How to Screenshot on Mac | Perfect Guide to Screenshot on Mac

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If you are a new MacBook user and come from a Windows PC, you may often ask yourself how to screenshot on Mac. Well, this article will help you learn techniques of taking a screenshot on Mac, regardless of whatever version is running on your MacBook device.

How do you screenshot on a Mac? Just like your smartphones, you can take a screenshot on Mac using several easy techniques. It will be a beneficial source to capture and save everything you can not download yet, like online shopping receipts, your favorite shopping store details, etc. In addition, the Mojave version of Mac comes with so much change, which puts the users in confusion, and how to take a screenshot on Mac becomes a heavy mystery. So, let’s see how do you screenshot on Mac using several ways.

How to Take Screenshot on Mac Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Taking screenshots on Mac is not rocket science. You only have to play with the keyboard keys and capture the entire screen, the particular portion of the screen you need, and the entire windows. Keyboard shortcuts are the intuitive option and work best even if you have not updated the device to the Mojave.

Here are some easy Keyboard shortcuts to take a screenshot on Mac.

  • Command+ Shift+ 3: Hold these three buttons to screenshot the entire screen of Mac. You might see a thumbnail in any corner of your Mac screen that allows you to either edit the screenshot or save it to the desktop.
  • Command+ Shift+ 4: Once you press this shortcut key on your MacBook keyboard, your mouse cursor will transform into a crosshair which you are supposed to drag the part you want to capture. Also, press the Space bar key to move around the entire area you save while dragging the crosshair. It will provide you a fair idea of what you are capturing and release the mouse to take a screenshot on Mac.

How to screenshot on mac with keyboard shortcuts

However, you can cancel taking a screenshot on Mac if you change your mind. Press the Esc key to go back.

  • Command+ Shift+ Space bar: If you press the Space bar key after the Command-Shift-4 shortcut, you can screenshot the window and a menu of your MacBook. This technique will also transform your cursor into the camera, turning every part you press on the screen into blue and taking a screenshot for you. Moreover, you will find a thumbnail in the corner of the screen to edit the screenshot before saving it to your desktop. Press the Esc key to stop taking a screenshot.

How Do I Take a Screenshot on My Mac Mojave or Later Versions

Unlike Windows, Apple did not provide you the dedicated button for the Print screen in the latest iOS versions; you might still get an entire menu, which is a win-win situation. The Menu command appears on your screen with the screenshot menu only if your device is updated to macOS Mojave or Late versions.

Moreover, if you are using a MacBook Pro with a touch bar, in that case, you will also get to experience this Screenshot menu thing which is a new and exciting Add-on by Apple.

how to screenshot on a mac

To get the screenshot menu on your Mac screen, press Command+ Shift+ 6 keys. It will offer you several options including,

  • Screenshot the entire Mac Screen.
  • Screenshot the particular area/portion on the screen.
  • Screenshot any particular window(s).
  • Screen record the entire screen.
  • Screen record any specific area of the window.

The first three window-like icons allow you to screenshot on Mac. In contrast, the following two icons with a video sign will allow you to record the screen or any particular region. But, you will see the “Option” button at the right side of the menu, which holds significant importance because it will let you decide where you want to save the screenshot files. So, not only is taking a screenshot on Mac is easy-peasy, but keeping those files safe is also a walk in the park.

Take a Screenshot on Mac Using Screen Sharing

Do you have multiple MacBooks and find trouble in sharing content on both devices? No worries anymore! Apple has a screen share feature that allows you to see one Mac screen on another MacBook. This way, you can capture a screenshot of the other screen window on the Mac you are using.

No, it’s not magic but an easy way to manage the heavy workflow. It is an ideal technique to use in offices to share things with your mates constantly. In addition, use the following steps to launch the screen-sharing app on both devices.

  • Turn on your Mac.
  • Go to the system preferences and check the screen sharing box in the sharing option.
  • Go to the other Mac and select the shared MacBook from the Finder’s sidebar.
  • Here, you want to select the Share screen and insert the username and password of the host Mac.
  • The screen-sharing app will launch shortly, and you can access the other Mac screen on your Mac and capture screenshots.

How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac

After learning about “how to screenshot on a Mac”, you must be wondering whether you can crop a screenshot on Mac or not. So, the answer is yes! You can edit and crop your screenshots effortlessly right after you capture one.

When you take a screenshot on Mac using any of the above keyboard shortcuts, you will find a thumbnail in the right-hand corner of your Mac screen, which appears for a few seconds or maybe a minute. It will allow you to edit the screenshot or crop the picture to save the exact information you want.

You might want to add a note to remember why you screenshot that particular dress image or want to customize the screenshot to send to your friends. Yes, you can do all the things with the “Edit” option present in the thumbnail.
Moreover, if you are not lucky enough to catch the thumbnail on time, you can still make changes, let alone crop the screenshot from the saved files. Speaking of files, another query must arrive- where to find the saved screenshots on Mac?

Where to Find Screenshots on Mac

Whenever you take a screenshot on Mac, it will be saved to the Mac desktop by default. A folden will form automatically with the name “Screenshot(date)at(time).png.”

However, in macOS Mojave or Latere, a user can change the default location of saved screenshots through the screenshot app. Mac also allows you to drag the screenshot thumbnail to the desired location.

Taking Screenshots on Mac With 3rd Party macOS Apps

Using those typical keyboard shortcuts to capture a screenshot on Mac can be boring. Also, the editing options would be limited, forcing us to turn to third-party MacOS screenshot apps. The apps would allow us to add text and annotations and play with our screenshots to make them more representable and applicable to specific purposes.

how to take screenshot on mac

Several safe apps take a screenshot on Mac that offers exciting ways like capturing a scrolling image, which is the complete opposite of capturing something still. These third-party apps are the best possible replacement for a snipping tool app.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the top macOS screenshot apps.

  • Capto: This app works wonders when recording a video tutorial and adding captions to it. It is a whole new world of managing and adding screenshots. For instance, you can add a mixture of editing texts, images, icons, and much more to make a tutorial or exciting videos. In addition, it offers easy ways to share that video with colleagues and save it for later use.
  • Cleanshot X: This is the best screenshot app I have ever come across. It has everything you need, from capturing a screenshot on Mac to modifying it and sending it to others. The app allows for taking a screenshot of a screen, entire window, scrolling screen, a portion of a screen, or even recording a video. In addition, the editing part is like heaven. You can highlight the central portion you want others to notice while blurring the remaining screen. Also, it allows adding annotations, drawing signs or icons, and much more.

Bottom Line

I hope this article clarifies all your queries related to how to take screenshot on Mac. After the Mojave or Latere, the Mac users were overwhelmed and asked each other, “how do I take a screenshot on my Mac”. Not knowing the process is now much simpler with the menu system. Besides, the third-party apps also play a vital role in capturing the right moment at the right time on Mac.
Well, learning how to take a screenshot on Mac is not difficult, as you can see above. Apple is still evolving and introducing new ways to take a screenshot, so try any of the above methods and make your screenshot game stronger than ever.

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