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Your priceless iPhone is perhaps the best stress-buster during a hectic schedule. Converting YouTube to mp4 iPhone may give you the perfect ways to kill your stress and feel relaxed. This blog will present you with the best YouTube to mp4 iPhone converter that provides you a great experience of converting videos to mp4 format.

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has been the favorite destination for any video, be it music, short movies, tutorials, or even movies. Relatively high-in-demand platform among all ages, YouTube always soothes your eyes and ears. Converting YouTube to mp4 iPhone could be another step from your end to give yourself a relaxing evening. There is a series of benefits regarding YouTube to mp4 iPhone converter if you use the right tool.

Convert YouTube to mp4 iPhone: The benefits

Watching YouTube online in your leisure time on your iPhone does not always come with a better experience. Here converting YouTube to mp4 iPhone can present you with an outstanding experience. And it has pocket-friendly benefits. So, let's check the benefits of converting YouTube to mp4 on iPhone.

First, if you want to save your internet data and the amount you recharge, you must go for YouTube to mp4 iPhone convert. Suppose you listen to your favorite music video or movie clips repeatedly on YouTube online. In that case, you are losing the data and the recharge amount, and you must save it for another essential task to be done later.

Second, you must save time by not searching for the same video on YouTube. If you convert YouTube to mp4 iPhone, you can easily access the video content from your device and start listening immediately.

Third, the most important is your secured online activities. Spammers and hackers can damage your device's OS anytime, regularly watching the same video. In that case, converting YouTube to mp4 iPhone can save you from spamming your device.

Fourth, converting YouTube to mp4 iPhone is device compatible. It can save your storage and data, and give you a similar experience of watching and listening online. It's also necessary to check your device and the repository to run the system smoothly.

The benefits are logically substantial, saving your device and data and giving you a quality experience. Let's dive in to explore the tools that help transform YouTube to mp4 iPhone.

YouTube to mp4 Converter: The best picks for you

StreamFab YouTube Downloader

convert YouTube to mp4 iPhone

StreamFab is popular for its downloader desktop software which integrates almost all features a streamer needs, allowing you to download from almost all major streaming sites, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu.

As for StreamFab YouTube Downloader, it enables you to download YouTube videos as MP4 files or in their original formats which allow you to transfer them easily to any other devices, including smartphones, iPad, Smart TVs, etc, and playback them without compatibility issues. Stick with us to know more key features it has.

The Features of StreamFab YouTube Downloader:

  • Ads will be removed automatically with this green software/app
  • Except for saving YouTube MP4 videos, this downloader can also save YouTube music in MP3 format.
  • Download YouTube videos in super high quality (FHD, 4K, 8K), or in lower quality to save the storage room.
  • Batch download multiple videos in a bulk.
  • The subtitles will be saved along with the video, or you can choose to save it as an SRT file.
  • Various languages are offered to be selected as per your preferences.
  • Grab all the useful meta info so as to manage your media library easily.


Free Trial available

Paid versions: range from $19.99 a month to $69.99/lifetime. You can select the one that suits your need.


  • User-friendly interface that needs no specialized knowledge or techniques.
  • 2 download ways for your choice: copy the URL from or use the inbuilt browser to download meanwhile streaming YouTube videos within StreamFab.
  • Any commonly-used streaming websites, such as Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, can be found supported in this downloader.


  • Some of the features might be restricted with the trial version.

Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe

youtube to mp4 iphone with winx hd video converter delux

Winx HD Video Converter is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC to convert YouTube videos to mp4. The tool supports more than 420+ formats, including MP4, MKV, FLV, AVI, etc. If you are an HD video lover, the device can convert HD video to mp4, MKV, etc., formats to provide you with an uninterrupted video watching experience.

The Features of Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe

  • The tool supports a YouTube playlist and multiple files at a single go
  • You can download videos from YouTube and various other social media handles
  • Can convert any size video file to mp4, mp3, MKV, FLV, etc
  • GPU acceleration can give you the fastest speed conversion
  • You can edit, cut, merge and add subtitles to the video

Price: Free and Pro are both versions available. Pro starts with $29.95


  • Faster conversion tool
  • Supports multiple formats


  • The free version is limited and not user-friendly


youtube to mp4 iphone with ytmp3

YTMP3 is an online app that converts YouTube videos to mp4 and mp3 formats and provides you with an excellent piece of conversion. You can easily copy-paste the title over the search bar and click your preferred form. With the fastest speed, it will convert your favorite YouTube videos. With a simple interface, the app offers an easy-to-use process.

The Features of YTMP3

  • The app has a simple interface, and with a single click, it will start the process
  • It supports mp3 and mp4 formats to convert YouTube videos
  • The app helps you to save the converted videos on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
  • The app can convert up to one-hour length of video

Price: It's Free


  • Simple interface
  • Easy-to-use app


  • Without downloading Documents by Readdle from the App store, you cannot save the conversion files
  • Support limited format


youtube to mp4 converter iphone with itubego

iTubeGo provides you a well-balanced download and conversion of video and audio files from various digital platforms. Other than YouTube and Facebook, the application supports around 10,000 sites to download and convert video and audio files and convert them into multiple formats, including MP4. The application is also Mac, iOS, and Android device supportive.

