How to Enlarge a Picture 2023

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We all have great, wonderful, and amazing memories. But we cannot memorize these moments with all details preserved since time will certainly bring something away from us. Therefore, we need some tools to get these precious memories with us in a permanent way. And one of the most common ways to get invisible and virtual memories into touchable reminders.

Actually, there are many triggers that may make it necessary for you to find an easy-to-grasp picture enlarger to make your pictures larger to apply to various scenarios. For example, you may want to enlarge a picture of your pet and then print it to make a wallpaper. Or you want to print your wedding pictures after enlarging them to get them on the wall for better memorization. For situations same to the above and some others, you may need to read the following article with definitely useful information to assist you to obtain those targets.

What Picture Enlarger Software Does?

Normally, many picture enlarger apps provide the service of resizing pictures as you want. But not all the tools can maintain image quality while cutting pictures to a large extent and to meet your requirements.

Most importantly, there are a host of triggers that may lead to image quality loss. Among those factors, the resizing algorithm matters quite a lot, and it really varies from one software to one another.

Here is a list of useful enlarger options for your reference with their features and functions provided, among which are top one options among many professional photographers as well as regular individuals in their daily working hours and life.

Enlarge Pictures Online

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Powered by Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Cloud Express is free for you to customize your own pictures for different sizes. This is an easy and fast online picture resizer to change the dimension of any picture as you wish, not to mention to enlarge pictures.

Also, it is useful for users who want to instantly resize images for social media, print, web, and more targets all in one place. Specifically, you can use the online resizer to resize a picture for Facebook, a profile image for LinkedIn, a banner for Twitter, or a thumbnail for YouTube with all kinds of popular sizes.

How to Enlarge a Picture


  • User-friendly user interface
  • Detailed guidance and explanation for operations
  • Full freedom for exploring picture editing capabilities and design tools
  • Easy to apply filters, add GIFs and animation for dynamic design
  • Over 100,000 templates & assets to start from

Certainly, the online picture resizer, it will take your photography to a new high level with advanced enlarging settings, as well as composing and transforming features.

Enlarge Pictures on Mobile Device

Finding proper and convenient picture enlargers that is available on mobile phones is rather necessary since mobiles phones are always at hand instead of PC.

To save you time, here will be a list of third-party apps to perform well both for android and apple users.

Image Size

This is totally free software with enormous good reviews on the Internet. You can get to download it by clicking here on iOS or here on Android. The application offers some in-app paid service but it is user-friendly for its easy steps, bringing you enough freedom to change sizes you want while enlarging pictures.


  • Available for iOS and Android systems
  • Allow you to enlarge images to whatever size you want
  • Specify the output formats via four units of measurement: pixels, millimeters, centimeters, inches
  • Service of saving, emailing, printing, or sharing the final image
  • Easy-to-use steps for resizing picture enlargement


  • Containing advertisement
  • Offering in-app purchases

AI Image Enlarger

enlarge pictures

The application of AI Image Enlarger is available for both iOS and Android, providing both free and paid services for users to make choices. It outperforms not only in freely resizing pictures but making it possible to sharpen your pictures after resizing. Therefore, AI Image Enlarger is certainly capable of creating perfect pictures as you wish.


  • No advertisement
  • No account required
  • Available for iOS and Android systems
  • Upscale images/pictures/pictures by 200%/400%/800% without losing quality
  • Enhance the picture color and contrast based on machine learning
  • Eliminate noises in the picture and image to improve quality
  • Enhance picture by sharpening picture edges and bring clarity to blurry pictures


  • Offering in-app purchases

Enlarge Pictures on PC

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

enlarge pictures

As its name indicates, DVDFab Picture Enhancer AI aims to deal with almost all kinds of common problems except for picture enlargement in a comprehensive way. Powered by edging technology of deep convolutional neural networks, the great software is not only excellent at enlarging pictures by up to 40x the original size without losing any quality, but also applying cartoon effect, colonizing, or applying filters to images at the same time as you wish. Therefore, it will be of no necessity to download extra software or plugins.


  • Available for both macOS and Windows systems
  • Easy-to-grasp steps with detailed explanation
  • Enlarge pictures by up to 40x for unprecedented image quality
  • Batch processing with various value-added features


C:\Users\fab\AppData\Local\Temp\WeChat Files\e3378004094b1b4fd594bc02779145c.png

Gimp is a free and open source image editor, which is a good choice for users who want to have a try since it is free. The image quality may not be that high-retained, but still, it outperforms as a free enlarger tool. And the user interface is easy to grasp, without the need to work with any other picture editing tools like Photoshop. Therefore, it is perhaps the best simple software designed for enlarging pictures.


  • Available for GUN/Linux, macOS, Windows and more operating systems
  • High-quality picture manipulating operations
  • Highly original artwork creation
  • Graphic design elements available
  • Delicate programming algorithms

enlarge picture

The quality of enlarged pictures is not bad to the enlarging result of the resizing function of Adobe Photoshop. The reason is quite simple because the editing protocol Photoshop applies, which is bicubic resampling. And that is certainly not superior to the Sinc interpolation employed by Gimp.

Therefore, if all you want is to enlarge pictures instead of paying more attention to advanced editing features, then Gimp will definitely be a top choice for you from a financial perspective.

Adobe Photoshop with Plugin: Perfect Resize

Perfect Resize is specially designed for users to work with images created in Adobe Photoshop in a coordinative way. It is a standalone software that can be used as a plug-in in Adobe Photoshop, presenting high level of image quality. Therefore, may it not be the cheapest one in the vast market, it is a bit difficult to find another perfect alternative when you want to resize pictures often instead of seldom.

enlarge picture


  • Available for Windows and macOS
  • Any size for enlarging is available
  • Enough tutorials on the developer page for users’ reference
  • Seamless compatibility with Photoshop CS6
  • High accurate enlargements


  • Not friendly to new beginners

Guidance on How to Enlarge a Picture on PC

This section will present you with clear steps on how to enlarge pictures via taking DVDFab Picture Enhancer AI as an example. Well, let’s start!

Step 1: Click the software icon and start it. enlarge picture:

Step 2: Drag pictures you want to enlarge into the middle of the UI.

enlarge picture

Step 3: Then you can choose the setting as you want and preview the output for further adjustment.

enlarge picture

Step 4: Lastly, you can save the results of enlarged pictures.

enlarge picture

Final Thoughts

After checking these representative tools for efficient and convenient picture enlarging tool, whether online or need to download on phones or PC, I bet you must have got a vivid picture of their pros and cons. And it will be your turn to match them with your intuitive expectation for a picture enlarger.

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