Is Reddit Not Loading or Working - 7 Ways of How to Fix It & Download Reddit Videos

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Reddit has a place in the list of popular social media platforms showcasing their stunning features. It contains almost all the subjects required for communication. Users love this app for the customer dedicating features and loyalty. All the users of Reddit are familiar with its features and characteristics. We came to know that there are some issues of Reddit not working or loading that users are facing while operating it.

Reddit Not Loading

1. Is the Reddit App not Working?

Is Reddit app not loading?

It can be frustrating if the app or platform you are operating suddenly stops working or if any lag appears in-app. The common reason behind Reddit's misbehavior is disconnection. But other causes can also disturb the performance. This article presents both the way of guidelines with some tips to make your Reddit app functional again and download Reddit videos.

2. How to Fix if Reddit is Not Loading?

If you are confronted with Reddit not working and confirmed Reddit is down, then read the following solutions to fix it.

2.1 Check other apps on your device before taking measures

If other online websites, including Reddit, are not executing, then check your internet if it has some issue or not. Internet disconnection can be the reason behind the work retardation of Reddit. Mobile data or Wi-Fi shows defective behavior many times. To check the functionality of the internet, open another app or website on a phone or PC. If none of the apps or browsers is working, your internet has a problem.

Restarting is also a trick that works best for solving internet problems. If nothing positive happens, check if you are out of a new subscription or forget to deliver an internet bill.

Check out the cellular data connection whether it is on or not. If you are facing the difficulty of outside network coverage, then switch on data roaming. Shifting your device in Roaming is also functional if you are out of your country region.

But if every other app is alright despite Reddit, then there are more chances of Reddit's reduction.

2.2 Visit, Down Detector, or other similar websites is a tool linked with Reddit and dedicated to checking if anything is stopped working on Reddit. Visit and check what it says. Down Detector is also a devotedly working tool to see if Reddit is down. If Reddit is down or the problem is widely existing on the website, there will be a notification of Problems or Possible Problems at Reddit. An approach also exists in Down Director that detects the local issues existing in Reddit. All you need to do is wait for it to refunction.

2.3 Close and reopen the Reddit app

Close and reopen Reddit-Reddit Not Loading

If the server of Reddit is not creating trouble and its app or browser not working on wifi, then they may be facing disturbance. Close the Reddit app completely and then reload it after some moment. It may set the app's gears in the right place. If the browser is creating trouble, then close the browser completely. After a while, open the backup. If still, the Reddit app is not working, then look for the following step.

2.4 Check for updates

An old or un-updated version of the app is not always disturbing. Sometimes the older version shows more efficiency than the newer date version. But the updated version of your social media apps usually works great. If your Reddit has stopped operating, the chat, pictures, or videos are not working on mobile data or wifi, go to the app store and search for current updates.

2.5 Clear the app's cache if Reddit not loading

Clear the app cache if Reddit not loading on chrome

The cache can be useful because it gives a fast approach to the data in Local Storage. Accessing through cache is a quicker way than downloading. But the corrupted cache data can cause problems.

Clear the cache data if Reddit not loading on chrome

Follow the parameters given below to delete the cache from chrome.

  • When Reddit not loading chrome, visit the Chrome browser and open it.
  • There are three dots at the right upper corner; tap on these dots.
  • Select the settings to option from the menu.
  • Then lean to the "privacy and security" status.
  • Tap on the "Clear Browsing Data."
  • Here you delete the cache only but deleting history and cookies is also effective for your app performance rate.
  • So, choose the All-time option and click on clear data.

Clear cache if the Reddit app not loading on mobile

These instructions will lead you to delete the cache from an Android or iOS device.

  • Uncover the app's settings feature.
  • In settings, select the Apps & Notification option.
  • There is an option of "See All Apps," exploring the list of different apps to find Reddit.
  • In the Reddit, app click on the Storage & cache option.
  • Tap on clear cache.
  • There is a choice to clear the Storage as well.

