Video Player: The Best Way to Watch Videos on Your Device

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DVDFab All-In-One
DVDFab All-In-One
AI-Powered 25-in-1 Complete DVD/(4K UHD) Blu-ray/Video Solutions.

A video player is similar to a media player that allows you to watch videos movies on your device. But do not get confused with single player video games and video players that are similar. You can play video games on a video player if it supports game console features. Otherwise, the video player plays video from various sources like digital platforms, DVDs, and various streaming services. This blog post will focus on the video player and the best video player for windows 10.

The video player is similar to the media player, and it can playback optical disc and video file formats like AVI, MPEG, etc. A few video players also support 2D and 3D playback. It functions as a media player, and you can do pause, stop, zoom, channel selection, subtitles add, etc. In a nutshell, we can summarize that a video player functions as a media player and allows us to watch and listen to videos, movies, etc. and support our entertainment trail.

Video player for windows provides you the functionality to watch and listen to your favorite video on your PC or laptop. Video player for windows 10 has distinctive features that allow you to do much other than watching and listening. Let's check the best video player for windows 10 and their features list.

The best Video Player for Windows 10: A View

PlayerFab All in One

video player playerfab all in one

With PlayerFab All in One, you can access local playback videos, DVD/Blu-ray/ UHD, and various streaming services. Its comprehensive features make it the best video player for Windows 10 that provides a superb quality watching and listening experience. You can watch, listen, edit, and do many more things.

The Features of PlayerFab

  • It allows playing all kinds of discs and streaming videos
  • It provides FHD 1080p video quality with EAC3 audio quality
  • You can adjust the playback speed, auto skip intro, auto playback to back episode, etc
  • You can customize audio and subtitles
  • It supports 3D playback, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

Price: It's cost $169.99, and for Dvdfab paid users, it's only $69


  • It has GPU acceleration support
  • You can watch content in 4k UHD resolution
  • You can build and manage a local media library as well as a local music library
  • You can optimize TV playback mode for the small and big screen


  • No cons available with it


video player vlc

VLC is the most common and famous name among users. The cross-platform multimedia offers a great trail of watching and listening experience that supports most of the video files, including audio CDs, DVDs, etc. It's an open-source video player for Windows 10.

The Features of VLC

  • It supports 360-degree video with 8k resolution
  • It supports the formats like MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MKV, WebM, etc
  • It can decode video with faster mode
  • It offers a video filtration facility for the streaming

Price: It's free


  • It's a device friendly software that can be used in smartphones, tablets, PC, etc
  • It doesn't come with any security threat like spyware
  • It doesn't support commercial ads


  • The interface is a bit outdated


video player for windows 10 powerdvd

Users are happy to watch and enjoy their favorite movie in 8k 4k resolution. PowerDVD provides high definition resolution watching experience with the best picture quality, and it's compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows.

The Features of PowerDVD

  • It offers cloud storage that you can store 40 HD movies
  • You can play your media library to your TV
  • It enables sharing and manage media collection
  • You can download your favorite movie for offline watch

Price: It costs $69.99


  • It offers a home cinematic experience
  • You can watch YouTube like social media
  • It supports all the major formats that include Mp4, MKV, HEVC, XAVC-S


  • The software doesn't work with Netflix
  • Playback often stopped with protected media


video player for windows 10 gom

GOM offers free service and open-source software that allows you to play video. It supports all the major file formats so that you can watch your favorite movie with ease. It comes with 360 video views for PC users.

The Features of GOM

  • You can watch UHD videos with GOM
  • It has a vast range of subtitle library
  • It offers 360 degrees VR playback
  • It provides a screencast to connect with your PC and play the video on a giant screen

Price: It's free


  • It's compatible with Windows and mac
  • It doesn't support commercial breaks
  • It offers a responsive technical support team


  • Its 360 degrees VR doesn't support Windows XP and MacOS


mp4 video player divx

DivX is an old name in the video player program, and it supports conventional formats like AVI, MP4, DivX, etc., to give you a video playing experience without buffering. This video player for Windows 10 allows you to watch your favorite action hero in UHD 4k resolution on the screen with sharp pictures.

