Game of Resolutions- 1080p vs 4k and much more

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Gone are the days when screen resolutions did not play much of a role in our entertainment. Nowadays, it is all the game of resolution. With slight differences in the resolution, the viewers can experience the big differences in their viewing experience. From 720p to 1080p to 1440 and 4k it is all about bringing clarity to picture quality which leads to a better viewing experience. All of this and more are covered in this article to give you an insight into which resolution is better for you and for what purpose it can be used.

Imagine you are relaxing on your big couch and want to enjoy your favorite movie on your laptop but it is not available in perfect picture quality that goes in coordination with your device. Your mood got spoiled. Right? This is where screen resolution plays a vital role. The device playing the video also affects the viewing experience. Moreover, not all devices are meant to play high-quality videos such as 1080p, 4k, etc. So, in 4k vs 1080p, is 4k better? Well, where 4k is better for gaming and high graphics purposes, 1080p is good for a normal Tv viewing experience.

Besides this, the resolution number always gives reference to the height where, in 1920 by 1080, is popularly known as 1080p and p stands for progressive. In case it is 1080i, then it stands for interlaced. In this article, you will know about 1080 vs 4k, their difference, and a lot more about different resolutions.


Resolution is a very common term used for devices and it primarily shows the pixels present in a display. Usually, it follows a preset format where width by height is used primarily. Moreover, more pixels mean a sharper quality of image which also means a better viewing experience.

What is 1080p?

4k vs 1080p

1080p is alternatively known for its high definition and nowadays it is very common to find this resolution in our daily lives too. The most common variant is 1920p by 1080p. Moreover, even for TVs, monitors in PC and laptops that are used primarily for gaming 1080p resolution is used. However, if we consider 1080p vs 4k in gaming then the latter is considered much better.

What is 4k?

4k vs 1080p

Just as 1080p, 4k is also a resolution that primarily refers to 4000 pixels. It is a horizontal display that is nowadays commonly found in digital Tv and cinematography options. Usually, 4k has a dominant standard specification of 3840 by 2160 pixels. It is also available as 4096 by 2160 in pixels. If we consider 4k resolution vs 1080p then it must be known that 1080p does amazingly good but has its limit till 65 inches. However, in comparison of 4k vs 1080p, 4k looks better with the increasing size of the screen as it provides better image quality in pixels.

What is 1440p?

1440p is popularly known as Quad HD or QHD and in comparison to basic HD, it is much stronger. Sometimes, due to its wide aspect ratio of 16:9, it is also known by the name of Wide Quad HD. In the trio of 1080p vs 1440p vs 4k, 1440p falls in between and provides a breathtaking experience to its users. Usually, in cameras, smartphones, PS4, or affordable gaming laptops 1440p is a popular resolution. In smaller devices, 1440p gives a fabulous screen experience to its viewers.

Part 1: What Is the Difference Between 4K And 1080P Video

1080p vs 4k

So far, we have seen different resolutions and what they do to the watching experience. However, it will be good to know about 4k resolution vs 1080p too.


In the comparison of 4k vs 1080p, both stand for pixel numbers, however, in 1080p the pixels run vertically across the screen whereas in 4k they run in the horizontal direction.


If we consider 1080p vs 4k in terms of quality then 4k offers a detailed high quality, clean and crisp video than 1080p.

Scaling up or down:

The shooting experience in 1080p cannot be scaled up to 4k. However, if the same is shot in higher quality like 4k then scaling down can be done in 1080p and it will still be better than the actual recording of 1080p. It is so because using 4k ensures the capture of information by 4 times.

Professional Features

In 1080p vs 4k, the latter can be cropped along with other features like zoom in and reframing. All this can be done without any loss of quality in video. You can also create the second camera effect by recording using 4k. Moreover, 4k is also great for creating a panning effect and this can be done across the whole video.

Gaming Experience:

If we see 4k vs 1080p gaming experience is a top-notch one because it lets you see vibrant colors, crisp images giving a mesmerizing visual experience. It may make you so fond of it, you may never want to downgrade to 1080p again.

