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A WebM to Mp4 converter is a way to use the same file across various platforms in the preferred size but with better quality. It saves you a lot of space too. Here, we are going to cover a few basic details about WebM and Mp4. We will also provide you with the 10 best options of fantastic software to help you convert WebM to Mp4 format, and make your life easier.

What Is WebM?

WebM which was developed by Xiph, On2, and Matroska and later on taken over by Google is a media file format of an audiovisual nature. It is used primarily as an alternative for HTML5 audio and HTML5 video elements. The release of the software took place on 18th May 2010. Moreover, an updated release has occurred on 19th December 2019. It is an open and free format.

What Is Mp4?

It is a multifunctional, multimedia that is responsible for storing a video or movie clip along with storage of subtitles and metadata. The developers i.e., Moving Pictures Experts Group, popularly known as MPEG developed the MP4 format in 2001. The full form of MP4 is MPEG-4 Part 14, which stores audio, video, images, and subtitles in a container format.

What is the Need for Webm to Mp4 Converter?

WebM and Mp4 both are popular versions of format that are used for storage of any kind of audio/video information. However, sometimes there is a need to listen to a favorite song or audio repeatedly, which calls for the option of downloading as the best alternative. So, here arises a question: what is the need for WebM to mp4 converter. Also, we recommend these YouTube to MP3 converters to you.

Well, it is needed because it allows simply saving audio and video, thereby avoiding streaming it online again and again. The simple convert WebM to mp4 option also saves a lot of time making the output more enjoyable and the experience better. Two factors call for the need to convert WebM to mp4, these are:


Each video or audio sells in the market because of its content and the quality in which it is made available to the users. From WebM to mp4 software quality remains excellent. However, if you are still looking for a better thing then you may need a WebM to mp4 converter to achieve a higher level of sound or video. It is so because mp4 has a slight upper hand on WebM in terms of quality as it uses H.264 codec instead of VP8 used in WebM.


When it comes to streaming of web and browser WebM proves to be a better option than mp4. However, in comparison to WebM, mp4 is more compatible with mobile devices, and this calls for the need for WebM to mp4 conversion. So, if you convert WebM to mp4 then you can stream any audio or video across a variety of gadgets.

Furthermore, in this article, we are going to describe the 10 best WebM to mp4 converter software that will assist you in achieving the desired results.

The 10 Best Webm to Mp4 Converter Software

1. Any Video Converter

convert webm to mp4 by any video converter

It is a free converter that can be used for both audio and video files. This editor works well with additional features of trimming, rotating, etc, too. If you want to convert WebM to mp4 then it cannot be simpler than using this software for the job. Its paid version comes with a lot of features in comparison with the free version.


  • It helps with an easy conversion of WebM to mp4 files.
  • The input and the output folder allow you to feed WebM to mp4 API.
  • The Add Video button helps you to locate Webm files and convert them to mp4 from your device in seconds.
  • It assists in the import of Webm files too to convert them to mp4 format.
  • It helps the user to adjust things like video and audio settings in the codec, bit rate, and many more features to finely tune the output.

Price: Free and Paid ($69.95)

Compatibility: Windows.


  • If you are looking for an answer on how to change WebM to mp4 then Any Video Converter is the easy option for you as it is very simple to use.
  • The free version of the software is an excellent option for converting WebM to mp4.
  • The output folder helps in locating the converted files in the device.


  • The free version may not offer all the premium features available in the paid version of the software.
  • The paid version for converting ff MPEG WebM to mp4 may not be pocket-friendly for all the users.

2. Wondershare Uniconverter

convert webm to mp4 by wondershare uniconverter

If you are looking for an advanced option to edit your video then this is just the software for you. It works really well in converting WebM to mp4 format smoothly. Along with this it also assists in cropping, merging, and a variety of additional features. Moreover, its feature of saving metadata and fixing multiple files in a comprehensive manner is just exceptional.


  • It provides easy conversion of WebM to mp4 format of files using GPU acceleration.
  • It is a very powerful converter that helps in converting WebM to mp4 and shows the results in less time.
  • In addition to WebM to Mp4 API, there are a plethora of options that can be used for the conversion of file formats.
  • The software is compatible with both offline and online features.
  • You can add one or more than one file to change WebM to mp4 format.
  • Moreover, the software also lets you change two files WebM to mp4 format in its online version.