2.6 Relog your account or Reinstall the Reddit app

If your Reddit especially is not working on mobile, try these steps:

logout the Reddit account:

  • Open the Reddit app and find your profile icon at the top left corner
  • Click Settings > Account Settings > Your username
  • Tap the arrow-in-a-box button to logout the app and relog

2.7 Restart your device if Reddit not loading properly

Restart your device if Reddit not loading properly

Restarting your device can solve many problems relating to any app on the device. This trick works most of the time. So apply it if your Reddit is frustrating you.

If you have taken all the steps above, but still, no solution occurs; then, report the issue or bug on the app's official website directly. Explore r/bugs, a website, and write your issue. You will notice a list running with all the invented problems linked with Reddit, de-bugs, and recent updates in r/redditmobile. A customer help center of Reddit also takes notice of many issues and questions that arrive from customers.

3. How to Download Reddit Videos?

How about downloading Reddit videos to save on your devices when Reddit videos not loading?

As one of the most commonly used websites, Reddit provides people with all kinds of helpful and informative content, including interesting videos, the latest news, solutions to some frequently asked questions, etc. Can we download the Reddit video for offline viewing? If we are saying download Reddit video from its app or the website, the answer is No. Unlike many other streaming sites such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon,... Reddit doesn't have a Reddit download feature. It did exist in the past. But it is no longer possible to download Reddit videos straightly from the Reddit app or the site for now.

In this case, StreamFab Downloader appears as a lifesaver. StreamFab Downloader is a comprehensive download solution for almost all the popular video-sharing sites, like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, HBO, Disney+, Twitter, Facebook, and more than 1000 other websites. Reddit is luckily included.

download Reddit videos

Main features of StreamFab Downloader

  • Various quality options for the downloaded videos and audio, SD, HD, FHD, 4K, and 8K for videos.
  • Save the streaming videos as MP4 files, for easier transfer and sharing later.
  • Remove annoying advertisements automatically while downloading online videos.
  • Grab meta info along with the Reddit video.
  • The in-built browser saves much time in traveling between different websites.

Reddit Video Download with StreamFab

1. Download and install StreamFab Downloader/StreamFab YouTube Downloader on your laptop.

i Download for Win i Download for Mac

2. Either log in with your StreamFab/DVDFab account to authorize or not. The difference is that the download number will be limited if you don't authorize the software with your account.

3. There are 2 ways to save the Reddit videos:

a) Download Reddit videos through the inbuilt browser.

Search for in the search box on the homepage of StreamFab.

Click to play a Reddit video that you want to download.

You can download the video as Music or Video. Select the video/music quality and proceed to download.

download reddit videos

b) Download Reddit videos by pasting a Reddit video URL.

Once you copy a URL of a certain Reddit video, launch the StreamFab Downloader, and the download window will pop up automatically. Choose the format and quality of the music/video file.

Simply click the Download button at the bottom to start downloading Reddit.

download reddit videos

FAQs about "is Reddit not loading"

What to do if Reddit does not load comments, videos, posts, and GIFs on iOS and Android?

It will not be something new for iOS and Android users if the Reddit app is not loading properly. This issue may occur from time to time. It may stick to loading videos, MSFW, posts, and comments. Moreover, you can also face Reddit images not loading problems due to reasons that nobody knows. Occasionally, the Reddit app does not load, saying "Sorry, can't reach Reddit" or "Sorry, please try again later" without any clue. Furthermore, recently several users failed to load the Reddit website or app again. If you are also one of the users facing issues like Reddit gifs not loading or Reddit comments not loading, etc., you can overcome the issue by following the steps discussed above.

How can I speed up the Reddit load?

If you are facing difficulties with Reddit loading speed, you can load it faster by clearing all the data, cookies, and cache and then reloading the Reddit. Possibly, it will not solve the issue, but it will slightly increase the internet speed as a minimum because the exploited cache memory may cause to slow down all the applications on the device.

How can I delete history on Reddit?

If you want to delete the history on Reddit, go to the Overview section on the account page. Then, you will be able to select the posts one by one to delete them. Moreover, you can also delete the Reddit history more efficiently by installing a chrome extension Nuke Reddit History.

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