Troubleshooting & Fixes | What to Do When CBS All Access Not Working Occurs

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Some All Access subscribers have bitterly complained that the service isn't working on their devices, and they need to fix a way to fix this. Switching from CBS All Access to another streaming service is not the best thing to do; more so, All Access is actually one of the cheapest digital streaming services for Americans.

Looking at the benefits and content you’d get from All Access, you may consider troubleshooting and fix the issues you’re facing with the app, instead of deleting the app abruptly. These troubleshooting tips here can actually help you.

1. CBS All Access Is Discontinued

Well, in case you don’t know, CBS All Access has been discontinued and the new service Paramount+ is already trending. Prior to the discontinuity, CBS All Access is one of the top streaming platforms where you can watch several classics, original CBS shows, and thousands of on-demand titles.

CBS All Access Is Discontinued

The service is owned by ViacomCBS, the parent company of one of the most popular American premium TV channels, CBS. To stream on CBS All Access, you must subscribe to the service, particularly. You cannot stream on CBS All Access with your cable TV subscription (for the CBS channel), you must register and subscribe to CBS All Access to gain access.

2. How to Handle CBS All Access Streaming Problems

Depending on the error you’re getting, this article tries to cover pretty many CBS All Access issues.

2.1 Stop Using VPNs or Get Another One

CBS All Access is not available worldwide, you can only get the service - legitimately - when you’re living within the United States and some select regions. For anyone living outside the select regions (and the United States), the only way to access CBS All Access is by using a VPN and pointing your server IP address to a US state.

How to Handle CBS All Access Streaming Problems

However, using VPNs can cause All Access not to function properly. Thus, it is advisable that you stop using VPN to access the service, or you can change the VPN software/app you're using. Mostly, free VPNs are likely to fail you at crucial moments; if you're using free VPNs for All Access, you can switch to a paid one as a means of troubleshooting the error you're getting. This also applies to people who are using VPN (even though they reside in cities where All Access is legitimately available). For anyone living in cities where CBS All Access is legally available, the best you can do is to turn off VPN and access the service with your regular IP.

Well, VPNs actually help to mask our IP addresses and prevent ISPs from tracking our internet activities. But then, they could also affect our general browsing experience, as well as stop certain apps or sites from functioning properly. Thus, this is the first fix you should consider if you're using a VPN for CBS streaming.

2.2 Switch to a Stronger Internet Connection

A lot of All Access subscribers complained of buffering; literally, the major cause of buffering is insufficient storage space or poor internet connection. Regardless, there are quite other factors that could cause buffering while you're streaming online content. If this is your problem, here's the first thing to do; switch from using a mobile network to Wi-Fi. Most times, mobile networks are weaker than Wi-Fi connections.

How to Handle CBS All Access Streaming Problems

However, if after switching to a Wi-Fi network and the issue persists, then you should test your internet speed. Interestingly, there are a couple of free online tools to check internet speed. When you check and the speed is normal as it is supposed to be, then you should try out these options below:

  1. Turn of the phone completely
  2. Wait for some seconds (maybe 5 - 10 seconds)
  3. Restart the phone and try streaming again

If the issue persists still, then it’s time to clear cache/data. This can be done from your device’s settings page (if you’re using a smartphone to stream).

  1. Go to your device Settings page
  2. Look out for Apps and tap on it
  3. Expand the “see all apps”
  4. Scroll down and tap on the CBS All Access app
  5. On the next page, tap on Storage
  6. Now, select clear Cache

In contrast, if you’re using a streaming device such as Roku players, Amazon Fire Stick, or any other one, you should check the device’s manual on how to clear an app’s cache, or contact support to help you out with the steps.

After trying out the two methods above and it seems nothing happened, maybe you should uninstall the app and install it again. Sometimes, app crashes are caused due to version compatibility issues. Apparently, every app is regularly updated by the developer to fix bugs and include new features.

Well, it could be that your CBS app is well outdated, hence, you’re facing all those issues. When an app is no longer updated by the developers, it simply means the app has been discontinued or something is not right.

How to Handle CBS All Access Streaming Problems

In this case, CBS All Access has been discontinued, so even if you want to update your current All Access app to the latest version, you won’t find the app anymore on your app store. So, what to do is this, uninstall the CBS All Access app on your device and head on to your app store to install the Paramount Plus app.

Paramount Plus (Paramount+) is the new CBS All Access - the service, CBS All Access was rebranded to Paramount+ in Q1 2021. Ever since the rebranding happened, the company has stopped support for CBS All Access app, and all existing subscribers are advised to switch to the new service.

Well, you don't have to register or sign up again. As a CBS All Access subscriber, you are automatically getting Paramount+ at no additional expense. So, when you delete the All Access app and install the Paramount+ app, all you need to do is to sign in using your CBS All Access details. If you got All Access from a 3rd-party provider, choose the "Sign in with TV provider" option and use your details with the provider to sign in.

2.4 Try Another Browser

This method is for people who are streaming online, using their web browser. If you’re accessing CBS All Access with a web browser, it has to be any of the major web browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari; if you’re using another browser and experiencing issues with the service, chances are that the problem is due to the web browser you’re using; so, simply switch to any of the aforementioned browsers.

