Best Anime on Hulu to Watch in 2023

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Hulu TV has an excellent status for having a great collection of simulcasts, and extraordinarily, it has spread to anime over the years. If you are looking for what anime is on hulu and best anime on hulu, then you come to the right place. Let's check out the Hulu anime you can go with.

Best Hulu Anime  to Watch in 2022

1. Best Hulu Anime to Watch in 2022

Here is our guide to the best anime to watch on Hulu, broadcast to appeal to a broad audience. This is a great place to start for newcomers, and you can't go wrong with any of our cherries picks here. Moreover, we will also mention the best streaming video downloader to download your Hulu anime, shows, and movies to watch them offline. Stick with us to know more.

1. Junjo Romantica

Junjo Romantica - best hulu anime

Before you know it, I'm a straight man. Junjo Romantica was the first bl anime I saw on Hulu. But it is still from the best gay anime shows on Hulu. After watching Junjo Romantica, I realized that anime masterpieces are limited to a small audience. If female characters replace the story, it could be at the top of the popularity charts.

Sad but true. Most anime bingers will drop this money because it's a gay story. Junjo Romantica follows the story of three couples who are concerned in a youthful adult, student-professor type scenario.

First, it sheds light on the vile story of Masaki Takashi and his newfound teacher, Akihiko Asami, author of mischievous books. Second, it represents an egoistic relationship between a professor and a pediatrician that begins with intense hatred but ends with love.

2. Black Clover (fantasy)

Black Clover (fantasy) - good anime on hulu

Black Clover is a fantasy adventure and the good anime on Hulu. It is currently in the middle of its race, but there are still dozens of episodes available at the time of writing. The story follows two young men, one with great magical powers and none. They both deal with their self-belief as they choose to board on their play behavior. Many people call it Fairytale Jr. because of its similar setup with magical clients and groups, but honestly, the two can't be much different. Hulu has both subtitles and dubbed versions, so you can watch whatever you want.

3. Sk8 the Infinity

Sk8 the Infinity - anime hulu

Among the brilliant free fan service! The Iwatobi Swim Club and the love banana proto-boy drama, Hiroko Atsumi, has firmly established himself as the wise director of Fajushi's choice. Along with other attractive young athletes of all levels of homosexuality, Sk8 the Infinity was perfect for Utsumi's Wheelhouse. But this skateboarding trip and their anime are very accessible outside of Fujian audiences. Like the leading sports anime, Sk8 the Infinity has good friendliness (or is it something else?), Fun hostility, and style avoidance. That's why it stands among the new anime on Hulu.

The secret "S" contest is full of intense drama, and for good or for bad, the superhero Adam in the story of the distribution dominates the story as it unfolds. But even with its many musical dramas, the show does not forget that skateboarding is just beginning and mainstream entertainment - Robin Byrne.

4. Your Lies for April (drama and romance)

Your Lies for April (drama and romance) - dubbed anime on hulu

In April, your Lie is a beautiful love drama about a boy who plays the piano. After his mother dies, he loses the courage to do so, but he finds it after meeting a violinist. Kaori has an uncontrollable personality and wants to do nothing but play the violin with our humble main character. The program plays 22 episodes and uses almost all episodes to tell a story. We will not ruin the ending, but it is a good time for drama and romance fans. It is a good romance anime on Hulu.

5. Toradora

Toradora - new anime on hulu

Toradora! The best dubbed anime on Hulu and a romantic drama about two people in which different people are crushed. They try to connect with their crush and fail most of the time. However, the characters began to meet because they spent so much time together. There are fragments of life, but romance is very much in vogue—a fast program with great humor and conversation. Hulu has a version with only footnotes, and it is a shame that there is a version called.

6. Star Wars: Ideas

Star Wars: Ideas - romance anime on hulu

The best anime shorts anthology based on Hollywood blockbusters since Animatrix began to trend, one of the most exciting contents in Star Wars: Ideas produced by the LucasFilm movie far, far away. With nine approved episodes produced by seven different cartoons, the variety of stories and genres presented in Visions is so vast that obviously, no two viewers can agree on how to separate them. (Although "The Village Bride" is the one that Disney presented. Best Animated Short for the Oscars, and everyone loves "The Ninth Jedi."). It is from the best anime shows on Hulu.

