Top Picks of RTX 3070 Graphics Card Updated in 2023

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As we know, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 is a good GPU, but here we will discuss the best 3070 RTX. It's not always about having the best software on your computer, mainly because it is usually the priciest one. Most PC gamers won't even pay $1500 for the best NVIDIA GPU (Geforce RTX 3070) or $1000 for the nicest AMD GPU.

The best value for money is what most people look for. People who play PC games have been looking for the RTX 3070 and the RTX 6800 for years. It looks like many people who play games on their PCs are going green, which is NVIDIA. This isn't a shock. The 3070 is better at ray-tracing and has DLSS. It's possible to get a considerable speed boost in games like Cyberpunk 2077, Death Stranding, and Control if you have DLSS on.

However, there are so many different types of GPUs on the market that you might have trouble making the right choice.

In addition to Nvidia RTX 3070, you may also look for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti.

To help you decide which graphics card to buy, we've compiled a list of the best RTX 3070 cards. There are numerous AIB manufacturers to pick from, including ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, Zotac, etc. Here, we will discuss the best RTX 3070 stock and RTX 3070 for sale available now.

3 Best RTX 3070 Graphics Card


MSI RTX 3070 GAMING X TRIO - nvidia rtx 3070

As long as you buy MSI's GPUs, you will be happy with your purchase. It doesn't matter if you purchase low-end or high-end ones. MSI rarely comes up with new ideas or genuinely amazing designs, but they stay consistent.

With so many different versions of the RTX 3070 AIB on the market, it's going to be hard to find the right one. The RTX 3070 GAMING X TRIO is one of the best of the bunch. The RTX 3070 MSRP was $599.99 having $60 more as compared to Founders Edition.

Performance and the ability to overclock

On MSI's official product website, a core clock jump of 1830 MHz is advertised, although this is not true. Significantly more potent than the Founders Edition: this one is nearly 100 MHz faster. Even though it is more expensive, it seems like an excellent factory overclock.

Despite this, several sources and tests indicate that the GAMING X TRIO operates at speeds of up to roughly 1950 MHz. Many users may find it challenging to overclock their phones.


Up till now, the GAMING X TRIO RTX 3070 looked like a good choice. Are the fan and heatsink strong enough to handle 245 W of power? That is more than 20 watts than the 3070 FE.

Numerous reviews and user reports indicate that this MSI GPU rarely reaches temperatures beyond 65 °C. That is quite good, considering the 3070's power. The GDDR6 RAM, the PCB, and the VRMs all run cool on this MSI. The PCB has an average temperature of roughly 49 °C. What's even better, the fans activate only when the GPU die reaches a temperature of more than 60°C. When they do, they are still quiet. In general, the GAMING X TRIO 3070 has excellent thermal and cooling performance.


  • At 60 °C, the zero RPM mode can stay on for as long as possible.
  • It contains over 70°C with the stock fan curve
  • It has a good boost clock.


  • It has a cheap RGB LED strip.

ASUS RTX 3070 TUF Gaming

ASUS RTX 3070 TUF GAMING - 3070 rtx

Strix models from ASUS consistently rank in the top three in cooling and speed. There is a significant price difference, though. It's possible to get a cheaper ASUS computer if you want to get the best value for your money. For example, there is the ASUS RTX 3070 TUF Gaming.

In the past, the TUF GAMING lineup wasn't perfect. When AMD's 5700XT came out, the TUF GPUs had terrible thermals and cooling. This changed when the 5700XT came out. It was fixed after a few months.

That isn't a good sign, but ASUS has made up for it and is now making a comeback with their cheaper models again. Let's see if the TUF can keep up with the X TRIO. If you want to test the performance of these graphics, you can download one of these PC games.

Performance and the ability to overclock

According to ASUS, the core clock has been increased to 1815 MHz out of the box. If you want to get more frames per second out of the TUF, you might need to enable the OC Mode.

Various assessments and individuals indicate a boost clock that is higher than that. The TUF can comfortably run at approximately 1890 MHz in GPU-intensive games. This demonstrates the possibility of an even greater OC.