How to Handle CBS All Access Streaming Problems

Another possible issue here could be "AdBlockers." If you're on the commercial plans and using an Ad Blocker, you would find it difficult to stream on All Access. Even when you're not on the commercial plan, ad blockers can disrupt your internet experience. So, if your web browser has an ad-blocking feature, disable it and try accessing the service again. Hopefully, this method would work for you as it has worked for quite a lot of people. You may need to close the browser and relaunch it if the issues persist. Go ahead to contact the support team if none of these tips worked for your case.

2.5 Disconnect Some Devices

If you got the error code 60 - it implies that you have too many devices connected to your account. The maximum you should have is two; so, if you connected 3 or more devices to your account, you may find it difficult to stream All Access.

How to Handle CBS All Access Streaming Problems

There are actually various error codes you may get while streaming on CBS All Access and they are all explained on the platform's official website - in the support page(s). Error 1001 means the service is getting interference by an ad blocker. Indicate the error code and find the solution on the Paramount+ support page.

3. CBS All Access Is Now Paramount+

By now, you should be using the Paramount+ app instead of CBS All Access. Just like the All Access app, Paramount+ plus is available on various app stores for mobile smartphones, smart TVs, and streaming devices. If by this time you’re still using the CBS All Access app, you will definitely encounter so many issues.

CBS All Access Is Now Paramount+

Interestingly, everything you could get on CBS All Access is still available on Paramount+, and ViacomCBS assures that there is more content available on Paramount Plus. If you had an active CBS All Access account, you don’t need to sign up on Paramount Plus; simply use your All-Access details to log in and start streaming. The subscription plans are also the same - nothing changed. However, the new Paramount+ interface is looking fancier with new navigation options and features. Hence, literally, if the CBS All Access app on your device is malfunctioning, that’s because the service has been discontinued and it’s time for you to move on to the new service, which is Paramount Plus.

New subscribers are welcomed with 7-day free trial access to Paramount Plus. If you sign up with certain third-party providers, you may get up to 3 months of free access to check out Paramount+.

4. Can You Download Movies From Paramount+?

Arguably, everyone now knows it is possible to download YouTube videos and movies from many other streaming services. Well, similarly, you can also download movies from Paramount Plus. Yes, when you have the right software tool, you can download Paramount Plus movies and shows.

Just as there are Netflix downloaders, HBO Max downloaders, and many others, there are also Paramount Plus Downloaders, and the StreamFab Paramount+ Downloader happens to be the top best choice of many Paramount Plus subscribers.

4.1 How To Download Movies and TV Shows From Paramount Plus?

To get started, you need to install the StreamFab Paramount+ Downloader on your computer system. Interestingly, this software runs smoothly on both macOS and Windows computers. StreamFab features an intuitive user interface and packs a bunch of extensive tools that could even help you to grab HBO Max originals, Netflix movies, Hulu shows, and the like.

►Win Download

►Mac Download

Download Movies and TV Shows From Paramount Plus

StreamFab Paramount+ Downloader can download multiple movies at a stretch and it runs very fast. One of the reasons to like this software is the fact that it saves Paramount Plus movies' metadata and subtitles. Below is a detailed guide on how to use this software tool.

Step 1: After you have downloaded the software and installed it on your PC. Proceed to launch the app, and on the software’s main interface, click on “VIP Services” on the left tab and select Paramount Plus downloader from the available cards.

Step 2: Sign in to your Paramount Plus account (use your CBS All Access details if you’re a previous subscription). If you registered with a third-party provider, choose the “Sign in with Provider” option.

Step 3: Search for the movie you want to download. When you find it, click the play button on the video to start playing it. While the movie/video begins to play, StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader will display a download prompt box for you to download the movie right away or add it to your download queue.

Download Movies and TV Shows From Paramount Plus

4.2 Features of StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader

  • Removes Ads from Commercial Plans - If you’re on the ad-supported plan of $5.99 per month, using StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader will remove the adverts that play in-between your movie streams and you can enjoy the whole movie without seeing any ads again.
  • Batch Download - StreamFab Paramount+ Downloader is capable of downloading up to 10 or 15 movies at a go from Paramount Plus.
  • Saves Your Movies as MP4 - Interestingly, this downloader saves your movies in MP4 format, which is the commonest video format supported by virtually all media playback systems (software or hardware).
  • Download Subtitles and Metadata - For Paramount movies with multiple subtitles, StreamFab Paramount+ Downloader will download all the subtitles, as well as download the movie’s metadata, which includes the title, thumbnail, and other details.
  • Supports 1080p and AAC 5.1 Audio - Furthermore, the StreamFab Paramount+ Downloader software can download your movies in stunning 1080p quality for excellent home entertainment.


The most common reason why you're experiencing different issues with the CBS All Access app is that the app has been discontinued by the developers. So, the best thing to do is to switch to Paramount Plus and install the app on your device. Paramount Plus is available on Roku devices, Fire Sticks, mobile phones, tablets, iPad, and via web browsers.

If you found an exciting movie you'd want to watch over and again, use the StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader software to save the movie to your local storage. You can transfer the downloaded content to any device and play them there, thanks to the MP4 videos this downloader tool outputs.

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