5 Best Portable Game Consoles You Shall Never Try 2023

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What if you have a portable game console in hand that enables you to play whenever you like? The best gaming consoles in the market like PS5 and Xbox series can offer endless entertainment. Still, they quite restrict you to smart devices for connecting; hence you can play with them at your houses. Also, playing games on the big screen undoubtedly has its own charm. However, portable video game consoles come into action to all the gaming enthusiasts who are tired of scrolling through social media and like to bring their games on trips and parties.

They are compelling, compact, and equipped with many gaming features to provide a seamless experience. They also support stunning gaming graphics and have a long battery life span to run smoothly and fast for hours. So, get one of the best portable game consoles and keep yourself entertained anywhere anytime.

Now, let's dive into the details without further ado and explore what characteristics they could offer compared to the traditional gaming consoles.

Nintendo Switch Handheld Gaming Console

Nintendo Switch can be an ideal choice for all those tired gamers who like some change and want to play their favorite games on the go. This 14.1 ounces portable gaming console can easily be fit in the backpack or even pockets and treat you to boring places with excellent gaming options.

Also, you can connect the Nintendo Switch portable console to the switch dock and connect to the TV to play games on the big screen. However, sudden outing calls won't disturb your game. Instead, the console lets you continue by removing the switch from the dock, attaching the Joy-Con controller to the device, and continuing playing. The gaming library is also rich with hundreds of options. Still, you can also download your desired games through the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo Switch portable game console


  • Excellent hybrid design
  • Rich gaming library
  • It offers to play the console in two ways
  • Captivating interface
  • Different color configurations


  • Portable
  • Constant backups
  • Built-in multiplayer options
  • Budget-friendly console


  • 9 hours of short battery life

New Nintendo 2DS XL

Nintendo never disappoints in terms of coming with exciting games or launching portable multiplayer gaming consoles. Another one on the list from Nintendo is 2DS XL which weighs only 9.2 ounces and has a solid yet attractive clamshell design. It is a different and more user-friendly device than previous Nintendo consoles, with a vast gaming library and fantastic user experience. Besides, the matte coating and protective camera flap offer robust support to the device for security protocols.

The vast and phenomenal gaming library of Nintendo makes it a unique and budget-friendly best portable gaming console. Though it is an entry-level gaming console and lacks Big Brother's features, it is still a reasonable and user-friendly gaming device. The new 3DS XL is undoubtedly the best, but it is relatively expensive with minor updates to this gaming console. So, suppose you are a casual gamer and looking for a go-to alternative for playing games. In that case, you can trust the New Nintendo 2DS portable game console.

Portable game console: New Nintendo 2DS XL


  • Sleek design
  • Tremendous functionality
  • Vast digital library
  • Readily available games via Nintendo eShop


  • Non-foldable design
  • Powerful processor
  • Built-in gaming features
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Budget-friendly


  • Lack of 3D functionality
  • Only 7 hours of battery life

Apple iPad Air 4 Portable Console

Apple iPad Air has been the spotlight of PlayStation portable game consoles for years after securing success as the best tablet in the market. Even though Andoirds have an extensive gaming library, Apple is yet not ready to stop launching exciting games with attracting titles to attract more gamers.

Moreover, many other things set the Apple gaming console different from Android, including its reasonable monthly subscription to Arcade that offers 100 different games and stunning graphics. The slim and elegant design with an 11-inch display is a pie on the cake. Also, Apple is famous for its security protocol, offering Touch ID sensors to unlock the device and get rid of buttons to extend the screen size.

Portable video game console


  • Touch ID fingerprint for security and quick access
  • USB Type-C lightning port
  • iPad Air 4 runs on an A14 Bionic chip that strengthens the processor and enhances the speed
  • 10 hours of battery life


  • Excellent display performance with sharp pixel detailing
  • Vivid color production with reasonable brightness
  • Slim and modern design
  • Apple Arcade provides money value


  • Lack of headphone jack
  • Expensive

Sony PSP 3000

Like other Sony portable game console products, PSP 3000 is no exception and offers many exciting features to gamers. With the slim and attractive dimensions of the gaming console featuring 2.81 inches high and 0.63 inches deep, this 6.63 inches wide screen can boost your gaming experience. In addition, it won't let you feel like playing any high-dimensional game other than on TV with reduced glare capability and excellent color production.

Surprisingly, Sony portable gaming console PSP 3000 has a built-in microphone right below the screen for smooth online communication in multiplayer games. It also benefits using the built-in skype application in the console to connect with other people rather than only playing. Coming to the connections, the PSP 3000 includes a 3.5mm headphone jack, USB port, and AV-out cable to connect with the TV. Also, the gaming console will surprise you with built-in WiFi and a video playback option with UMD video discs.

Sony portable game console


  • Built-in microphone for skyping
  • Easy navigation on the Cross Media Bar interface of Sony PSP
  • External stereo speakers produce reasonable audio output
  • Audio and video playback support
  • Built-in skype application for communication purposes


  • Portable device
  • The attractive and slim enclosure
  • Fascinating color production
  • Excellent video output support
  • Google search icon
  • Constant updates and bug fixes


  • Poor motion handling capability
  • Lack of built-in storage

Asus ROG Phone 5

With more than 12 hours of battery and a compelling built-in processor, Asus ROG Phone 5 portable gaming phone will win your heart. Though it is relatively heavy, its tremendous fast-refreshing display performance will keep you hooked with all the Android games. The 6.78 inches FHD+ AMOLED display is iconic for gaming with billions of color shades and peak brightness.

In addition, the ROG Phone 5 integrates a powerful rechargeable 6,000 mAh battery that runs potentially longer than you could expect and recharge within an hour to continue your gaming sessions. However, the biggest drawback of the portable gaming console is its awful camera and worst night mode feature. Besides, the overall look does not give a vibe of a dedicated console or a regular phone. The edges are designed specifically for gamers to comfortable hold the device and play smoothly.

Best portable game console


  • 6,000 mAh powerful battery with long-running hours
  • The fingerprint sensor on the display
  • Excellent front-facing stereo speakers
  • Tremendous color production with bright display boosts gaming


  • The unique and attractive body design
  • Premium build quality
  • Deep and clear audio quality
  • Fast refresh rate


  • Night mode
  • Heavy


Is there a portable gaming console in 2021?

Portable game consoles are the best alternative to the traditional ones that require connecting to smart TV having game supporting features to play video games. They are compact, gaming-friendly, inexpensive, and offer excellent functionality to the users.

What is the best-selling portable game console to date?

Undoubtedly, Nintendo Switch portable game console product line is the best-selling one and offers a seamless gaming experience at reasonable prices. So, feel free to enjoy your favourite Nintendo Switch games.

Which game console is worth buying in 2021?

PlayStation 5 is an excellent PlayStation you can buy in 2021, offering all the games and a tremendous experience to the users. However, if you want to buy a portable game console, you should consider the Nintendo Switch line.


Connecting to the gaming console with TV, browsing, playing games is not an arduous task for gamers, but it can consume time that you don't want to waste. So, the portable game console comes to action and takes your gaming experience to the next level.

Unfortunately, your smartphones are not made for heavy gaming. Still, you can get any of the above portable game consoles and continue your gaming sessions wherever you are without any wired and connecting devices mess.

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