Cool Things You Can Do On Netflix

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Streaming giants are everywhere, but Netflix takes the crown because it started the entire form of consuming content. It started with DVDs, though, and now is one of the biggest paid streaming services in the world. Here are the five cool things you can do with Netflix.

  1. Rent DVDs - You need a rental subscription from
  2. Download Movies and TV Shows - Use the Netflix app for limited-time downloads or the Netflix downloader for permanent downloads.
  3. Binge Watch Movies - On browser, TV, or App.
  4. Set up online watch parties with friends - Use the Rave app to set up online watch parties.
  5. Share your Netflix profile - Use Netflix's "add another profile" feature to create separate viewer identities.

Rent DVDs

People often mention how Netflix started as a DVD rental business but then pivoted to streaming. What many don't know is that Netflix's DVD-shipping business is still active. You can get a Netflix DVD by simply going to By opting for a Netflix DVD plan, you can avail a flat rate for Netflix DVD rental.

If you have a DVD copying software like DVDFab DVD Copy, you might be able to the rented DVDs into permanent copies for future use. Whether you want to watch the movies once or have a Netflix DVD Library of your own is up to you.

Netflix DVD rental

Netflix DVD rental plans

There are two plans you can choose from, each allowing you to rent unlimited titles. The main difference is between how many discs you are loaned at a time.

  • Netflix DVD Standard: $9.99/month - Rent one disk at a time, as many times as you want. Free Shipping and Handling.
  • Netflix DVD Premier: $14.99/month - Rent two disks at a time, as many times as you want. Free Shipping and Handling.

Please note that the Netflix DVD plans are separate from a standard Netflix subscription. To get Netflix content on DVD using your regular Netflix account, you need to get a Netflix downloader and a DVD burner.

Netflix Movies on DVD

If you're not interested in the DVD arm of Netflix and would rather stream content, you can skip to the next section. Here, we discuss the rental plan and pricing alongside the best Netflix DVD movies for those interested in the physical DVD side of Netflix.

  • The King's Man - Jump into the world of gentlemen warriors in perfectly tailored suits as one man has to race back in time to prevent a war from happening.
  • Agnes - Religious horror perfected, this film follows the accounts of two priests who try to exorcise a nun.
  • Sin Eater - Getting stranded in a strange place can be utterly terrifying. Throw in a couple of demons, and you're in for a scary time.
  • The Card Counter - Watch a Scorsese narrative that puts Oscar Isaac on the perfect stage to be his dramatic best.
  • Nobody - Someone you think is a nobody might be a somebody. This movie is an action-packed thriller that follows Bob Odenkirk (of Better Call Saul fame) as he has his own John Wick-like adventure.
  • Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard - An addition to the Hitman's Bodyguard franchise has the trio experiencing hijinx with a backdrop of the underworld.
  • Venom - Watch Tom Hardy walk the tightrope between action and comedy as a DC comics anti-hero comes to life.
  • Every Netflix Original Title - Since the DVD Netflix business is tied to the production deals made by the company, it has priority access to Blu-Ray and DVDs of Netflix originals, all of which are available on the rental plan.

Download Movies to Watch Offline

Did you know that you can download content on Netflix? If you open to watch it from your browser, the download option is missing. But if you log into the Netflix app on windows or your mac, you will find the downloads tab on the left. This tab shows content that is available for download.

Not every title on Netflix can be downloaded via the Netflix app because the company doesn't have unlimited rights to everything it streams. It has streaming rights to a majority of its content and full rights for a small portion of it. Moreover, the titles you download can be played only on the Netflix app and expire after a while. This is done to keep people from downloading hundreds of movies and canceling their subscription to watch offline.

How to Download Any Netflix Movie?

But there is a way to download any Netflix title without any restrictions. This method requires a third-party tool - StreamFab Netflix downloader, which has a free trial and is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. You can save your favorite Netflix content in 1080p high quality with this Netflix video downloader. The most important thing is that the videos will be downloaded in MP4 format, which can be transferred and playback on most devices.

Download Netflix Movies to Watch Offline

To use it, you have to follow these steps.

Step one - Get the Netflix downloader

You have to download the installer and then click it to run the setup wizard.

Step two - Open the downloader and navigate to Netflix

When you open the program, you will see the VIP services tab, where different streaming services will be listed. Clicking Netflix will take you to the site inside the downloader.

Download Netflix Movies to Watch Offline

Step three - Log into your account, open and download the Netflix show you like

Simply sign into Netflix like you usually do and open the movie you would like to watch. A prompt on the download assistant bar will show you the option to download the video.

Netflix downloading is ideal in case your internet connection slows down unexpectedly. You do not want the annoying "buffering" screen and ads to affect your viewing experience. Most often, the StreamFab Downloader is used to build an offline library for traveling. Here are some of the movies you might want to watch on a road trip or a long flight.

Best Netflix Movies to Download

  • Eat Pray Love (2010) - A post-divorce love story that shows that happiness can be found in unexpected places.
  • My Octopus Teacher (2020) - A docu-style piece about a female octopus that becomes a mentor of sorts for a diver.
  • The Terminal (2004) - An intense movie where an individual is stuck at an Airport, denied entry, and is unable to return back home because of a military coup.

