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Are you looking for the best Android games to seek fun or kill time? In a sense, playing games can fulfill a purpose in our daily lives including gaming for relaxation, enjoyment, creativity, socialization, and seeking challenge and achievement.

For Android users, Google would never forget about potential gamers and work hard to launch the best advanced games to attract and satisfy all the active and passive gamers out there. Gaming is always fun. Android mobile devices make it easy to access, play and enjoy playing solo as well as with friends online.

We have tested few best games for Android belonging to different genres that you can play and invest your time into something meaningful while enjoying. Now let’s dive into the 6 best Android games on Android.

Best Android Games Available to Try: Free and Paid

1. TableTop Racing: World Tour

The concept of driving mini cars on the street is not new. Still, TableTop Racing: World Tour has given it an exciting look with the latest features, striving to make it one of the best paid Android games ever.

The game revolves around racings, finding hidden coins, attacking or destroying enemies to reach the next level, and winning cash to enjoy free roaming around the city. The game also allows you to do exciting vehicle shopping to feel more powerful in the city. Also, we can’t stop appreciating the attention to details the developer put into the game and make it one of the best offline Android games among other racing games available.

Best android games for your option


  • It is a mini car racing game with the latest weapons to destroy enemies coming your way.
  • Cash rewards for every race win let you make expensive purchases.
  • You will have the power to dominate enemies by deactivating their weapons.
  • Its split-screen multiplayer option is worth trying.


  • Excellent graphics.
  • Advanced weapons.
  • It is an exciting version of racing games.


  • A little expensive.

2. Fortnite

If you love participating in battles, Fortnite is the game for you. Thanks to the Epic Games, you can download this best game for Android completely free. Hence, it is also on the list of best offline Android games in the market.

Fortnite has been winning hearts with incredible construction and excellent graphics. The gameplay modes of this best free Android game are also worth noticing. Also, if you are an enthusiast of the PUBG game, you must be familiar with the concept of Fortnite. However, Fortnite is an easier and accessible version of PUBG. Also, the features are exceptional and different modes get you to play the game in no time. Thus, it deserves the title of one of the best free Android games.

best free android games to seek fun


  • The modes are continuously updating and getting better.
  • The quick matchmaking heats the game.
  • It makes you use lots of heavy weapons.
  • It offers easy and quick destruction of objects even with your axe.


  • Excellent graphics.
  • Free.
  • Easy peasy map.
  • Lots of vehicles and weapons to explore


  • Not available on Apple devices.

3. Minecraft

Minecraft is an incredible action-adventure game. With its mobile version, you don’t have to compromise on many things, except the fantastic graphics. Since the name suggests, you will be pretty much-doing mining or crafting in the entire game.

Though the game will propose you two modes, creative or survival, all your tasks will interlink according to the mode you choose. It is one of the best paid Android games you can ever invest in. In addition, the features are corporating, like it allows you to control the game by providing all the directional buttons at the front.

best offline android games


  • Minecraft pocket edition provides dynamic controls to the necessary buttons.
  • It is the best game on Android for multiplayer.
  • It promotes teamwork when building things with friends.
  • The game integrates Minecraft Advanced Interface System (MATTIS) for crafting.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • It allows building whatever you want.
  • Lots of inventory.
  • Mining and crafting experience.


  • It is not free.

4. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Who does not love cars? Well, we can not drive our favourite cars at high speed in real life, but the Need for speed game requires us to break the rules and drive with all our hearts.

After so many years of success, Need for speed still falls under the best Android games 2021. The linear tracks to make driving a little rough enable you to do luxury shopping for your favourite cars. In addition, the graphics and the map seem fascinating on the Android device, and the soundtrack that boosts our personality on the vehicle also plays a vital role. In short, if you are a driving fan, this is one of the best games on Android for you.

best games for android


  • The streets on the city are steady with odd shortcuts.
  • It enables the player to drive fast but with strategy.
  • It offers an outstanding collection of luxurious vehicles.
  • The driving is pretty responsive.


  • It is one of the best Android games free to use.
  • It allows easy drifting.
  • It allows racing on the finest streets of the famous cities.
  • Amazing vehicle inventory.


  • The premium version is quite expensive.

5. Among Us

Stop looking for the best games on Android and try Among Us, which have secured massive popularity in the pandemic. At first, you might confuse with the game structure and concept. But, when you start playing with your friends, it can be the most exciting game available till now.

The game revolves around fixing a spaceship with your fellow astronaut friends. You can play the game online with unknown or add your friends with a code. One of your friends is secretly planning to kill all of you. Basically, you have to be very careful with everyone and complete your task without trusting the other friends. Surprisingly, any one of the players could be a killer, and all your workings go in vain with one wrong step.

best games on android


  • It is a fun and social game for kids.
  • It offers lots of horror or other exciting themes.
  • It enables us to think quickly and trust no-body.
  • The game is easy to learn and perfect for kids to play.


  • Available on different platforms.
  • Free to download and play.
  • The interface is clean.
  • Multiplayer games
  • Finding the killer among you can be fun.


  • It may promote lying or manipulation.

6. Threes

Threes is one of the most engaging games available under the best Android games free category. The soft interface and easily understanding concept will pass your boring time and help you enhance your IQ.

Yes, it's not a regular game, but more like a number puzzle that you have to solve by adding numbers to make 3s and then adding those 3s to get 6s, and the chain goes on to the higher and complex numbers. It can be exciting and rewarding when you reach the highest numbers on your own. However, the game does not offer exciting graphics, and there is only one mode with lots of challenging tasks.

best games android available


  • It enables thinking strategically within time.
  • Combining the highest numbers will be rewarding.
  • It is a continuous learning process via a game.
  • The game does not take time to learn and understand.


  • It has a clean and simple interface.
  • One mode with lots of tasks.
  • It requires making smart moves.
  • Fun to swipe the screen and get entirely different numbers.


  • The background music can be disturbing.

Bottom Line

All these best Android games are worth trying. Playing games can be the best source to enjoy leisure time while engaging your mind in something profound. If you look for PC games for a large screen, you can click this link for good options.

The above-mentioned are some of the best games on Android you can play with your friends and enjoy a seamless gaming experience with your Android devices. You can try them first and then take your best pick from the best games Android available. So, which is your most favourite Android game to play?

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