How to Download Disney Plus Movies to Watch Offline

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Disney Plus has tons of premium content that can keep you and your loved one glued to your screen for hours. What if you would like to enjoy your favorite picks offline when you are traveling or going somewhere with spotty internet coverage? Can you download movies on Disney Plus? Don't worry, we have compiled this guide for you to highlight everything you need to know about how to download movies from Disney+.

What are the Requirements to Download Content from Disney Plus?

To download your favorite movies and TV shows from Disney +, you must have an active subscription and a streaming device. In our case, you must have a laptop with enough disk space for downloading the film. There are also basic system requirements that vary with the method of downloading, so you must ensure to check them from the official sites before deciding to use them.

What Devices Support Offline Viewing of Disney + Movies?

Can you download shows on Disney Plus? Whether it's an old classic movie by Star Wars or the latest release by Marvel, Disney + lets you download any content available on the platform. You can download Disney + content to cloud storage on up to 4 devices at once.

However, downloading content for offline viewing is only supported on mobile and tablet applications. Streaming is also only supported when you access the platform on the web.

You're probably wondering how to download Disney Plus on PS4 or Samsung TV. Well, if you wish to watch them on a bigger screen such as a Smart TV or games console, the Disney + App can only allow you to cast the playback with Chromecast.

How to Cast Disney + to Your TV Screen?

How to Cast Disney + to Your TV Screen?

1. Open the Disney + App on your phone or tablet and pinpoint the cast icon on the home screen. You must set up Chromecast and ensure your TV and phone or tablet are on a similar network.

2. A menu showing available Chromecast devices will pop up on taping the cast icon. Select the screen you want to cast to and connect.

3. Select the movie to watch on the casted screen. Tap to agree when an option to allow casting to the Chromecast device appears. Whatever you watch on Disney + will also show on TV.

Chromecast supports all mobile devices as long as they run on Android 6.0 or iOS 12.0 and above. But, what if you want to enjoy the experience on your laptop later on at a place you can't access the internet? Can you download Disney Plus movies?

In such a case, you will need to pre-download the movie using a PC application and download your favorite movies beforehand. There are several video downloaders available on the internet.

Later in this article, we will focus on how to download movies on Disney Plus using StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader.

How to Download Disney Plus Movies Using a Video Downloader Software

Can you download Disney Plus movies on a laptop? Yes. You can use several third-party tools online to download Disney+ content directly to your computer. These applications download content and save them in a local directory permanently.

This section will focus on how to download movies and shows on laptop with StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader.

StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader is a powerful streaming video downloader for users to download and save Dinsey+ movies in 720p with EAC3 5.1 audio. It also has a built-in browser that lets you access the web. If there is a site you popularly like visiting, its icon will be pinned on the homepage.

Here are its main features:

  • Batch download multiple movies in one go
  • Download from all Disney Plus supported regions
  • Save movies as the most compatible files in MP4
  • Get audio and subtitles in your preferred language
  • Download new releases automatically
  • Accessible to metadata info
  • User-friendly interface

How to download movies on Disney Plus using StreamFab?

The StreamFab Downloader has a user-friendly design to make your experience good. On the left-hand side of the homepage, there is a navigation menu with several options. Now we are going to introduce the one we’ll use for the Disney Plus download.

Step 1: Download and Install the StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader

Download the StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader. Both Mac and Windows versions are available – just ensure that your computer meets the basic system requirements.

Step 2: Find the Disney Plus button by clicking the VIP Services on the left pane.

streamfab disney plus downlaoder

Step 3: Sign in to your Disney+ account and select the movie. Then a pop-up window will ask you to download it.

At the download window jumped out, you will choose the language of subtitle and audio. Click on Download Now to start downloading.

how to download disney plus movies

How to Download Disney Plus Movies on Laptop Using a Screen Recorder?

What if you record the screen whenever you play Disney + movies; won't you be able to watch them again later? Of course, you will.

Your laptop probably has a built-in screen capturing tool, but it may camouflage when you browse some sites. This is probably because the content on these sites is copyrighted. The screen capturing software is disabled to avoid infringing such rights.

There are several screen recorders available online that you may use to download your favorite films. Some of them are DemoAir, Clipchamp, Panopto, Bewisse Screen Recorder, and RecordCast. Let's see how you can download Disney + movies using RecordCast.

1. Open a tab on your browser and go to the Disney Plus website. Sign in to your account and look for the movie you want to download.

2. Open the movie and pause it as soon as it starts to play.

3. Switch to a new tab and go to the RecordCast website. You can capture webcams, record the screen, or do both. Select 'Record the Screen' and switch to the Disney + tab. A small dropdown will appear on your interface with buttons that control the screen recorder.