Best Netflix Movies to Download

  • Casino Royale (2006) - Follow James Bond on his adventure where he continues to be charming and suave while being an absolute badass.
  • Into the Wild (2007) - A biographical motion picture that covers the experience of Christopher McCandless, who gave up his privileged life to explore nature.

Best Netflix Movies to Download

Binge Watch

This is one of those things that you don't even need to be told. When Netflix first introduced streaming, it had not anticipated binge-watching. But as soon as the streaming giant realized that people were watching multiple episodes in one sitting, it optimized its user experience for binge-watching.

That is why you will not see a Netflix session come to a halt. The credits get automatically skipped, and you get prompted to watch the next episode of the show you're watching or a similar movie to the one you're watching.

Netflix originals are designed to be binged, making them some of the most thrilling pieces of entertainment. We have compiled a shortlist of the best shows that keep you on the edge of your seat. These include originals as well as licensed shows. Here are the top Netflix TV series to binge.

  • Ozark - A white-collar crime thriller where the collars get quite bloody. If you're into cartel content and like watching a regular Joe get pulled into the underworld because of his money laundering skills, this is a show worth watching.
  • Squid Game - What happens when the elite treat humans as fighting dogs and an absurd amount of money is at stake? Enjoy one of the most talked-about shows in the world on Netflix.

Best Netflix Movies to binge watch

  • You - Obsession, romance, and a serial killer. Get into the head of a twisted protagonist who stalks his own girlfriend until she realizes how creepy it is.
  • Peaky Blinders - Old England, new story. The peaky blinders family takes control of the England underworld when Tom Shelby sees a power vacuum.
  • Breaking Bad - A chemistry teacher using his knowledge to cook meth. That's far from the only thing happening in this anti-hero story, but it also presents the gist of it quite perfectly.

Best Netflix Movies to binge watch

  • Inventing Anna - For non-fiction lovers, the series Inventing Anna presents the perfect package of heightened thrill and reality as the conwoman Anna Delvy's life is chronicled in this dramatized show.

Best Netflix Movies to binge watch

Set up a Watch Party

Some people argue that Netflix killed the theatre experience because a large chunk of movie-lovers binges them in their own homes. However, that does not mean watching Netflix has to be an isolating experience. You can set up watch parties using the Rave app and watch a TV show or movie with your friends. Here are the steps you need to take to set up a social-watching experience.

  1. Step one - Get the Rave App - Rave is an app that was initially meant to help sync music so people could enjoy headphone raves. Now the app allows you to sync video content and comment on it. The app is available on smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, and even computers.
  2. Step two - Create a Rave account - Setting up an account on the app is free. The sign-up process is straightforward.
  3. Step three - Connect your Netflix account - You need to log into your Netflix account via the Rave App. Your friends need to do the same with their respective accounts.
  4. Step four - Pick a movie and generate a Rave link - When you select a movie, a link will be generated where the content will be sent live. All your friends can tune in and write comments about the events of the movie.

Best TV Shows to Watch With Your Friends

Here are some TV series that is best watched while discussing the unfolding events. Set up Rave watch parties for the following series for a great experience.

  • Never Have I Ever - Follow an Indian-American Devi as she faces different challenges of being an outsider with personal quirks. This heartwarming series has plenty of moments that will make you want to hug your friends.

Best Netflix Movies to binge watch

  • Twin Peaks - A murder mystery that happens in a little town. Need we say more? There's plenty to discuss with your friend group.

Best Netflix Movies to binge watch

  • Girlfriends - The best shows to watch with your friends are ones featuring friends. Find which one of the four girlfriends is the most like you. Everyone will find a relatable one.

Best Netflix Movies to binge watch

  • New Girl - An off-beat girl dealing with a breakup becomes the new girl in a shared loft where her other housemates are all men. Of course, you would want to watch this with your friends.

Best Netflix Movies to binge watch

  • BoJack Horseman - You will never expect a talking cartoon horse to make you as emotional as BoJack Horseman. This animated show has its funny, sad, poignant, and dramatic moments and raises plenty of philosophical questions that your friends will want to answer.

Best Netflix Movies to binge watch

Let Others Watch Simultaneously

Finally, one of the coolest things you can do with Netflix is sharing. You can share the master password with family members or housemates and let them each have their own profile. The advantage of this kind of sharing is that each person gets their own algorithmic consideration.

You won't have to see cartoon recommendations just because your kids use your Netflix. And on the subject of sharing the account with your kids, you can set up parental controls on their profiles and lock yours so they cannot access it.

Final Thoughts

Netflix truly is a cool service that is replacing cable, production houses, and network TV. It started as a DVD mailing service, and it still mails DVDs for temporary rental. But above all, it is a streaming giant that allows you to binge-watch, download, and set up social viewing parties, albeit with the help of a few third-party apps. If you are a Netflix subscriber, we highly recommend making use of each one of the hacks mentioned in this article.

When it comes to grabbing Netflix content on your devices forever, we will have to say that StreamFab Netflix Downloader is the most worthwhile download solution that you should absolutely try! Start your free trial from today!

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