Benchmarks show that the TUF can easily pass the 2.0 GHz mark. You might think that a cheaper version of the RTX 3070 would not handle extra power and temperature for a faster core clock, but the TUF can easily pass that mark. It's possible to make your radio work at 2030 MHz with a lot of work. However, your mileage may vary.


The RTX 3070 TUF GAMING power consumption is similar to the GAMING X TRIO. When under a lot of stress, the TUF GAMING draws about 240 to 245 W.

This is a smaller GPU than the MSI version, it should be cooler, but that isn't the case here. Even with a smaller heatsink, ASUS has provided enough cooling.

This is true even if the computer is running at full speed, the temperature of the GPU dies but doesn't reach 65 °C. It is, in fact, about 62 °C. PCB has a melting point considerably lower than that, at 54 degrees Celsius. Even though they are quite hot, the VRMs and the GDDR6 RAM maintain their temperature when playing various games.

The GAMING X TRIO is better at what it does, but the TUF is very close to it.


  • It is pretty affordable
  • It has good overclocking abilities
  • Moreover, it comes with two HDMI 2.1 ports on the TV.


  • There is no heat dissipation on the aluminum backplate.
  • This one is not even suitable for people who like RGB.


GIGABYTE RTX 3070 GAMING OC 8G - rtx 3070 for sale

Make sure you know what AIB stands for before buying one of Gigabyte's old GPUs. With AMD and NVIDIA's GTX 1000 and RTX 2000 and the RX 500 and RX 5000 series, Gigabyte provides good cooling and exemplary performance in lower- and higher-end segments. The RTX 3070 GAMING OC 8G is somewhere between the cheaper and more expensive ones when it comes to RTX 3070 price. Let's see how it does against the TUF and the X TRIO.

Performance and the ability to overclock

It's good to know that this Gigabyte card doesn't let you down when it comes to power, performance, and overclocking. There's a solid reason why this graphics card consumes a little more power than other cards in this category. If you look at the official specifications, the GPU's boost core frequency is just 1815 MHz, which is quite low. This GPU swiftly accelerates to 2000 and 2050 MHz and maintains that speed for an extended period of time.

That is a pretty good job. It is also possible to make the RTX 3070 GAMING OC 8G even faster with MSI Afterburner. Even though the power limit has already been reached, it is still possible to gain 50 or even 100 MHz. Meanwhile, we also recommend the best games on Steam to you.


There is no doubt that this GPU will make a lot more heat with a higher power limit and a factory overclock.

GAMING OC 8G reached an average temperature of 70 °C very quickly. The TUF and X TRIO rarely went above 65°C, but the OC 8G quickly reached that temperature. You can get some excess heat with the extra performance, but it doesn't t seem like a bad deal.


  • You can go over the 2100 MHz OC speed limit.
  • Even with a high OC, the thermals are good.
  • The size is small.


  • It has a drab appearance.

RTX 3070s: Which Is Best for You?

RTX 3070 Which Is Best for You

The MSI RTX 3070 GAMING X TRIO can be the best option all around as it has good thermal, boost clock, and shape. The Best Value award goes to the ASUS RTX 3070 TUF GAMING. You can't go wrong with the XTRIO. The money might not seem like much, but you could buy a better motherboard or even more RAM with it.

In this case, the GIGABYTE RTX 3070 GAMING OC 8G does not win anything. Any one of these three graphics cards would be a good choice, but you could also choose another one. It is common that video editing software is highly demanding for the computer's graphics, so you can also download these apps to test its performance.


What is RTX 3070 release date?

According to the sources, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 16GB card was unveiled in December 2021 and will be available in January 2022.

What is RTX 3070 ti?

It is the most recent mid-range graphics card in the lineup of the Nvidia and is the successor to the RTX 3070.

What are the best RTX 3070 laptops?

There are a lot of the best RTX 3070 laptops throughout the market. However, here are a few best ones given below;

  • Asus ROG Zephyrus G15
  • Legion 5 Pro
  • HP Omen 15
  • MSI GP76 Leopard
  • Alienware x15 R1

You can choose the best RTX 3070 laptop that meets your requirements well.

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