Price: Paid online version starting from $2.95

Compatibility: Web-based, MAC, and Windows.


  • If you are looking for how to convert WebM to mp4 then Uniconerter is a simple option.
  • It is very easy to understand and use.
  • It lets you convert more than one file at a time.


  • The feature of converting more than one file is only available online.
  • The software is paid, making it not so pocket-friendly for some users.

3. Convertio

convert webm to mp4 by convertio

If your search is for an online platform that serves as a WebM to mp3 converter, then this is just the thing for you. It gives additional support for presentations, audio, ebooks, etc. and this makes your job pretty easy. It is available both in free as well as paid versions.


  • It is free software that is pretty easy to use.
  • It can help to change WebM to mp4 files in a blink of an eye.
  • It helps in uploading videos through a URL, local hard drive, or even Google Drive and Dropbox and converting WebM to mp4 format.
  • The convert button helps to convert WebM to an mp4 file and store it in the desired device.

Price: Free version and Paid Version for $9.99 monthly.

Compatibility: Web-based.


  • The paid version of the software allows you to use the converter freely any number of times.
  • The paid version also allows exceeding the 100MB size limit of the file while using the software for conversion.


  • The free version of the software does not allow any conversion from WebM to mp4 API that exceeds 100 MB in size.
  • Furthermore, there is a limit to changing ff WebM to mp4 format with the free version.

4. Cloud Convert

webm to mp4 converter cloudconvert

This one is another software that is available for online use, so you need not make extra space in your system for this one. It supports over 200 formats where you get extra benefits for ebooks, archives, spreadsheets, etc. Besides, it provides full security of your data ensuring no one except you is using it. It is an excellent software to convert WebM to mp4 API format.


  • In addition to WebM and mp4 formats, this software works on over 200 other formats too.
  • It helps in trimming the WebM format of the videos in addition to converting them to mp4 files.
  • It assists in fine-tuning the settings required for the conversion of the files.
  • It helps in choosing the codecs for both video and audio formats.
  • It also lets you choose the output video resolution.
  • It assists in deciding the conversion minutes required for a particular month.

Price: Free version and Monthly paid version ($9.52)

Compatibility: Web-based


  • It is very convenient to use.
  • It works across all major formats to get the desirable conversion.


  • The paid version may require you to spend a few additional bucks.
  • It allows limited conversions of about 25 per day.

5. Zamzar:

webm to mp4 converter zamzar

Still finding an answer to how to change WebM to mp4 then Zamzar is your solution. It is software that is designed basically for the management of documents, audio, images, and videos. Zamzar is a legal and safe option so you need not worry about your uploaded documents.


  • It is a very popular software and has been in working since 2006.
  • It is an online platform that is used for the conversion of WebM to mp4 files.
  • It has a simple process of 3 steps.
  • It requires the upload of the WebM file from your computer or source and after selection of the output format of the file you need to click on the convert button.


  • It is very easy to understand and use this software.
  • It has an efficiently good storage capacity available online.


  • The WebM files that exceed the size of 150MB cannot be converted to mp4 format in this software.
  • The paid version of the software also does not allow the conversion of WebM videos to mp4 exceeding the limit of 2GB.

Price: Free version and paid version of $9.00 monthly.

Compatibility: Web-based

6. Aconvert

webm to mp4 converter aconvert

If you have been looking for the answer to how to convert WebM to mp4 file format then Aconvert can be your option. As it works online it does not require any space on your desktop or laptop. The “Quick Convert” button makes it possible to get the job done with just a tap. The settings in the default version make your work easy.


  • It is a file conversion tool that works online.
  • It helps to convert WebM to mp4 format of files that are stored locally on the device be it laptop or PC.
  • In addition to this, it also helps in converting files from WebM to mp4 even if they are stored on the cloud.
  • You simply need to locate and select the WebM file to be converted and then select the mp4 format in the output format.
  • It helps in changing the aspect ratio, size, or frame rate of the video as well.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Web-based


  • The tool is very easy to understand and simple to use.
  • Since it is available online you can bookmark it for later use instead of downloading it.
  • It helps in making changes to features like aspect ratio or size of the file.


