A Must-read Review of Topaz DeNoise AI

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What Is Noise in Images

Topaz DeNoise AI: noise image

Have you ever noticed that photos you took in high light contain a large number of grain-size dots if you go into details of these pictures? And that is actually what we call noise. You can find a batch number of detailed explanations on triggers of these annoying noises on the Internet, therefore I will not mentation all those professional definitions, which may pose obstacles to your understanding. But it is still worthy to know that the digital photographic noise is mainly caused by the image sensor’s sensitive response to electricity, heat, and light. Also, the sensor’s illumination is one of the main causes of unwanted noise.

Noise actually can be divided into two categories:

  • Luminance Noise

Among all kinds of digital photograph noises, luminance noise is the most noticeable one, especially in sky or dark shadow pictures. It is obvious since it looks like almost-white color spots spreading in the background, making you confused to find proper solutions to remove.

  • Chroma Noise

Another noise, which is another noise commonly seen, is also known as color noise. By its name, you may figure out that it refers to uneven color transitions in photographs. Among all the above colors, red is the most commonly seen one, especially in highly dark background images. Besides, green and purple can be noticed from time to time.

Why You need a Topaz DeNoise AI

Topaz DeNoise AI: contrast

As discussed above, you may realize that a professional tool needs to be applied to solve all these unwanted noises. If you are searching for useful solutions, and you may have encountered similar scenarios below to take using Topaz DeNoise into consideration.

Topaz DeNoise AI application Needed Scenarios:

  • Want an improved family portrait or self-portrait
  • Long for high-quality images for sharing
  • Unable to use difficult editing tools like Photoshop
  • People prefer recovering pictures, which have been discarded due to noise

No matter you are a photographing enthusiast or enjoy memorizing great sceneries by using a mobile phone or camera, all of you can refer to Topaz DeNoise AI to denoise your pictures to get amazing pictures that you really want.

What Is a Topaz DeNoise AI

Topaz DeNoise AI: brand image

Topaz DeNoise AI is developed by Topaz Labs, which is a company dedicated to applying the most edging technologies including Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence to supplement services to help users in solving post-processing difficulties: noise reduction, sharpening, masking, etc.

Since launched in early 2019, Topaz DeNoise AI has now ranked first as a noise reduction service provider in the market. Thanks to the application of machine learning-based learning AI technology, Topaz DeNoise is much more efficient and outstanding in reducing image noise while preserving the original image effect of your photos.

Topaz DeNoise AI: UI image


  • There is always a product tour pomp up when users open the software, serving as guidance for smooth operation
  • Two different noise reduction models for varied settings
  • DeNoise AI which preserves more detail but works with fewer images
  • AI Clear which works with more images but many preserves less fine detail
  • Auto-detect settings to detect the amount of noise in the image and automatically apply the most optical reduction mode
  • DeNoise AI allows users to compare your before and after images
  • The tool provides batch processing for higher efficiency
  • Both are available for the Windows and Mac operating system


  • Recover detail and eliminate noise
  • Work with either JPEG or RAW files
  • Remarkable AI-driven image noise reduction
  • More natural noise reduction
  • Fast image detail recovery
  • Easily integrated into your workflow as a plugin
  • Batch noise reduction processing mode
  • Always improved versions


  • DeNoise AI does support Intel HD Graphics 4600 or lower
  • A minimum RAW of 8G is required for smooth operation
  • Internet connection is needed to log into the program
  • The price of $79.9 for a noise reduction is a little bit high

Final Words

Though the price of Topaz DeNoise AI is a bit higher than what common software costs, it is rather worthy. This is because Topaz DeNoise AI is nowadays the leading software that I have ever used. It even outperforms Photoshop and Lightroom. Users who frequently take photos via whether mobile phones or cameras that are poor in low light will benefit the most from the program since they can save money on their field equipment and reduce noise in post. Also, if you consider knowing more about photo editing and trying to find proper software, I command you to read related articles about photo editing software.


Is Topaz DeNoise AI free?

No, Topaz DeNoise AI is not free since it can absolutely present users with clear and natural images compared to original images filled with all kinds of noises with no loss in quality due to the application of machine learning and the automatic application of noise reduction programs.

Is Topaz DeNoise AI Worth it?

Yes, of course, it is worth buying the paid service of Topaz DeNoise AI. Though the price of it is $79.9 only for Topaz DeNoise AI, the software brings you more convenience and amazing enjoyment when recovering photos or pictures. For example, you can use the software to enhance images for selling or selling recovering services to people in need online. Therefore, it is quite worth it for you fond of photographing or eager to recover those nearly abandoned old photos.

Is Topaz DeNoise better than Lightroom?

Actually, Topaz DeNoise is different from Lightroom since they show varied emphasis on functions, meaning that Lightroom is a comprehensive tool while Topaz DeNoise is more dedicated to noise reduction. Thus it makes DeNoise more professional in removing all noises. What’s more, Topaz DeNoise is also available as a plugin for Lightroom to make users’ experiences more varied.

Which is the best noise reduction software?

From the perspective of a user who has used all kinds of image processing software, I believe Topaz DeNoise is the best for its application of edging technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this way, the software can detect the number of noises of your images to improve and use the most proper way to enhance its effect in a totally automatic way.

How does Topaz DeNoise work?

For your easier understanding, I will put simply in this way that Topaz DeNoise uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to determine the amount of noise and the best removal solution while retaining image details. More importantly, the user interface is quite easy to operate, whether you are a new starter or an expert in this area.

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