Personally, the Astro Boy-inspired "T0-B1" put a big smile on my face. Still, apart from the boring "The Elder," I understand the challenge of any, i.e., Disney +'s half-dozen or, therefore, upcoming games of -Star Wars are as artistic as Visions; we have a great time. The episode is my favorite.

7. Komi Can't Communicate.

It is a good anime on Hulu. The first season of Komi Can't Communicate still releases new Netflix episodes. It is being published in Japan with 23 volumes and a count of the manga source Tomohito Oda. It makes sense to think that this high school comedy game will find other seasons. The main point of the show is that Komi, the most intimidating girl in her class, secretly suffers from so much public concern that she cannot talk to anyone. When the "average" Tadano finds out the secret, he works to help her make friends. Except for Tadano, all of Komi's classmates are eccentric in their way (I'm still waiting for Ninja's backstory), and the cast includes many favorite and neurodegenerative characters. If you like jokes like Azumanga Daioh and Nichijou, it means Komi Can't Speak should be on your way.

8. Cowboy Bebop


That is definitely one of the oldest shows ever that you would find in this list of the best anime on Hulu. The story of the series makes it one of the eight contenders for the legacy anime. Coming from the house of the Space Dandy, even this one should ideally be one of the exciting choices for almost all your expectations. The story revolves around bounty hunters and outlaws and explores their activities in space. You will perhaps find the movie quite interesting and impressive.

9. Death Parade


One of the best anime on Hulu is a perfect combination of playful and macabre design. It has been rated to be one of the excellent options for a profound series. Two people die at the same time and they are sent to play a game together. They are devoid of their memories and they are expected to play the game with a view to deciding their future. The result of the game decides who among them will go to get an afterlife and which among them simply goes away. The stiff storyline makes it a great choice option for cartoons on Hulu.

Best Hulu Anime for Kids

Almost all kids love anime. In fact, that would hold true in the case of a few adults as well. Let us explore a few of the best anime to watch on Hulu for kids.

1. Pui PuiMolcar

Pui PuiMolcar - best dubbed anime on hulu

Pui PuiMolcar is a simple anime of the year to indulge in its 12 short episodes each of about half an hour. This is the easiest way to get started for those not interested in anime. This imaginary anime Hulu series of motion sounds doesn't sound like normal anime, and you don't have to participate in "subs vs. dubs" conversations in the absence of dialogue. And how can one conquer the complete deception of guinea pigs which are also cars?

Completely unreasonable performance for all ages, Pui PuiMolcar, uses its ridiculous foundations without overstepping its acceptance. Each handmade frame is fun, full of slap jokes, hints of pop culture, and in fact, Pixar cars are the world's most reliable building than movies. In short, it is from the best and simple anime movies on Hulu. Check it out now, and your kids (or you) will be asking for holiday shopping.

2. Archer

Archer is one of the best anime to watch on Hulu. It is a funny satire on the James Bond movies and shows and a perfect Hulu anime for kids. Led by H. Jon Benjamin, the series has run for more than four seasons. The series has been considered to be one of the excellent options for adult animated series. Season 5 is all about space and brings a new dimension to the show that was completely human and earth-centric so far. Archer is definitely the show that is worthy of being checked from time to time.

3. Naruto

Naruto is also a highly recommended anime to watch on Hulu. It is an animated TV series and comes with a PG rating. It is the story of a young ninja who wants to become Hokage. Hokage is a term that refers to the leader of the village. You can witness a host of Naruto’s mischief. The series also discusses the topics of loneliness, acceptance, and the value of hard work. If your kids are watching, it may be worthwhile to give a thought to the passing references to smoking, drinking, and gambling.

4. My Neighbor Totoro


It should be one of the excellent anime to watch on Hulu for the best family movie ever that your kids would fall in love with. The story of the Hulu anime is all about the life of two sisters who move to the countryside with their father. Their mother is in a hospital and she is suffering from an unspecified disease. The sisters want to be beside their ailing mother and the story talks at large about the trials and tribulations that they go through.