  • The WebM video files that exceed the size of 200MB cannot be converted to mp4 format.

7. TalkHelper WebM to Mp4

how to convert webm to mp4 by talkhelper webm to mp4

If you need an all-in-one tool to convert WebM to mp4 then TalkHelper WebM to Mp4 is your answer. It also enables downloading of videos from different sources like youtube, etc. Thus, it can be used as a multiple usages tool. Its free version is light on your pockets too.


  • It provides a comprehensive platform for the conversion of WebM to mp4 files.
  • It also supports a lot of file formats other than WebM and mp4.
  • The presets given in the software are quite easy to comprehend and use.
  • It offers a high-quality conversion of files and at a high speed.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows


  • It provides high-quality conversion for videos at a faster pace for free.
  • It provides full support to convert WebM to mp4 in batch too.


  • It is supported only in Windows.

8. Video2edit

how to convert webm to mp4 by video2edit

In case you are looking for some software that works online and can be used for video conversion and editing too then this software is just the thing you need. Moreover, if you are running short on storage space then there is a piece of good news for you as this software is available online.


  • Provides easy upload of WebM files to be converted into mp4 format.
  • It assists to upload files across all platforms including Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • It helps in the adjustment of frame rate, selection of video codec, etc.
  • It helps in the creation of a separate profile for the user to convert the files which are below 1GB.

Price: Free version, Paid Version $15.00 monthly.

Compatibility: Web-based.


  • With the paid version you can convert files as big as 1GB.


  • The free version does not allow you to convert anything that is beyond 400MB.

9. VLC

how to change webm to mp4 by vlc

VLC is a very popular, open, and free source that is used generally for playing videos. However, it is not known to many people that it can also be used as a WebM to mp4 converter. Moreover, it is so compatible that it works across all platforms be it Windows, MAC, or anything else.


  • Besides being used as a media player VLC supports the feature of converting WebM to mp4.
  • Be it MAC, Windows, or Android it works on all the platforms excellently.
  • Whether it is video or audio format, both can be converted to desired output along with other functions.
  • It assists in adding subtitles to the videos.
  • With the ease of shortcuts, the functioning of the software is made easy and fast.

Price: Free

Compatibility: MAC, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS.


  • If you are running on a low budget then this software is for you, as it is a free software.
  • It works across a variety of platforms making it multi-functional.


  • Not many video editing options are available.

10. VideoProc

change webm to mp4 by videoproc

VideoProc lets you convert WebM to mp4 format in just a few simple steps. It is editing software that can be used for trimming, cutting, etc. too. Moreover, if you are looking for something to add effects, and add some balance to your shaky clips then this software does the job for you.


  • It is a comprehensive software that results in quick conversion of WebM to mp4 format.
  • With very few steps this software is effortlessly easy to use.
  • Moreover, it supports editing of videos, digitizing DVDs, and a lot more in addition to conversion of formats.
  • Videos of 4K and 8K can also be converted using this software.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Mac, Windows.


  • Installs very easily and quickly.
  • Plenty of toolboxes are available for editing, recording, converting, and much more.


  • Not supported on Linux.


How to convert WebM to Mp4 for free?

There are a few software that is available for free wherein with limited features you can convert the files. These are VideoProc, TalkHelper WebM to Mp4, Aconvert, etc.

Are there any options to utilize WebM to mp4 converter free with an online option?

Well, a few software provide the facility of converting the files from WebM to mp4 format and that too online. Zamzar, Aconvert, etc. are a few popular software that can be used for this purpose.

What is the software that can be used to convert WebM to mp4 on both MAC and Windows?

A few popular software as Uniconverter can be used to convert WebM to mp4 on both MAC and Windows platforms.


Any professional video or audio editing software is no longer the need of the hour. There are a variety of free versions available to convert WebM to mp4 that makes them quite affordable for the users. However, you may need to spend a few extra bucks on the paid ones if you are looking for some additional features. Although we are sure that with our guide you will be able to find the best suitable software as per your need.

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