The Features of DivX

  • It has an extensive media library that helps you to keep track and create a playlist out of it
  • This mp4 video player allows you to skip to your favorite scene in a movie during the playback
  • You can organize your private and purchased video
  • It has free HEVC playback functionality

Price: It's free


  • It's multi-functional software and works as a video player, video converter, and media server
  • It's suitable for Windows and Mac
  • You can cast the video on a giant screen


  • Beginners feel difficulty in operating the software initially


mp4 video player mediamonkey

MediaMonkey can be the media manager that allows you to organize and play music videos on your PC and smartphone. You can access the collection from anywhere globally, and sharing options between devices is an excellent feature for its users.

The Features of MediaMonkey

  • It's a renowned name in the managed media library that you can exceed up to 1000,000 audio and video files
  • You can organize your videos based on metadata, tags, rename, etc
  • You can share the video files between your available devices like Android, iphone, iPad, and other DLNA media players
  • It adjusts the volume level of the music and provides high-quality audio

Price: Its freeware


  • You can customize and extend its functionality with add-ons Or skins
  • You can convert audio and video formats that support your devices
  • It's available for Windows and mobile app


  • Users have experienced data corruption
  • Sometimes Android sync brings trouble


video player for windows smplayer

SMPlayer is a free video player for Windows 10. It has built-in codecs that allow you to play any video file. The plus point of SMPlayer is it remembers the settings of the files you play, and in your subsequent playback, you'll track them easily. The pause option is available, and if you leave in between, you can start where you left.

The Features of SMPlayer

  • It supports all the media formats
  • With SMPlayer, you can watch YouTube videos
  • It has various skins and themes which are customizable
  • Subtitles downloading option is available with it

Price: It's free


  • It has a graphical user interface
  • It supports more than 30 languages across the globe
  • It's suitable with Windows, Linux, macOS


  • YouTube installation is compulsory if you want to use SMPlayer

Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player

video player for windows nvidia 3d vision video player

Are you fond of 3D videos? If yes, then you must go through Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player. Its specifications are the best suited for watching 3D videos at home. With DirectX Video Acceleration, the 3D video player helps you to watch your favorite superhero fighting with the enemies of the universe. To ensure your high-quality watching experience, you can read the post best paid and free DVD player for Windows 10.

The Features of Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player

  • The mp4 player supports WMDS files
  • It can convert MTS to MP4, play live from Camcorder, TV card, etc.
  • It offers a built-in video library for better storing of movies
  • The GPU acceleration supports better speed

Price: It's free


  • Stereoscopic servers are available to retrieve your videos
  • Stereoscopic metafiles import-export facility is available
  • It supports MPG, m2TS, MTS, mp4 files


  • Irregular updates are available with it

Pot Player

video player for windows pot player

Another 3D video player is Pot Player. Apart from the 3D view, the software supports various HDTV, Streaming, disc, etc. Its hardware acceleration provides speed. If you want to watch 3D movies at home, you can use Pot Player.

The Features of Pot Player

  • It supports Direct3D9 Ex Flip mode
  • It has two sounds cards
  • It helps OpenCodecs to play whatever you want
  • It supports several subtitles formats

Price: It's free


  • You can preview the scenes with snapshots
  • Its device friendly software and supports DVD, TV, HDTV, etc


  • It supports up to Windows 8.1 version
  • It's not beginner-friendly


mp4 video player plex

With Plex, you can watch any streaming online. It provides the opportunity to easily watch big banners, movies, and videos. It also allows its users to download films and videos and store them for offline watching. Want to try other best free video players, you can click here.

The Features of Plex

  • You can stream 20000 free movies on demand from famous production studios
  • You can create your personal movies and videos library
  • It's a device friendly software that allows you to watch from a smartphone or laptop
  • It prefers online streaming

Price: It's free, and Pro modes are available for its users. Pro starts with $4.99/ month.


  • You can watch anything online streaming
  • It offers a download option


  • It's buffer if you're using old hardware, and the auto disabled option is enabled automatically

These video players for windows 10 are outstanding in quality service and other benefits. You can pick the best one and indulge in your binge-watching. If you want to know more information, you can visit the FAQ session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these video players worthy of use?

Yes, they are. These video players offer multiple services to provide you watching and listening experience.

Is video player and media player similar?

Yes. Both are the same, and both serve similar purposes.

Is it safe to install on a personal laptop?

Before install-check once if they have spyware or malware virus attacked or not. If yes, you must avoid installing. Try other software. Remember, not all software come with spyware or virus.


Video player comes with the concept of staying at home and enjoying your favorite movie or video together with friends or family members. You can spend your time playing single player video games as well. You can store movies and music with these video players and listen anytime you want. With a video player for windows 10, you can create your own movie library and collect movies worldwide.

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