Top 5 Free Online Audio Editor in 2023

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Whether you want to extract audio from videos you like and then converge them into one or add separate audio files to your video, the audio editor has become a necessity for creating videos. And most audio editing software are serving as editors after users download this software, which is cumbersome for personal computers for it may take much storage space.

Therefore, reading this article with a list of the top 5 online audio editors may bring you more convenience in editing audios. And that will definitely convert your comprehension for online audio editors since they can provide you with the same or even better editing experience. Here in the article will compile a list of top 6 online audio editors, most importantly free for all, which is really something you need to continue to read.

Introduction to Online Audio Editor

It is widely accepted that audio files as necessary to videos and play an important role in our lives. Imagine a world without audio, or we can say without music, what would be like? It would certainly be boring and unbearable for everyone. And it is quite easy for users to edit videos nowadays thanks to the emerging market of online video converting and editing apps. While it still takes much time for us to filter audio apps due to our different requirements or demands since various apps claiming themselves the best emerge with compelling ads on the Internet. Therefore, to save much of your time and energy, we have compiled a list of the best online audio editors.

Top 5 Free Online Audio Editors

Compared to audio editor soft wares, online audio editors are more convenient without downloading, saving you much energy of learning to operate apps or operation steps. Next will be a list of top 5 online audio editors in 2021.

Apowaersoft Free Online Audio Editor


This tool is totally free and it works well on your PC without any limitation. Editing audio files are quite easy for users with Apowaersoft Free Online Audio Editor. You just need to install a launcher and access Apowersoft with just one click.

And after downloading the free launcher, the whole installation will be finished automatically. With an easy to handle UI, users can easily edit or adjust audio files in a free and convenient way.

More Features:

  • No more extra payments
  • A free tool for editing audio
  • Guaranteed security for audio files on your PC
  • Unlimited options for editing features for any number of files
  • Easy to grasp all operation skills

Audacity Audio Editor Online


Audacity is one of the most widely accepted soft wares in terms of online audio editors. It is equipped with easy-to-use steps, multi-task features, and records for MAC, Windows, and other common operating systems. Moreover, it is also an open-source digital editor for audio. You can download it for free, not to mention to use.

It can be used to import your own audios, remove noise, cut and combine clips, or apply special audio effects and much more for professional and compelling results. What’s more, Audacity Audio Editor Online can be integrated with other applications in a coordinative way for higher-level quality output.

More Features

  • Records live audio through the mixer or microphone
  • Digitize recordings from other media sources
  • Import, edit and combine sound files
  • Export your recordings in several file formats, including multiple files at once
  • Formats and sample rates are converted using high-quality resampling
  • Effects can be easily modified in a text editor
  • Several editing options to cut, paste, crop, copy, delete, redo, undo, and more

TwistedWave Audio Editor


TwistedWave Audio Editor can be seen as one of the most popular online audio editors on the Internet for its free service abundant enough for basic demands. All you need is to visit its official website and then start your editing trial in accordance with your preference freely.

Creating a free account will get all the audio files edited stored there for convenient storage and further adjustment. Even if you open TwistedWave somewhere else, all your audio files are still available with the complete undo history.

More Features

  • Add markers or clear markers
  • Convert sampling rate
  • Convert files: TwistedWave can read and write files in many formats
  • Batch processing many files at the same time
  • Uncompressed audio recording at any time
  • Manage editing audio projects in cloud storage
  • Export to Google Drive and SoundCloud

Audio Trimmer


Audio Trimmer is another free online audio editor that makes trimming audio easy and convenient. All you need to do is to visit its official website and then add audio files that you want to adjust, and then select the upload button to start editing. Though it is totally free for users, AudioTrimmer is rather professional at providing trimming-related services for audio cutting.

Actually, more targets you can obtain via this software than you thought. For example, you can remove an unwanted part out of a song. You can split an MP3 file or other audio files into other formats. And you can personalize audios as you wish such as ‘fade in and fade out music online’ on its official website.

More features

  • Easy and free to operate
  • Support 13 audio formats including MP3, WAV, WMA, etc.
  • Full-featured audio editor
  • Support almost all mobile devices
  • Intelligent online ringtone maker

Bear Audio Tool

bear audio

Based on HTML5, Bear Audio Tool is a free online editor, providing services ranging from cutting, cropping, merging, and splitting audio files directly on the website. No need for any software installation or uploading audio files to the server. You can save audio in formats you need, such as MP3, WAV, M4R, AAC, ETC.

What’s more, after entering the web files in URL format, there will be some free audio material libraries without copyright.

More Features

  • Convenient to cut and delete audio
  • Combine audio, songs, and ringtones together
  • Fade in and fade out audio
  • Mute or adjust audio volume
  • Support various formats including MP3, WAV, OGG
  • Export format includes WAV, MP3, M4R, OGG, AAC, WMA
  • Easy-to-use and neat user interface

Final Words: Which is the Best?

I believe, after reviewing the above five top online audio editors, you may have realized which might meet all your requirements. And let me filter them due to some aspects to you. If you want a professional audio trimmer then you may refer to Audio Trimmer for its all-around trimming-related service free to you. And among all these audio editors, Audacity Audio Editor Online might be the most comprehensive one for its online and free features abundant enough and availability to all operating systems and if you want to edit audio files with more format options you may consider using Bear Audio Tool for its larger cover of audio formats.

And TwistedWave Audio Editor might be suitable for you if you just want a basic tool for basic operations. Lastly, though necessary to download a free launcher which may take much time of yours or much space on your PC, Apowaersoft Free Online Audio Editor may help you a lot if you don’t mind the downloading process.

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