However, for prompt actions in video games, Gamers still prefer using monitors with 1080p resolution. 1080p vs 4k gaming gives better hand at the quick response which is very important for some gameplays, than better and glossy visuals required for viewing experience. Professional gamers also prefer 1080p vs 4k for a better rate of a refresh, the timing of response, etc. that helps in improving their game.

Monitor Size:

With the change in monitor size, in comparison of 4k vs 1080p gaming experience also changes a lot. In case you wish to ace your game using the best graphics nothing can beat the clarity of a 4k monitor of above 24 inches.

However, with 1080p any monitor size ranging between 21.5 inches to 27 inches will do. If the monitor size goes beyond 27 then pixel density starts to fail miserably. So, in the 4k vs 1080p monitor race, 4k is better due to clarity and crispness in picture quality.

Part 2: Reasons to Understand Why 4K Video Is Better Than 1080P

It is a known fact that if we go for 4k vs 1080p then, 4k is a clear winner in terms of clarity. However, in terms of other factors let us see why 4k video is better than 1080p. These reasons are:

Closeness in Viewing:

In a comparison of 1080p vs 4k Tv experience, 4k provides a great deal of resolution. The viewer feels to be a part of the picture or video they are watching with 4k. They also feel as if they are in much close to viewing that particular thing or scene as shown on TV due to clarity in picture quality. In this way, you can enjoy your viewing experience even from a distance. However, even if you sit close to a 4k Tv you will still not experience noticing pixels as in the case of 1080p or any other variety with lower definition.

Compelling Details:

If you have a large screen Tv in your bedroom or any other area, then you may like the intricate details while watching your favorite movie with your family or your special one. 4k brings a higher contrast ratio to the picture enhancing even the minute detail. In the war of 4k vs 1080p for Tv, 4k brings true quality to your viewing experience.

Especially in cases where details of feathers or hair where details do matter a lot, instead of lying flat the experience of a 4k is unreal. The finesse of details cannot be taken out so well in any other format other than 4k. In 1080p this may appear like a slight blur, which may ruin your Tv viewing experience.

Down Scale:

When a video is recorded in 4k quality and it is downscaled to a resolution lower than that of say 2k it gives a better output. However, in case the video is recorded in 2k then such clarity cannot be obtained in the final output. 4k even at downscale provides immense details than original 2k quality. 4k changes the whole viewing experience of the viewer even on a downscale and manages to be a game-changer even in 1080p vs 4k TV experience. The Canon DSLR 1DC model has reached the milestone of 4k.

Visuals in a game:

In the game of 1080p vs 4k, 4k wins with a higher margin as it offers ultra HD quality than that of full HD in 1080p. The visuals in a game appear more clearly in a 4k resolution than in 1080p, clearly making 4k standout.

Difference Between 1080P vs 1440P vs 4K

Be it pricing, or the user experience each resolution has a limit to offer its users. Owing to several factors, not every resolution is made for everyone. So, here we are to point out the differences between 1080p vs 1440p vs 4k as:

Screen Resolution

The screen resolution for 1080p is 1920 by 1080, Full HD, whereas in 1440p this upgrades to 2560 by 1440p or QHD/Quad HD/WQHD. While in 4k it is further upgraded to 2840 by 2160 or UHD which stands for ultra HD. So, it can be said that 1080p is the predecessor of 4k. Where in 4k the figures exactly become double as in that of 1080p resolution. This also calls in for better working of graphics when an upgrade is made. There is a sudden shift in the demand due to 4k which was not required as in the case of 1080p. Since 4k is four times more pixels than in 1080p, it demands at least 60 FPs for making the gameplay a smooth experience.

Not all systems can handle the pressure of anything more than 60 FPS. However, if an upgrade is made to 1440p then the frames per second or the FPS can go up to 120. This can provide better gameplay providing a smoother tv experience as well. However, this upgrade requires full support from your system that needs to be powerful.

