Top 7 Best Password Managers That Work Well 2023

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You probably had a time in your life when your account password has slipped your mind. Remembering so many passwords must be hard for you. Don't worry. Now you can use a password manager to manage your passwords, so you don't have to worry every time a password bar pops up. Searching for the best free password manager will make your smooth your work.

Why Do You Need a Password Manager?

In 2020 around 3.6 billion people used social media around the globe. Most people go for simple numbers such as 12345 or set their date of birth as passwords by signing up to an online site or installing a new app. These simple passwords are at high risk of hacking.

What is a password manager

What is a password manager and why is it useful? How does a password manager work? A password manager is software that keeps your passwords safe and secure under one belt. You can do it by just setting a master password to any password manager. It will house all your passwords and other information in one convenient location with one master password, avoiding the situation when you forget certain passwords for certain account.

Thus, a password manager will do the work of creating the complicated passwords you need to help protect your online accounts from being hacked. Typical example is Password Manger Google, a handy tool used to deal with passwords for different situations.

7 Best Password Managers for Your Option

Below we have listed the best password managers for your accounts and apps, so you don't have to worry about remembering passwords all the time.

1.LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is a password manager that secure passwords under one master password. All your confidential data, notes, credit card details are saved under one password.


As one of the best password manager apps, LastPass works on a cloud-based system which means you can simultaneously log in from different devices such as mobile phones, iPad or tablets. All you need to do is install a LastPass manager app.

best password manager


  • Perfect for Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Chrome extension is available
  • Minimum subscription
  • Autofill feature
  • Easily synced with other devices
  • Easy to organize data


  • Paid version for advance features for 4$ per month
  • Little expensive for beginners

2. Avast Password Manager

Avast password manager is popular software that allows you to secure your sensitive information for free and premium versions. That means you can use this password manager free of cost based on limited features.


With an Avast password manager, you can keep your credit card details saved along with other confidential files such as documents. The password manager software is made for keeping your extensive data secure. The auto-fill feature is worth trying this software once. Also, you can sign in to your Avast password manager from different devices.

best free password manager


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for Windows, Mac OS, Android
  • Perfect for protection against ransomware in a Premium version
  • The Premium version is available for a free trial for 30 days.
  • Best for basic features
  • Cloud syncing feature is available
  • User friendly interface


  • Lacks two-factor authenticating system
  • Premium version is available for advanced factors
  • Costs 19.99$ per year
  • Expensive as compared to other premium password manager
  • It does not support Linux

3. Norton Password Manager

Norton password manager helps you secure your passwords and confidential information. Keeping in mind all passwords is hard, but with Norton password manager, it will be a piece of cake. Along with the features, it suggests you maintain a strong password and save it from hackers' eyes.


Like LastPass, Norton password manager helps you set a master password to secure all the passwords. Like other password manager software, the autofill feature makes the users experience easy.

norton password manager


  • Easy to use
  • It is free of charge
  • Supports Windows
  • Perfect for Android
  • Cloud system is available
  • Syncing to all devices is available
  • Multiple browser extension is available


  • It does not support Mac OS
  • It does not offer a robust and two-factor authentication

4. Google Password Manager

Google password manager is a free password manager that keeps your passwords safe. It is one of the most straightforward yet the best free password manager software out there that is used by millions. The simple interface makes it stand out from other password manager free apps. If you have no plan for paid advanced password manager, you are highly suggested to make the best of the password manager Google Chrome offers.


With a secure system of passwords of your online accounts and credit card, Google Chrome password manager is worth a try. In Windows, it is set by default and is activated just by logging into your Google account. In a sense, such free features that password manager Chrome provides do outshine other password manager apps.

google password manager


  • Best for Windows, Mac OS
  • Simple to save and later remove password settings
  • Easy to use
  • Best for Androids
  • Perform essential functions with great expertise
  • Autofill feature available


  • Not for rich functions
  • Not available for offline use

5. Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane allows you to keep all your sensitive passwords and confidential data together in an account. You need to remember the master password. Then leave the rest to Dashlane.


Dashlane password manager comes with both a free version as well a premium version. The premium version costs $6.49/month. You need to sign in and choose a master password for your account to save all your data.

dashlane password manager


  • Perfect for Windows, Mac OS
  • Perfect for Android
  • VPN features available
  • Multiple web extensions are available
  • Supports Linux
  • Autofill forms
  • VPN protection feature is there
  • Strong authentication factor


  • It paid for an advance feature
  • It does not allow you to freely syn with other devices
  • Limits the number of passwords in the free version

6. Passhub Password Manager

Passhub is a password manager that comes with both free and paid versions and allows you to save your notes, online account passwords with charging a minimum fee. You can store data up to 100 MB in the free version, whereas data up to 1 GB in the paid version.


Passhub password manager has a robust authentication system where everyone cannot just login into your account. You need to set a master password with this manager; all you need is to select a four-digit pin. You can use finger or face recognition modes as well.

password manager free


  • Easy to use
  • Free trial
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Cloud system in the paid version
  • Sharing access to passwords
  • Up to 100 MB of data is secure in the free version


  • The paid version of $4/month
  • Does not have web extensions

7. Avira Password Manager

Avira password manager is a free source to secure your notes and passwords, but just like another free password manager, it comes with limited features and can be unsafe sometimes.


Avira contains everything that you need to want from a primary password manager. However, it supports many web extensions but cannot import data.

best password manager


  • Supports Windows, Mac OS
  • Strong authentication features
  • Free password manager
  • Syncing system to all devices
  • Best for basic features
  • Multiple extensions available

Limited features available
Sometimes unsecured


With so many online accounts and apps, we often forget our passwords. To avoid the frustration of remembering solid and complicated passwords, we set a weekly password and get our accounts hacked. Bringing back our reports and confidential data costs a lot. So to avoid all this fuss, go ahead to install a free password manager or purchase a full-featured password manager from our best password manager list mentioned above in order to give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

You can sign in to free password managers such as Avira, Dashlane and Google password managers to avail of essential features. If you are looking for rich advanced features, you can sign in to the premium password managers. If you are a fan of Switch games hoping to manage account passwords efficiently, you might as well try out the above-mentioned password managers out there.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that you might encounter when it comes to password manager.

Is Keeper a good password manager?

Keeper is a top-rated personal and business password manager for protection from password-related data breaches and cyber threats. That’s why Keeper password manager has gained wide popularity among all users.

As mentioned above, Keeper and Dashlane are regularly rated as some of the best password managers in the market, and both of them boast ample security features that enable you to trust them with your data, with added extras like dark web monitoring.

Which is better LastPass or Keeper?

LastPass boasts a much more robust Free account than Keeper that includes a secure and searchable password vault with offline access and automatic syncing to all devices, as well as the ability to share each password with one other person. This is a great boon to password manager fans who anticipate efficient and advanced management for passwords.

What are the disadvantages of a password manager?

Put it simple, if someone obtains your master password, he or she will get hold of all your passwords. Normally, password manager programs are a primary target for hackers. It's not easy to login using multiple devices. This the truth that we need to face when speaking of managing passwords by means of password manager apps.

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