Download Disney Plus Movies Using a Screen Recorder

4. Play the movie again and click on the 'Start Recording' option from the dropdown. Ensure to select Full-Screen recording and enlarge the window to fit the entire screen.

5. After your movie completes playing, you can stop the recording. RecordCast will allow you to preview your file before saving it to your computer. Purchase a premium subscription to the service. You may be able to trim and edit your downloads before downloading them.

Your recorded movies will be saved in a storage location of your choice as MP4 files. They will maintain the same quality as when the video was playing.

How to Download Movies on Disney Plus on the Mobile App

Download Disney + Movies on App

Can you download it on Disney Plus? Yes, and here is how to save movies on the Disney + application. Remember you must have a strong internet connection to do it faster:

1. Open the Disney + application on your tablet or smartphone and sign in. If you don't have it installed, you must download it first to save your favorites offline.

2. Look for the movie you want to download.

3. Click on the download button beside 'Play' and select the settings you want. Wait until it finishes downloading.

4. You will find your downloaded movie in a 'Downloads' tab on the homepage screen. It will always play even when not connected to the internet if you tap on it.

How to Download Disney Plus TV Series or Episodes?

Download TV Series and Episodes

The process is slightly different when downloading a TV show or individual episodes of a show. Here's how:

1. Open the Disney + App on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Search for the show and tap on it to access the download page.

3. Scroll down and tap on the download icon (arrow) next to Season or the one next to the episodes.

4. Choose the settings, and the downloading process will begin.

What Are the Limits of Downloading Movies from Disney+?

Disney + has very narrow confines when watching movies offline, but you ought to bear them in mind. These are some of the freedoms you are limited to:

  • You can download and stream movies on up to 10 devices. This is a relatively good feature because 10 slots aren't too few. It is probably enough to facilitate everyone in your household to conveniently download the movies they desire.
  • Premier Access subscribers have full download support. Purchased Captain America and want to watch it when you travel upcountry? That's OK! Disney + lets you enjoy the content you purchased via Premier Access offline.
  • You aren't limited to the number of movies and shows you can save. As long as your cloud storage is spacious, you can download as much content as possible.
  • You are required to log in regularly. If you don't check-in within 30 days, your license on the downloaded content will expire, and it will be removed from the drive.

What More?

How to Customize Settings on Disney + App?

It is important to modify your settings before downloading any content on the Disney + App. This will enable you to control your preferred options for video quality, the storage location for downloaded files, and data usage when you are out of Wi-Fi.

To customize these settings, click on your profile picture at the bottom-right side of your application. Select 'App Settings' just below the 'Downloads' tab.

How to View and Delete Disney + Downloads?

On the bottom menu of the application, there's a persistent downloads icon shaped like an arrow. It lists all your completed and running downloads. Currently, downloading movies will display a small circular icon that turns into a checkmark after it completes. You can click on any content on the list to play and watch.

On some occasions, you might need to delete a film to create more storage space or when you realize you downloaded jumble. Just tap on 'Edit', select the video you want to remove and click on the trash can icon at the top right to get rid of it. You can also mark and delete all files once by ticking the box next to the trash can icon.

Where is Disney Plus available?

Disney + has not been scattered around the whole world, so there are some obstacles to Disney downloading anywhere. There are some regions not supported, as is shown below “Disney + is not available in your region”. So before you decide to subscribe to Disney plus, be clear about where you can watch Disney? Here is the best answer, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Iceland, Finland, Norway, India, Indonesia, Sweden, Japan, and Brazil, as well as Chile, Mexico, and Argentina in a near future. Then Disney Plus in different regions varies in price and here are some examples for your reference.

How much does Disney Plus cost?

U.S.: American Disney download enthusiasts, Disney Plus is $6.99/ month or $69.99/year, and $12.99/month for a bundle of ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+. Compared with the monthly subscription of HBO Max ($14/month) and Netflix ($49/month), it is the cheaper one.
The international price of Disney Plus will be a little different and you can make a review of the introduction below.

  • Canada: C$9/month, C$90/year
  • Europe: 7 euros/month, 70 euros/year
  • UK: £6/month, £60/year
  • Australia: AU$9/month, AU$90/year
  • New Zealand: NA$1O/month, NA$100/year
  • India: 299 Indian rupees/month, 999 rupees/year
  • Japan: 700yen/month
  • Norway: 69 Norwegian Kroner/month, 689 kroner/year
  • Sweden: 69 Swedish kronor/year
  • Denmark: 59 Danish kroner/month, 589 kroner/year

Watch Your Favorite Disney Plus Movies Today!

It's easy to download that movie you always admire on Disney +. If you find it hard to download with the mobile app, then, using the StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader is the best way to download content from Disney + as evidenced by its supreme features. With a maximum limit of downloading 50 films in a day, StreamFab will always keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch unlimited videos offline.

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