Google Drive Movies- Your Movie Buddy!

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Love watching movies? How about if we say you need not store them on a disc anymore or need not search for long for your favorite movies. Google Drive can be your rescuer in such times. Moreover, we have sorted out a few ways to help you out to search for Google drive movies easily.

Have a great taste in movies but not getting a space that lets you do multiple jobs with them? Well, Google Drive movies can be your answer where its cloud storage option does multiple jobs for you. Additionally, you can watch your favorite movies on Google drive and also save them for later enjoying them. Google Drive has immensely good additional features where you can stream your Google drive movies from the cloud storage.

Google Drive opens the option of shared drives for you where you and your gang can avail yourself of the movies on Google drive anytime. This also lets you enjoy the movie offline too without any loss of data. The integrations built-in Google Drive suite lets you enjoy movies seamlessly on your device. You just need to have a Google account and you are good to go.

How to Watch Movies on Google Drive?

Soon after finding the link to a movie you are wishing to watch, you just need to find the right way to watch them. You can play them or save the movies on Google drive or download the Google drive free movies on your laptop or computer. Just follow these quick steps:

Step 1: Just after you select the Google drive free movies link you will be redirected to the screen of the player.

Step 2: You can click on the play icon and start watching the movie.

Step 3: If you wish to download the movie on your device, you need to click on the download icon.

Step 4: In case you wish to save the movie to your device you need to select the icon stating ‘Add to My Drive’.

Step 5: Soon after the movie gets added to your Google drive, you have the option of downloading it anytime. You just need to find it on your Google drive and by right-clicking or double-clicking the movie you will be able to see additional options. After this, you can select the download option and save it to your desired place on the device. We also recommend you Best Google Play Movies to watch.

How to Watch Movies on Google Drive via Online Mode?

Sometimes, there are a few Google drive movies that are shared publicly on Google drive via the internet. However, you still have an option to watch them and save them too. Alternatively, if you love to make videos you can also upload them on Google Drive. This will let you watch them anytime and on any device with the help of Google Drive. It is surely a portable way of watching Google drive movies.

If you are looking for a stepwise guide on how to watch movies on Google drive via online mode, then here are the required steps:

Step 1: Finding Google drive movies

You can start by typing " name)" in the Google search bar. After doing this you will be able to find the shared movie. For example, you can start by typing ‘ Titanic 1997’

Step 2: Saving Movies on Google Drive

Once you decide upon your favorite movies to watch then you can click on the 'add a shortcut to drive' icon. Thereafter, you can choose the folder you wish to keep safe in Google drive.

Step 3: Making Movies on Google Drive Stream on the Device of your choice

As soon as you open your Google drive and find your favorite Google drive movies you can simply go forward by clicking on the play button. After doing this the preview of the movie will appear on your screen. In case you wish to see your favorite movie on your smartphone then you can open Google drive through an app and play the movie of your choice.

How to Watch Movies on Google Drive via Downloading Mode?

If you are looking for an option to enjoy your favorite movie then you can make use of the free downloader on Google Drive. It is a safe way too as the quality in which downloading is done is also good to watch.

You just need to go through these simple alternatives to make use of Google drive for movies download:

Alternative 1:

As soon as you find any movie or movies shared on Google Drive you have an option to choose the direct download option and you need not save it even into the Google Drive folder too.

Alternative 2:

In case you are not sure about the movies on Google drive you are free to watch the preview of the same and then decide whether it is a movie of your choice or not. You have an option to later download it from the storage of Google Drive. In the preview window, you will find the download icon.

How to Watch Movies for Free on Google Drive by Google Sync and Backup Option?

In case there are a few movies saved or stored on your Google Drive then the Google Sync and backup option is the best thing to make the most of them. There is an application by the name of Google’s Backup and Sync desktop through which you can download movies in the background. It is seriously a better option if you have a lot of movie names at hand and want to download a batch of movies on Google drive.

Following are the steps to follow to look for Google drive movies download:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to download Google’s Backup and Sync Desktop application from the play store or anywhere.

Step 2: Do the installation of the application.

Step 3: As soon as the installation is done and the app is fully set you will be able to see the app icon in the taskbar in the system tray area if you have Windows. In case you have MAC then it will be available in the menu bar. You need to select it and you will be able to see the launch icons.

Step 4: Then you need to select the Preferences option from the 3 dot menu section.

Step 5: Then you need to select Google Drive in the backup and sync section of preferences. Thereafter, you need to choose the folders or folder in which you have saved your movies. After doing this you need to select the option of Sync only these folders. As soon as you are done, click ok. After finishing this you will be able to see Google Drive movies download.

How to Look for Google Drive Free Movies Hack?

If you are looking for some good movies and not getting them here is a Google drive free movies hack for you. You just need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to look for Google Search on your smartphone, Laptop, or PC.

Step 2: Then you need to type the movie name in the search bar with the keyword or suffix Google Drive. This will allow you to search for the movie of your choice. Moreover, you can also look for some narrow search options to get the desirable movies on Google drive.

e.g. The movie is SpiderMan: No Way Home 2021 then your search will be like:

General Search:

  • SpiderMan: No Way Home Google Drive
  • Google Drive SpiderMan: No Way Home
  • SpiderMan: No Way Home movie
  • Download SpiderMan: No Way Home Google

Narrow Search:

  • Google Drive SpiderMan: No Way Home 2021 MKV movie
  • SpiderMan: No Way Home 2021 Google Drive movie
  • SpiderMan: No Way Home MP4 HD movie Google Drive
  • SpiderMan: No Way Home 2021 HD download

You can experiment with more terms to ease your Google drive movies search. There is no foolproof option that you will get a certain movie on Google drive as sometimes they may not be available there. However, by using this Google drive free movies hack and trying out different combinations of the keyword you may get the right one for you.


How to Find Movies on Google Drive?

Well, that is an easy task as you just need to type ‘ name)’ in the search bar of Google and your work is done.

Can I save movies on Google drive and watch them later?

Yes, you can save movies on Google drive and can watch them later at your ease.

Is there any charge to save movies on Google drive?

No, with a space of 15GB provided with a Gmail account there is no charge if you save a movie in this space. However, if with time you need to expand this space you may have to bear some changes.


Everyone loves to watch movies and over time they have become a medium to express our emotions differently. However, with time and technology, many changes are being experienced in movies and the way we are storing them. Where everything is going digital it is necessary to find a good and handy storage medium for your favorite movies. Google Drive movies are such a medium and option for you. You can store a lot of movies on Google drive with its good storage space. Moreover, it allows you easy access across a lot of many devices. Besides watching movies online or downloading them you can also save a batch of movies on Google drive. This will keep you sorted at all times letting you enjoy a great show with your loved ones.

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