5. My Hero Academia


Specifically designed for the kids in the age group of 12 years or more. This good anime on Hulu is all about a world where 80 percent of the population is born with quirks or someone akin to superpowers. Izuku who is the central character of the story is born without any superpower, but still dreaming of joining the U.A. High Academy. He does and finally succeeds in becoming a hero himself. You would need to be careful about a few curses and a little cartoon violence.

6. A Silent Voice


A Silent Voice is an anime movie and is the best option for 10-year-olds and above. The story revolves around the character of Shouko Nishimiya who is a new girl at the school. She is deaf and is always bullied – specifically by Shôya Ishida. Finally, she moves to another school, and the classmates ostracise Shoya. The story of the Hulu anime is packed with emotion and you may perhaps need to focus on coping with them.

7. Haikyu


This is yet another excellent good anime to watch on Hulu, a TV series that has been regarded to be the best one for kids 10 years of age or older. The movie is all about a junior boy of short stature and aspires to become a volleyball player. She wants to be a player by the name “The Little Giant.” He even joins a school volleyball club. He creates a team and then wins the competitive game.

Can You Download Anime on Hulu?

Hulu does offer download options on its platform and lets you get access to a far more advanced experience with your ability to watch the shows offline without the need for internet connectivity. However, the download functionality does come with a few limitations.

You can download only up to 25 titles. In fact, you have the option for five downloads per device and can download your titles on up to five devices. If you exceed this limit, you will be asked to delete a previous download.

You have only 30 days that you can save the movie or other content for offline viewing. Once you reach that time period, your download will get deleted. That apart, once you begin watching downloaded content, it will stay on your device only for a period of 48 hours. If you do not finish watching it, you will need to re-download it.

That is exactly why you are expected to get a third-party Hulu downloader for downloading the content on Hulu.

StreamFab Hulu Downloader

If you are looking for the best options to download Hulu anime and other content, StreamFab Hulu Downloader can be an excellent option for most of your expectations. The service does provide you access to a far powerful performance with a download capability at 720p quality and EAC3 5.1 audio track for your favorite Hulu anime shows. Whether you are looking for new anime on Hulu or checking out classics, this is the best option for you.

Some of the advanced options offered by Hulu Downloader can include –

  • Download video in any region – Whether you are looking for Hulu international and Hulu JP sites for downloading any video. Irrespective of whether you are in the US or Japan, you can enjoy a host of wonderful content from any of them.
  • Download videos in high quality and in MP4 – StreamFab Hulu Downloader provides you access to an efficient download experience where you can download the content on almost any media player.
  • Remove ads with the right plan – In case you have subscribed to the basic plan on Hulu, you may run into ads that can get unnecessarily intrusive. Using StreamFab Hulu Downloader lets you download and watch your content without any ads.
  • Pre-select the audio and subtitles – You can easily pick the audio tracks and subtitles as per your preferences. With StreamFab Hulu Downloader, you can choose audio and subtitles as per your preferences.
  • Customize your subtitles as per your preferences – You can choose to download the subtitles separately as an SRT file or embed the video subtitle directly onto your video.
  • Batch download options – When downloading the content using StreamFab Hulu Downloader, you can download them in a batch instead of downloading them individually.
  • The fastest download speed – You get one of the fastest download options for downloading your videos. You should be able to download the content in just under 10 to 20 minutes.

How to use StreamFab Hulu Downloader?

  • Install the program and select the desired video quality.
  • Choose the VIP Services, and click on the hulu logo.

Hulu Show Download

  • It will forward you to the Hulu website page and log in with your Hulu credentials.

download hulu anime

  • Finally, search for your desired Hulu anime to watch. Click on the download button and get your favorite video in your system to watch offline.


Hulu, as a popular streaming service, does provide you access to an enhanced number of the anime list for the best experience. Get the best anime on Hulu across any of the genres providing you access to a powerful entertainment experience.

Now that we know the best anime that you can watch on Hulu, here is how you will get access to the best download options through StreamFab Hulu Downloader. A great option for an efficient download capability, it offers you versatile download capability and the ability to download all your movies and anime on Hulu.

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