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Are you a user of Discord? Then you must need a video compressor for Discord as the platform is renowned for uploading videos, sharing with your discord friends, and enjoying. If you want to share a compressed video on Discord, read the complete blog as we are revealing discord video compressor software for users.

Social media apps like Discord are often flooded with gifs, videos, clips, etc., to exchange your thoughts and words with your fellow friends. Video compressor for Discord, in this case, is a useful tool that can provide you reduce video file size. Discord compressor is nothing but software that helps you easily reduce the video file size to share within your group. Discord video compressor also helps you keep the necessary space while using the app. Too large video size is difficult to share, sometimes app denied to share it, and saving on your device will occupy much space. So, the discord compressor helps you in two ways.

Discord: A social app to make friends

Discord is a free app to talk over voice, video, and text and make new friends within your age limit. 13+ age groups of people can install the app on the device and communicate with a large group of people on Discord. In 2015, the app was released officially and is now available in 30+ languages to cover the global users. Users can chat, make video calls, voice calls using the platform called ''Server''. To make new friends or join them in your chat group, you must send them ''Invite Link''.

Initially, it was started for gamers worldwide to connect and communicate through a common platform. But slowly, users started using the app as a personal chatbox. As a result, Discord turned out to become a personal cum professional chatting app where users use it as per their needs.

Discord is famous for sharing video content at large. But with the rapid growth of the user base, the authority has fixed the maximum video file size limit. Now you can share an 8MB video file on Discord, not more than that.

So, if you have a video file above 8MB, you need a discord file compressor to share the file with your friends. File compressor for Discord would compress the video file, and you can adjust the file size within the limit.

In a couple of next paragraphs, we will get the inputs about video compressor discord. Let'sLet's begin!

Discord Video Compressor software list: Take away the best pick!

DVDFab Video Converter Pro

video compressor for discord dvdfab video converter pro

If you're looking for an MP4 compressor for Discord, Dvdfab Video Converter Pro could be your best pick. The software supports several videos and audio formats, including AVI, MP4, MOV, MP3 M4A, FLAC, AIFF, etc. With its advanced technology, it can compress the video for Discord and any other social media platform. It has Hardware Acceleration that provides high speed.

The Features of DVDFab Video Converter Pro

  • It supports various image, video, and audio formats
  • It provides you with 8k video resolution
  • You can customize your video or audio into any format
  • You can add filters, transition, overlays, and text to video
  • It offers royalty-free music and sound effects library for the users

Price: Dvdfab offers two price ranges. The DVDFab video converter standard costs $29.99, and the Pro costs $64.99 with unlimited advanced features access.


  • You can compress the video file size as per your device requirement
  • It can blend videos, audios, and images
  • It'll allow you to extract subtitles or audio from the videos
  • Hardware acceleration gives you high-speed function


  • There are no cons find out with the tool


video compressor for discord clideo

Clideo provides you with a comprehensive video compressor discord. You can compress the large video file and make it an 8MB file to share it easily on Discord. It'sIt's an online tool that offers various editing options to make the video out of the box. The primary editing options offer advanced features to compress the video as per your needs.

The Features of Clideo

  • It offers video editing options mainly for social media platforms
  • It supports various formats, including MP4, WMV, VOB, and many others
  • It offers secured encryption that ensures you're the one who accesses the raw and edited files
  • It maintains a good speed to finish the compression tasks
  • Preview checking option allows you to go for detailed editing

Price: Clideo offers monthly and yearly price ranges. The monthly option starts with $9 and yearly $72


  • It supports various formats
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • It provides good privacy and encryption
  • It offers social media video files editing options


  • Without the internet, you cannot use the tool
  • There's a limitation of 500MB per editing project


discord video compressor

If you're looking for a discord 8MB compressor, your search may end here. Veed. Io is famous for editing social media video files. You can compress and edit the video file the way you want with Veed, and it offers great editing options to draw attention on social media.

The Features of Veed. Io

  • It offers primary and advanced, both editing options to your social media video file
  • It works like a music visualizer
  • It can translate the video and add subtitles, add audio to text, video to text
  • It can remove background noise

Price: It's free. But if you want to avail of the basic and Pro plan, you need to pay $12/ month.


  • It works largely for the social media video file
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • It offers varieties editing options that suits your needs


  • Without stable internet, you cannot do compress video for Discord

Online Uniconverter

discord video compressor online unvconverter

If you're a social media geek and don't want to miss any chance to share videos on various social media platforms, check with Online Uniconverter. You can make gifs, generate memes compress videos for Discord, anything you want. It offers advanced technology to edit the video and share it with your social media friends.

