Sara is an average hot girl who is tired of her boring life. Then the fairies come into play and pull Sara into a mystical world full of the seduction and danger she's been dreaming of.

She is supposed to save the faerie from banishment at the hands of the evil Vladimir. She and the other beautiful stars do this by having sex with Vladimir and his minions. The mix of fantasy and sex makes this film a bestseller, with over 14,000 copies sold.

Virtual Sex with Jenna

The Top 15 Adult DVDs of All Time

Virtual Sex with Jenna is an interactive video where the goal is to make Jenna climax. It uses the game's first-person interface with a virtual hand that replaces the cursor. Virtual Jenna performs every man’s fantasy in this film.

After watching the video, you can subscribe to play the official game which includes toys, realistic environments, lingerie, sexy outfits, and lesbian sex scenes.

Bad Wives

The Top 15 Adult DVDs of All Time

Bad wives are about husbands and wives who lead lives of quiet desperation that end in sexual obsession. The new bag boy, Roy, in the supermarket knows more about how to pleasure the two housewives better than their respective husbands.

The sex scenes are excellent, with the cast putting in beautiful sensual performances. Each sex scene makes sense and is important to the narrative. The story is a definitely original vivid adult DVD and holds the viewers’ attention

Award-Winning Sex Scenes

The Top 15 Adult DVDs of All Time

This film compiles the best sex scenes from your favorite porn videos. It has 22 scenes, and you can be sure to find something for yourself in this adult xxx DVD. It contains scenes from popular titles like; Fade to Black, Bobby Sox, and Bad Wives.

The stars in this adult movie are Jenna Jameson, Nikki Tyler, Janine, Christy Canyon, and Dyanna Lauren.

Brianna Loves Jenna

The Top 15 Adult DVDs of All Time

Brianna Loves Jenna is a pornographic movie starring Brianna Banks and Jenna Jameson. It was written and directed by Jay Grdina in 2001.

Jenna and Brianna melt the screen with their presence and organic chemistry. They interact amazingly and have so much sexual fun together in the film. The sexual themes in this adult porn DVD are vaginal sex, oral sex, and strap-on anal, anal beads with a lot of boob action.

The Masseuse

The Top 15 Adult DVDs of All Time

Asa Akira is a sexy, naughty masseuse with a mission to bring every massage client to a climax. Jim Mitchell, a lonely, somewhat creepy guy, decides to visit the Masseuse and strikes a sexual relationship with her. He falls in love with her soft touch and radiant beauty and becomes obsessed with her.

Their relationship spices up in the end with Barbara visiting Jim’s house to indulge in his shed of sex toys, whips, paddles, and trinkets. Barbara pushes away whenever Jim tries to progress their relationship past their casual encounters. The Masseuse is both sensual and a little heartbreaking.

Ancient Secrets of the Kama Sutra

The Top 15 Adult DVDs of All Time

Adult DVD Talk gave this adult film 4.5 stars. It's about a couple searching for ways to add true more and pure pleasure to their sex life. They visit India, where they learn and practice the secret pleasures of the Kama Sutra from a mistress. The mistress then leads them to many places and introduces them to more people who teach them more Kama Sutra secrets.


According to experts, watching adult films with your partner can improve your relationship. Experiments performed showed that it can lead to more stable relationships, better communication, and allow you to connect with your partner on a higher level. It also gives you the freedom to express your fantasies and sexual desires, which could end up bringing them closer than ever.

Adult films are also great when learning how to explore your body, so go ahead and watch them by yourself if you are single. They are a great way to find out what you like about sex and what brings your groove on.

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