Top 7 Sources to Download Video Game Music

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There's no gaming without music. Video Game music can be as important to game producers as its characters, game sounds, plotline, or user interface. But the cost of equipment and the difficulty of recording makes it difficult. Music for mobile games might be difficult to develop because it requires a combination of skill, time, and money.

Then there are the developers that don’t give a damn about music at all. A last-minute addition before the game is released to app stores.

In the end, the player's perspective is the most important consideration. Whether it’s original or a remix, a well-crafted soundtrack can assist a game’s long-term success. The best soundtrack is worth putting together regardless of whether or not you’re interested in doing so.

As it turns out, there are several web resources that offer free music for video games. The best free music for your game’s soundtrack may be found here. So, you can put together the music for your new game. Simply search for your favorites. All the websites on this list provide music that you may utilize in your next mobile game without worrying about paying any royalties. These act as great video game sheet music platforms.

video game music

Tips to Download Video Game Music Well

Make sure your game's soundtrack is in tune with the game's mood

Make sure your game's soundtrack is in sync with the story and the mood you want your players to be in. The following are some genres that will help you accomplish royalty free video game music:

Themes of Epic Battle Music

Intense, energetic, and bombastic battle music can be heard in wars and in combatants' conflicts.

Games, you have to race against the clock

The soundtrack for high-speed chases and wrecks should be fast-paced and exciting.


Classic 8-bit arcade sounds have low quality and quirky, nostalgic charm that attracts gamers and developers.

Analyze the sound effects and timing of the video clips

The length of a music segment will change depending on how the player responds to a situation in a game. The Longoloops feature makes it simple to create musical blocks with an intro, loop, transition, stinger, and tag.

Make it a part of your game

You may now begin integrating your game's soundtrack with your chosen music. Your game audio program will be able to use Melody Loops' various formats.

Top 7 Video Game Music You Can Try

There are several places for video game music download. Check out these websites and make your job easy.

1. A Game Music Index

A Game Music Index:video game music

Several video game music for studying from the Commodore 64, the NES, and the SNES in the Game Music Index.

Classics like Donkey Kong Country, The Legend of Zelda 3, and Super Mario World are available on the site.

Be sure your computer has the necessary software and plugins to play the music before downloading anything. You’ll need different plugins if you download C64 soundtracks, NES soundtracks, NES soundtracks.

You'll need the Sidamp plugin for Winamp if you download C64 music. To play SNES music, you'll need the SNESAmp Winamp plugin.

There are a variety of plugins and players to choose from. Check out the A Game Music Index webpage for more information on each game system.

2. Overclocked Remix

Overclocked Remix: video games music

The website has been running strong since 1999 till date. Over the years, it has amassed a substantial collection of music video game for a wide range of consoles and platforms. Nintendo, N64, SNES Wii Dreamcast Game Gear Mega Drive Xbox PlayStation PlayStation Amiga

Each song features all the information you'd expect, such as the composer's name, the duration of the song, and other biographical details.

This website, however, really shines when it comes to bringing together fans for events. The original tunes inspire OverClocked ReMix to create their remixes. Music from a game from the 1990s could be updated, or an old video game tune could be entirely transformed into a different style.

3. Remix.Kwed.Org

Remix.Kwed.Org: Video Games Music

Dedicated only to C64 soundtrack remixes, Remix.Kwed.Org is the place to go. Each one is the work of someone who is either an avid music fan or an expert in music production.

It's amazing how active the community is. More than 15 new remixes were added in August 2021, the last full month before this article was published.

Subscribe to the site's RSS feed if you want to download all of the new music posted there. You don't have to go to the site itself to get the video game soundtracks with this tool.

4. Khinsider

Khinsider: video game music

Khinsider is a website devoted to free video game music. In addition, all of the files on Khinsider are in MP3 format, which is uncommon among sites that let you download video game soundtracks.

Because of this, you won't have to worry about installing plugins or relying on specialized players. It's easy to start listening to the music.

There is a lot of official music from other platforms and consoles available on Khinsider, although PC games are the focus. The NES, SNES, PlayStation PSP, Sega Saturn, and Game Boy Advance are among them.

Assassin's Creed, Zelda, Sonic, Need for Speed, Wipeout, Half-Life, Gran Turismo, and Call of Duty are among the list of most popular games on the site.

For most titles, you can either download the music one song at a time, or you can download the entire album at one time.

5. Zophar's Music Domain

Zophar's Music Domain: Video Games Music

Any retro gaming system will benefit greatly from Zophar's Music Domain. In addition to Xbox 360, the site focuses on NES, SNES, Nintendo 3DS, Dreamcast, and other retro consoles from the 1990s and early 2000s.

You'll find an extensive library spanning a wide range of computer systems on the site, from the Amiga to the Atari ST to the MS-DOS and ZX Spectrum.

The best video game music of all time available in Zophar's Music Domain is one of its best features. You can either do it in MP3 or its original format to download video game music. The original format requires either an emulator or a plugin if you want to play it. Plugins for older systems may be difficult to find.

6. SNESmusic

SNESmusic: Video Games Music Free

Only music from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System can be found on SNESmusic, launched in 1990.

Amazingly, despite its modest focus, SNESmusic has managed to amass one of the most extensive collections of SNES soundtracks on the internet.

Currently, there are more than 2630 games in the database. The statistic is quite astounding when you consider that the SNES system only had 3127 known games produced, and many of those were obscure titles with relatively low sales!

This site's songs can only be heard if you have an SPC player and plugin installed. SNESAmp, a plugin for Winamp, is the most popular. An 8-192kHz sampling rate is supported, and it can play SPC, ZST, and RSN files.

7. Project2612

Project2612 is the last place on our list where you may download video game music. Music from classic games like Street Fighter, Populous, Joe Montana II, and Sonic can be downloaded.

Sadly, there are just 705 games to choose from, compared to some of the other sites we've reviewed. If you're looking for obscure titles like "Bible Adventures," Project2612 is worth keeping an eye out for because it has a lot of them.

Download Video Game Music FAQs

Is it possible to utilize video game music as a background for gaming videos?

Gaming music can be used as a soundtrack for gaming videos. VGM, or "Video Game Music," is another name for this type of music. The following is a list of no-copyright songs suitable for use as background music in video games.

My game needs music, but where can I find it?

PlayOnLoop provides high-quality music loops used in video games and films. The website even features a section catering to video game soundtracks.


Is video game music copyrighted? It's generally acceptable to download this music for personal use, and doing so can be a wonderful way to recollect. Please don't sell or use it in a commercial context for personal use only. The consequences might be dire. You can also download video game music for studying. This will help you stay focussed, productive, and motivated.

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