The Features of Online Uniconverter

  • It's an online tool that offers great social media video files editing options
  • You can compress video at any size you want
  • You can add a watermark or remove it based on your needs
  • You can remove a voice from the video

Price: It offers monthly and yearly subscription plans for the users. Monthly starts at $9.99 and yearly at $2.99. For the desktop, you need to pay $45.95


  • You can generate a meme using the software
  • You can change the video speed
  • Its interface is simple and easy to use


  • As it's an online tool, you need an active internet connection to use it


discord compressor clipchamp

Clipchamp offers online video editing options with multiple video editing sections. You can compress and edit any social media video file and share it on your timeline. Even the tool offers social media ads and promotional videos to promote your product or service through social media.

The Features of Clipchamp

  • The tool offers social media ad create options
  • Customizable video templates allow you to select the template that suits your needs
  • You can change font, color, background and add a logo
  • It helps you to reduce video file size for easy sharing

Price: The basic plan is free. Creator costs $72 business at $156, and Business Platinum costs $324.All billed yearly.


  • It's an online and easy to use video editor
  • You can edit any social media video
  • It offers a stock of templates


  • Watermark in stock videos
  • While export takes time

WinX HD Video Converter Delux

discord compressor winx hd video converter delux

If you want to edit your 4k video for Discord Winx HD Video converter would serve your purpose. The software can do anything for you, from transcoding to reducing video file size, and the tool never compromises the quality.

The Features of Winx HD Video Converter

  • It offers the video editing options for 4k/HD/UHD video files
  • You can do all the editing options like cut, copy, merge, add volume and subtitles etc
  • It supports several video and audio formats
  • You can create a photo slideshow with music

Price: It has both free and Pro options. Lite license starts at $24.95; Premium License starts at $34.95 for one year and Ultimate License at $51.95 for the lifetime.


  • It's compatible with windows and mac
  • It works with HD and UHD video files
  • It offers extensive video editing and compression option


  • The free version comes with limited feature access

FreeConvert video compressor

discord file compressor freeconvert video compressor

You can compress and reduce the file size with the FreeConvert video compressor. It helps reduce video file size for social media as per the platform needed for easy sharing. Other than the video file compressor, the tool helps users compress and reduce various image files.

The Features of FreeConvert video compressor

  • It has four advanced ways to compress the video: video quality, percentage of the original size, set Bitrate, and make video size smaller.
  • It also works for video encoding.
  • It can convert anything like documents, ebooks, archives, and audio.
  • It's an online video compressor with advanced functionality.

Price: It offers four plans. Basic starts with $9.99, Standard starts with $14.99, Pro at $25.99, 24-h Pass at $12.99.


  • You can convert anything with the help of the tool
  • It offers an online video compressor and editing options with faster mode


  • It doesn't offer any free mode
  • Online service needs stable internet connection

8mb video

file compressor for discord 8mb video

Discord 8MB compressor 8mb video gives you the exact video file size you are looking for upload and share on Discord. It'sIt's simple interface allows you to compress video in 8MB file size for Discord and share with your friends. Other than 8MB, it offers 50MB and 100MB video file compressor functionality, and you can easily reduce the video size with 8mbvideo.

The Features of 8mb video

  • It can reduce the file size to 8MB
  • It offers 50 MB and 100MB compress size as well
  • Its simple interface will finish the work within a short time
  • Simple function easy for the beginner

Price: It's free


  • Simple interface
  • Suitable for beginners


  • There are no advanced features for compressing the video or editing the file

The above-stated software will help you to compress video for Discord. Further, if you want to create a storm on the internet through videos, you can pick any software to compress, edit, and give a final shape of the video. If you have any queries, ask us on FAQs. Besides, you can also check the post Top picks of video compressor software to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What file size of gif compressor for Discord?

512 x 512-pixel size is accepted on Discord in the avatar, gif, JPJ, PNG formats. If you have a large or small file, you have to either reduce the size or increase the size and fix it for 512 x 512 pixels format.

Does Discord allow uploading video file sizes below 8MB?

Yes. Discord does not have any issue uploading a video file below 8MB size, and 8MB is the maximum file size you can upload and share on Discord.

Is Discord safe?

As we mentioned earlier in the blog post, the authority already has noticed that users share adult and inappropriate content on Discord. It would be better if parents watched their teenager's social media activities to safeguard them.

Final Words

Initially, Discord was famous among the gamers as the platform was only used to discuss the game. Slowly, with the growth of users, it also changed in content sharing and the language and tone of the chatbox. Video compressor for Discord is necessary to circulate unwanted big video file size that is sometimes unnecessary. Pick any discord video compressor to reduce the file size and enjoy the uploading if you feel comfortable passing your time on Discord.

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