The Features of iTubeGo

  • You can download YouTube channel, playlist and individual videos with the help of iTubeGo
  • The application supports downloading 4k and 8k videos
  • Built-in browser helps you to browse videos from different sites
  • It has dual functionalities to cut audio and video

Price: Free and Pro, both plans available. Pro annual plan starts at $19.95; the Monthly begins at $9.95, And the Lifetime plan starts with $29.95


  • It supports around 10,000 digital platforms to download and convert
  • It has dual functionality of audio and video


  • A bit costly

youtube to mp4 converter iphone with

You can consider Clipconverter. cc for YouTube video to mp4 iPhone to convert unlimited videos to mp4 or many other formats. It's an online video converter that supports the conversion resolution range from 720p to 4k. The application perfectly works with Windows, iOS compatible devices for downloading and converting videos to various formats.

The Features of Clipconverter. cc

  • The application can convert videos to mp4, mp3, M4A, AAC, 3GP, etc
  • It supports 720p, 1080p, and 4k resolution
  • The application supports multiple languages
  • Browser plugin lets you convert videos directly from the sites

Price: It's Free


  • It works in a faster mode
  • Free application that works like Pro


  • Ad-supported, which is annoying


convert youtube to mp4 iphone with snappea

Do you think converting and downloading YouTube video to mp3 is an easy process? If you select a free app like Snappea, converting and downloading YouTube videos to mp3 is superb, easy, and straightforward. It's an online app that lets you download and convert YouTube videos to various formats. You can adjust the resolution to 720p, 1080p, and even 2k.

The Features of Snappea

  • It's an online app that converts the videos to mp3 and mp4
  • The application supports many picture resolutions like 720p, 1080p, 2k, etc.
  • It helps all the major social media sites
  • It can finish the conversion process in a faster mode and convert videos without downloading

Price: It's Free


  • The app can convert videos without downloading
  • The free app comes with great functionality


  • Formats are limited


youtube to mp4 iphone converter ymp4

The application can convert YouTube videos to mp3 and mp4 formats. The online video converter supports 300 sites, including YouTube, Facebook, etc. Any device can access the online converter and convert videos to mp4 and mp3 format as per your requirement.

The Features of YMP4

  • It supports more than 300 sites to convert videos
  • It can convert the videos to mp3 and mp4 formats
  • No length limit of videos

Price: It's Free


  • Supports various sites to convert the video
  • It's a free online application


  • It doesn't have a batch download or convert option


youtube to mp4 iphone converter flvto

Flvto is another online video converter tool that supports unlimited download from various social media sites and converts to mp3, mp4, and AVI formats. The free tool will let you download and convert the video files with no time limit. It can support converting the file in HD quality to provide you with a great watching experience. Besides, we also introduce the YouTube video online download ways to you.

The Features of Flvto

  • It supports the three convert formats: mp3, mp4, and AVI
  • You can download and convert the files from any site
  • It helps convert files to HD mode
  • It works in a faster mode
  • There is no time limit while you are transforming or downloading

Price: It's Free


  • It can download and convert from any site
  • It's free and works faster


  • Formats are limited


youtube video to mp4 iphone with notube

noTube will allow you to convert videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram, Twitter, etc., with various formats, including mp3, mp4, 3GP, FLV, M4A, etc. The online tool can use by all the users like PC, tablets, smartphones, etc. It's a reliable online tool that can provide standard and quality output.

The Features of noTube

  • noTube has dual functions to convert audio and video files
  • It can transform into various file formats like mp3, mp4, 3GP, FLV, etc.
  • The online tool supports all the major social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • There's no time limit to convert the video files.

Price: It's Free


  • It can convert both in audio and video formats
  • Supports all the social media giants


  • More formats can be added

With these popular online applications, you can convert YouTube videos to mp4 or any format you prefer. YouTube video to mp4 iPhone is simply done with a few clicks, and you can enjoy the mp4 files anywhere you go. If you want to download videos from YouTube, you can read the post.

FAQs: Ask the questions you want to know

Are these online applications safe to use?

Yes, they are entirely safe to use. There will be no spamming or virus alert that can put your device in danger.

Do these applications maintain the quality?

Yes, they maintain the quality. Even some of the tools offer HD quality convert video files which are extremely good for audio-visual presentation.

What is the best YouTube to mp4 downloader iPhone?

StreamFab Downloader is the best pick that allows you to convert YouTube to an mp4 downloader iPhone. Without downloading any malware, you can save any file in MP4 format with StreamFab.

Concluded Part

YouTube to mp4 iPhone converting is easy and fun. Further, it's an excellent opportunity to save your internet data by convert YouTube to mp4 iPhone. The dramatic and musical presentation of YouTube now you can enjoy in mp4 format anytime you want. YouTube to mp4 converter iPhone lets you enjoy your favorite musical title. It helps you repeat watching and listening in your leisure time or company while working out on the treadmill. Do whatever, be wherever, the convert videos make your dull moment bright and switch your mood with the magic of music. Therefore, waste no time and enjoy your favorite YouTube videos offline with StreamFab YouTube Downloader.

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