PC gaming experience

A gaming display is a must to have a good PC gaming experience. After all, when the GPU sends extra pixels to the display it must be in a position to handle it altogether. In addition to this if there is a synchronization of technology then it gives a boost to the gaming experience. A minimum of 1080p is required as it cannot be a game between 720p vs 1080p vs 4k. 1080p with AMD free sync provides a great experience for gaming.

In case you have a display of above 27 inches then 1440p can be your deal. This will provide you a better refresh rate with better resolution. Additionally, it offers powerful hardware and the latest NVIDIA or AMD support VR and is good at handling the gaming experience of the user.

With 4k this game changes to a whole new level. However, the more pleasing the viewing experience it offers the more demanding it is for any user to handle it. It utilizes immense graphics power. The new RTX 2080 Ti from NVIDIA is also not able to function well with 4k. Moreover higher frame rates are another requirement desirable by 4k.

Other factors

While comparing 1080p vs 1440p vs 4k, there are a few other factors that must be noticed as well. These factors include resolution, syncing of tech, response time, and refresh rates. 4k leaves fewer options after choosing the best display. If you are having a powerful graphic card, and have frames that are stable in working with the 1080p resolution then also it can work wonders for you without incurring much extra cost.

Additionally, if you have a card of NVIDIA GTX then you can go with 1440p as it provides a pretty good resolution with a good response time and other features as well.

However, with 4k you certainly need to work out multiple card configurations and SLI. With this, you can no longer make use of a 21inch display to play in 4k. You need to go beyond at least 24 inches to support your game in 4k. We also recommend some Best 4K Movies and Shows to Watch.

What are 4K gaming and 1080P gaming?

4k is all about the viewing experience of the gamer, enjoying each detail in clarity. So, if we talk about 4k vs 1080 gaming experience then 4k will fetch better marks on the grounds for better visuals, and clarity. However, 4k gaming requires a great upgrade to give the enjoyment of 4k gaming content. There are very few games that support 4k gaming. However, with 1080p this problem is not there and additionally, its setup does not cost anywhere around 4k setup. This makes 1080p gaming a cheaper alternative.

4k leads to a lot of strain on the PC while playing a game owing to its fantabulous viewer experience. However, it cannot be used for every other game. Moreover, it is needless to say that if you play once on 4k then you are sure to get captivated with the magical experience of stunning visuals and vibrant colors.

1080p vs 4k gaming is still a thrilling experience only on the account of quickness the former provides to the gamer. It is used more commonly in the community of gamers as it is quite easy to control the promptness required during a fierce game to win a title. This makes 1080p a favorite in comparison to 4k gaming amongst professional gamers. The rate of refreshing required during a game, the time taken for a response, and FPS makes 1080p still a gamer’s buddy. It does lack clarity as available in 4k but, the promptness and smoothness make it have a better command over a game.

In the longer run, 1080p will give a better payoff because of its responsiveness that counts in the game. Moreover, AAA games require GPUs to have a high-performance rate when playing at a resolution of 4k. However, with 1080p even the normal graphic cards can play in AAA games. 4k monitors require a good budget to get decent gameplay. On the other hand, 1080p does not burn a hole in your pocket to get you better gameplay. For more information about 4K, you can check the post How to Watch 4K Disney Plus?


In the game of 720p vs 1080p vs 4k, all have their qualities and their place. However, after a certain limit, their qualities cease to exist. So, if you go for 1080p vs 4k then there is an important aspect to note. Certainly, in recent times as the upscale is taking place, it seems 4k is better for recording as the sizing down can be done later to other formats of videos. If we consider games, 1080p is a safer choice as it is surely compatible across all platforms for all the games providing the gamers with multiple choices. 4k does not support all the games which means you may have to say goodbye to your favorite game if it does not level up for 4k.

After getting a variety of aspects for 1080p vs 1440p vs 4k too, it will be easier for you to decide for the quality you can get across all the platforms. We have shared our response for all the qualities and since now you have got the idea, you may choose wisely as per your requirement.

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