Best 4K Movies and Shows to Watch On Netflix and Amazon Prime

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What is 4K

The definition of 4K refers to a higher quality of video than HD (hexadecimal dump). 4K ultra HD is the next-generation, ultra-high-definition movie that is four times sharper than HD videos. These videos deliver excellent colors, detailed images that bring a lifetime experience to the viewers.

The difference between 4K UHD movies and HD videos

The 4K movies online had a video resolution of 2160-3840 pixels as compared to 720-1080 pixels vertical resolution of HD videos. In the 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) movies, the audio is having a multidimensional sound that produces an outstanding effect and the pictures are sharper than that of HD. From grey cinemas to technicolor, the world of cinemas has delivered an amazing experience to the audience in the last 25 years.

Where can watch 4K movies

On the platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Fandango, Netflix, iTunes, Hilu, YouTube, UltraFlix, and VUDU the 4K movies online are streamlined. Through Netflix, the 4K movies streaming are in successful operation for the last few years. Although, a lot of cable operators have tried to deliver the same quality of videos as Netflix.

But none of them has been able to chase it. On Netflix, the 4K libraries are the largest. It consists of movies, series, and documentation with stunning 4K resolution. The video streams at 2160 pixels which is ideal on Netflix. Netflix never compromises with the quality of the video. An ultra HD video stream uses up to 7GB of data per hour.

Not only through the television, but also through the computers, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, and streamlined media players that support 4K movies, you can relish and enjoy the best quality videos.

4K Movies On Netflix

best 4k movies on netflix

A Champion Heart, 1922, 22 July, 365 Days are some of the best 4K movies on Netflix. Among the best 4K ultra HD movies are Jim Henson’s “The Dark Crystal”, The Irishman, Crouching Tiger: Hidden Dragon, Philadelphia starring Tom Hanks on Netflix. Netflix supports two types of HDR i.e. Dolby Vision and HDR 10. If you are having a Dolby Vision or HDR 10 compatible TV, then you can have a wonderful experience while watching these Netflix 4k movies.

There are a number of movies both in Hollywood and Bollywood that are exclusively launched on the Netflix platform due to their amazing video quality. Pieces of a Woman, Stuck Apart, What Happened to Mr. Cha?, the Dig, Below Zero, Red Dot, The Girl on the Train and many more are some of the movies that were first screened on Netflix.

  • Red Notice
  • A Boy Called Christmas
  • Passing
  • Swap Shop: Dash for Cash
  • Your Life is a Joke
  • Animal, Gentefied
  • 7 Prisoners
  • Alter Ego
  • Love Never Lies/Amor Con Fianza
  • All I want for Christmas is You

Download Netflix 4K movies

Through online websites, you can easily download the 4K movies. But, getting the free 4K movies is a little bit difficult. On the internet websites, you can register and start using the free trial for 30 days. In these 30 days, you can watch the online 4K movies streaming free. DVDFab Player is a good choice for you to play 4K movies. But after the completion of the 30 days free trial period, you need to pay the money for viewing the 4K movies.

Once your free trial finishes and you cannot stream or download 4k movies anymore, StreamFab Netflix Downloader appears to be a necessity in this case. It is a Netflix download solution that allows you to save your beloved 4k Netflix movies in 1080p quality. The main features of the StreamFab Netflix Downloader are listed below:

  • Enable you to download Netflix movies in high-quality up to 1080p.
  • Get access to all streaming videos from Netflix.
  • Save subtitles in different languages and formats, either remux with the video or download as srt files.
  • Batch-download the whole series of Netflix content.
  • The downloaded videos are permanently saved as MP4 files which can be playback on various devices.

4K Movies on Amazon Prime

4k movies on amazon prime

Amazon Prime is one of the most demanding platforms for viewing the content by the users. Over more than 24,000 films and 2000 TV shows are there to choose from. On Amazon Prime, you will get more than ten thousand unlimited streamlining online videos. Alex in Wonderland, 10 Minutes Gone, 47 Metres Down Uncaged, 7500 are some of the best 4K movies that are streamlined on Amazon Prime. The best benefit to watching the 4K movies on Amazon Prime is they do not charge any extra charges from the prime member customer. But, if you’re watching the 4K video on Netflix, then they will charge a premium amount to watch the video in 4K quality vision.

  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • The Man in the Castle
  • The Expanse, Bosch
  • The Grand Tour
  • Good Omens
  • Mumbai Dairies 26/11
  • Tuck Jagdish
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Wheel of Time
  • Everybody’s Talking About Jamie
  • The Boys Season 3

On Amazon, you have multiple options to view the content. By becoming a prime, premium member you can watch the content. Or else you can buy/rent out the shows, movies, live events, and many other things.

Amazon and Netflix are delivering era-defining and well-documented content same as that of Hollywood. The major areas of focus are action, drama, comedy, sci-fi, and many more.

Download Amazon Prime 4k movies

To save your favorite 4k movies on Amazon Prime Video, StreamFab offers a professional Amazon Prime video downloader that helps you to download all Amazon Prime movies and shows forever.

StreamFab Amazon Downloader makes it possible to download 4k movies on Amazon Prime as MP4 files and playback them on any devices later. What's more, the ads will be removed automatically while downloading with this Amazon downloader. You can now enjoy Amazon Prime videos to the largest extent.

4K Blu-ray Movies: Some Recommendations for You

4k movies

Candyman, Reminiscence, The Hills Have Eyes, Uncut Gems, Summer of 84, Batman: Year One are some of the best 4K blu ray movies. A 4K blu ray disc has a much higher capacity than a standard blu ray disc which allows storing a movie with ultra HD resolution along with enhanced color and contrast. In the blu ray movies, the sound quality is very good and it delivers an amazing experience to the viewers.

Conclusion: View Free 4K Movies

Viewing 4K movies has been common nowadays for the last couple of years. With the 4K enabled TV and players getting common day by day, the film producers and studios are shooting the videos with bolder colors and exciting images. The future of 4K movies is going to be full of binge-worthy box sets. But still, there is a long way to go. The competition needs to be raised among the cable operators for online streamlining with the same picture quality as delivered by Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney, HotStar, etc.

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