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The highly anticipated Disney Plus has achieved what it was expected to. The service has been able to beat the likes of Netflix and other streaming services. The service Disney Plus can be one of the excellent options for offering you content from different platforms that include the content from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. The wide range of content available on Disney Plus is something you would not want to miss out on. But, how to stream Disney Plus? We will try to find out more about the best options for streaming Disney Plus content.

Is Disney streaming service supported in your country?

Before you can get access to the Disney streaming service, it would be advisable to opt to check if the Disney Plus streaming service is supported in your region. If your region is supported, you can simply sign up for the service with your email address. For more information about where is Disney+ available, head on here.

disney streaming service

2. How to stream Disney Plus content?

The answer to the question of how to get Disney Plus should be quite interesting and efficient. You can simply go to the official website for the Disney Plus service and sign for the service right away. It should be as simple as that.


Disney Plus comes with a subscription charge of €8.99 per month or you may opt for the annual subscription of €89.99 for getting access to enhanced service quality. With any of the subscription plans, you get access to a seven-day trial option. You will not be charged anything during the period of the trial period. You have every option to sign out of the service if you are not satisfied. And it is worth mentioning that Disney Plus offers bundles so that users have a much more value-for-money experience.

You can get access to Disney Plus on various devices and platforms. There are several options available for you in the form of different devices and platforms wherein you can enjoy your favorite content on Disney Plus.

If you are looking to watch it on TV, Disney Plus is available on a wide range of devices, for example, Disney Plus on Roku, Disney Plus on Playstation 4, Disney Plus on Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Xbox. In case you are looking to watch the content on the go, it would be advisable to opt for specially created apps for Android and iOS.

Here is how you can sign up for the Disney streaming service

  • Go to the Disney Plus website at the official link. The official link can be dependent on the region you are from.
  • You will find the options for subscription plans as per your preferences.
  • Enter the email ID that you want to sign up for the service.
  • You will also get an option to confirm whether you want to receive company news and offers. You can decide to check or uncheck the options based on your preferences.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions to continue.
  • Type in your password for your account. Once you have chosen and entered the password, and then click on Continue.
  • Enter the payment options. You can make the payment through a credit or debit card, or even use your PayPal account.

Follow the onscreen instructions and complete the signup process. You can also opt for signing up outside the website portal version and using any of the Disney Plus apps to sign up for the Disney Plus streaming service. The steps for signing up for the service remain the same across all the apps. An account created on one of the modes will work across all other services.

3. Which devices can work with Disney Plus?

Some of the devices that Disney streaming can work with can include a few of the following options –

  • iOS devices include iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • Apple TV set-top boxes
  • Androids such as Android-based phones and tablets
  • Android TV-based devices, like the Nvidia Shield.
  • Google Chromecast and devices with Chromecast built-in
  • Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S game consoles
  • Sony Playstation 4 and 5
  • Roku devices such as all Roku sticks, set-top boxes, and TVs with Roku OS installed
  • Amazon Fire TV-based sticks, set-top boxes, and TVs
  • PC desktop web browsers
  • Samsung smart TVs manufactured after 2016
  • LG Smart TV models.
  • Vizio SmartCast TVs manufactured after 2016
  • Comcast Xfinity set-top boxes for Comcast X1 and Flex customers


The list of the supported devices for Disney streaming may continue in number. It may be advisable to keep checking if any of your devices are not listed here. If you are checking out the best options for how to stream Disney Plus, these devices can prove to be the great option ever.

4. How many devices can Disney Plus work with?

The Disney Plus content is available on four concurrent devices simultaneously. This is a better option when you compare it to the one stream supported on Hulu and three streams offered on ESPN+.

If you opt for the Disney Plus bundle you would have to check out the exact services and the slots that you are allowed to offer access to. Streaming Disney Plus on your devices can be a great and easy option.

5. Can you download Disney Plus shows?

Like most streaming services, Disney Plus does let you download the content on its platform. The steps involved in how downloading the content can prove to be quite simple and easy to follow. You will be able to download the content on up to 10 devices.

The steps involved in how to downloading the content on Disney Plus are quite easy and simple to follow –

  • Go to the movie or any other show that you want to download.
  • If the content is downloadable, you should find the download icon visible on the details page of the show. The download icon is represented by the downward arrow.
  • Click on the download icon and that should start your download process.

There is no limit to the number of downloads and titles. As long as the content is available on Disney Plus, you should be able to download it.

However, there can be a few limitations that you may find a little annoying, such as it has an expiry time limit of 48 hours for you to watch videos. In such cases, checking out a third-party downloader for Disney Plus can be an ideal solution.

6. StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader – The Complete Disney Plus Downloader ever

Your search for a good third-party Disney Plus Downloader should end with StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader. One of the full-fledged services for the best possible experience in terms of downloading movies and TV shows that can be downloaded from the Disney Plus service. You can download the content in high-quality 720p performance and EAC3 5.1 audio.


Some of the prime features offered by StreamFab Disney Plus downloader can include:

  • Get access to all regional Disney Plus websites – The Disney Plus Downloader can be one of the excellent options for downloading content across multiple regional websites from Disney Plus. The service is available across several regions that include US., DE, FR, JP, and others.
  • Download the content in MP4 – The ability to download the content in MP4 can further improve your experience. You can download the videos in 720p and an EAC3 5.1 audio track. The availability of MP4 downloads lets you play the content across every device.
  • Customized subtitle options – The ability to choose your subtitle downloads further improves your experience. You can either download the subtitles in SRT format or choose to embed the videos into the video directly.
  • The batch mode capability – Imagine a situation where you are planning to download multiple contents. The batch download functionality lets you download multiple shows in one go. You can even check out the options to download all the episodes of a series.
  • Fastest download functionality – The fastest download functionality offered by the software is yet another excellent option you would find quite impressive. You will be able to download an entire movie in just under 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Get media server-friendly metadata – StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader can provide you access to the ability to download additional metadata along with the video. You can download a host of additional info that includes movie title, cast, season, episode title, and cover. These details can prove to be handy in helping you organize your downloaded files rather easily.

7. Who should sign up for Disney Plus?

Irrespective of whether you are a fan of the Disney content or love the Marvel movies or even an animation fan – Disney Plus should ideally meet the needs of almost everyone. It can be one of the excellent options for achieving a better degree of entertainment with Disney for immersing yourself in every kind of content – whether for the kids or adults.

If you are checking out the Disney Plus content repeatedly on different streaming services, then it must be clear that it would be a good idea to opt for checking out the Disney Plus content. That way, you will have access to complete control over all the content that you love in one place.

8. What kind of content can you watch on Disney Plus?

The kind of content available on Disney Plus is indeed quite interesting and exciting. The streaming service comes with a host of content that would provide you with a great degree of quality. You can indeed get access to complete content in terms of classic Disney content. The shows such as Pinocchio and Lion King can prove to be excellent options for your kids.

The service also hosts content from a wide range of other services that have been acquired by Walt Disney Company. These would include Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and National Geographic. A couple of popular Pixar content would include Cars, Toy Story and Finding Nemo. The Marvel fans would find the shows such as Ant-Man, Avengers: Endgame, and Captain Marvel quite interesting.

9. The Final Wrap Up

Disney Plus has been a very rewarding and exceptional service and has impressed the movie buffs like never before. In essence, Disney Plus has been able to beat the competition such as Netflix and Hulu in the very shortest possible time. That should perhaps stand proof of the abilities that it does come with. The content library that spreads across multiple services such as Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and of course, Disney can be what would help you achieve a huge degree of success.

If you are checking out the best options for getting access to an enhanced experience in downloading the Disney Plus content, it would be advisable to check out the options for a good third-party option for the purpose. One such tool that has been able to achieve far better efficiency can include StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader. One of the classic and outstanding downloaders, it should be something you would find quite impressive and efficient for almost all your expectations. The high-quality download options, customized subtitles, and a good deal of options offered by the service would make it one of the excellent options offered by the best third-party download for Disney Plus.

10. FAQs

How can I watch Disney Plus on my TV?

Launch your Disney Plus app and pick the content you want to download. Select the Play option and you will find the content streaming onto your tv or any other device.

What devices will stream Disney+?

You will find Disney Plus supported on a variety of devices that include:

  • Android phone and tablet.
  • Apple iPhone and iPad.
  • Android TV Devices.
  • LG WebOS Smart TVs.
  • Roku TV.
  • Samsung Tizen Smart TVs.
  • Apple TV (4th Generation and later) and
  • Amazon TV devices

How do I get Disney Plus for free?

Disney + streaming is not available for free. You can get access to Disney Plus free trial by subscribing to any plan on your device. The free trial can last only seven days and once that is completed, you will need to opt for any of the right plans that meet your needs.

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