Best PS5 Games Worth of Playing

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The best PS5 games right now include everything from family-friendly excursions with adorable mascot characters to third-person gunslingers with stunning visuals. Whether you want to see an exciting demonstration of the PS5's Dual Sense joystick and its capabilities or play a new action-packed first-person assault, the top PS5 launch games have something in store for you.

PS5 Games 2021 to Watch out for

Without further ado, let’s get started on our list of the top PS5 release games! This list also includes the most anticipated upcoming PS5 games.

Ratchet & Clank - Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank - Rift Apart is not ONLY a fantastic game; it's also an excellent demonstration of the PS5's outclass gaming potential. This game has faster loading speeds and mild DualSense tactile input, but they aren't the main reasons you should play it.

As one of the best PS5 games, Rift Apart would almost surely hook you over with its vibrant graphics, excellent gameplay, and meaningful storytelling. It progresses from where Ratchet & Clank - Into the Nexus left off in 2013 left us, but it also serves as an outstanding beginning for novices to the franchisees.

ps5 games ratchet & clank


  • Outstanding graphics and soundtrack.
  • Controls for immersive, tactile feedback.
  • Interesting plot and people.
  • Battles are exciting, and the platforming is crisp.
  • Distinctive weapons.


  • There were complaints of the game lagging when it was in its testing stage.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade is a fantastic game that is somewhat specific to the PS5. While the main Final Fantasy VII Remake experience is available on PS4, the PS5 edition has enhanced visuals, quicker response times, and, most notably, an entirely new episode dubbed "Intermission."

Yuffie Kisaragi, a fan-favorite party member from the original Final Fantasy VII, appears in this two-chapter DLC pack in a completely new scenario.

best ps5 games Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade


  • A great performance mode at 60 frames per second.
  • Outstanding visuals and great sound effects to go with them.
  • Intriguing storyline.
  • Enhanced classic mode with better quality of life.


  • It is not much different from its predecessor, and there are only a handful of gameplay add-ons.

Demon’s Souls

One of the strongest and most difficult games on the PS3 comes with a superb remake for the PS5 in the shape of Bluepoint Games and SIE Japan Studio's Demon's Souls. It appeared as a remastered version for enthusiastic PS5 users, with new jewels, gear, weaponry, and items known as "Grains" that give temporary resistance to ailments such as venom or bleeding.

Aside from these enhancements and substantial gameplay and graphics and aesthetic upgrades, the game includes modifications to the classic and new elements that aficionados of the original would love and new players would be excited to discover.

top ps5 games Demon’s Souls


  • An outstanding remake of its predecessor.
  • Enhanced visuals and impressive gameplay.
  • Brutal combat that is uncannily satisfying.
  • You get to explore the Kingdom of Boletaria.


  • DualSense support is not as gamers would expect from a top-notch game like this.


Returnal is one of the top-most PS5 games list's most prized titles. If you enjoy roguelikes, this game is for you. Returnal is a grueling action-adventure game in which you play as Selene, an astronaut who crash-lands on an unfamiliar planet and becomes trapped in a time vortex.

You'll come across all kinds of hazardous plants and wildlife as you explore the biosphere, as well as recordings from earlier incarnations of Selene, who attempted to flee. At the Tom's Guide Awards 2021, Returnal received a "strongly recommended" award for "the most outstanding game design."

ps5 games returnal


  • Awesome visuals and alluring gameplay.
  • Outstanding DualSense features with excellent PS5 performance.
  • Extraterrestrial Ray-Tracing.
  • Difficult to beat the game.


  • It is very hard to beat with no easy mode.
  • It needs to be more accessible for new players.

Astro's Playroom

This charming platforming PS5 game follows Astro, the same bouncy little guy from PSVR's Astro Bot Rescue Mission, as he explores the PlayStation 5's inner workings across multiple distinct landscapes.

This bright, exhilaratingly cheerful journey allows you to explore a number of interesting locales based around diverse aspects of the PS5, all while experimenting with the DualSense controller's numerous functions.

Throughout each sector, Astro may leap between outfits that assist in demonstrating the controller's skills, such as a monkey suit that allows you to utilize the adaptable triggers or a ball that moves around by using the touchpad, similar to Super Monkey Ball.

best ps5 games Astro's Playroom


  • A comprehensive and detailed world to explore.
  • Excellent sound effects and soundtracks.
  • Great, smooth performance on PS5.


  • None – only that it should be longer!

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man that follows Miles Morales, a protagonist who was also attacked by an evolutionarily mutated spider, delivering him powers uncannily similar to Peter Parker. In this top PS5 game, Miles is still mastering the ins and outs of becoming the city's guardian as a rookie superhero.

When Peter is sent away to aid lover Mary Jane with news coverage as her photographer, Miles is left to assume the Spider Man-responsibilities. As a result, the courageous Miles attempts to offer his services to the metropolis as its new guardian, resulting in a thrilling voyage that may double as a new movie entrance in the universe of Spider-Man.

ps5 games Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales


  • Miles Morales is a fantastic protagonist who is given a compelling plot to conquer.
  • Significant enhancement of the basic gameplay model with new abilities
  • Manhattan looks quite stunning using ray tracing on PS5.
  • Teases an intriguing potential for this Spider-Man fantasy.


  • The game should be longer. Players complain the storyline is a bit ‘brief’ for the asking price.
  • A mundane gaming approach for an open-world PS5 game.

Upcoming PS5 Games 2021

Apart from the PS5 games out now, there are still many that are sure to enthrall all PS5 games. Some of the most awaited PS5 games coming soon are:

Call of Duty: Vanguard

This is one of the most anticipated upcoming PS5 games expected to be released on November 5, 2021. For its next installment, Call of Duty: Vanguard will transport us to ancient World War II, examining the experiences of four warriors, all of whom are based on real-life persons. It appears to be one of the most visually spectacular games ever made, which will no doubt make witnessing the atrocities of war much more poignant.

new ps5 games call of duty vanguard

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition

Being developed by the Bethesda Game Studios, Skyrim: Anniversary edition is one of the most foretelling PS5 games coming soon. It will be released on all PS5 platforms on November 11, 2021.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition commemorates the tenth anniversary of the game's launch. It will be launched on PS5 in November and includes 500+ Creation Club pieces as well as performance enhancements such as Angling, Adventure Mode, and unique Saints and Seducers quests.

ps5 exclusive games Skyrim: Anniversary Edition

Horizon Forbidden West

This awaited PS5 games' release date is February 18, 2022. The Horizon Zero Dawn follow-up has been officially unveiled, and it will take Aloy to a post-apocalyptic San Francisco. The clip that was released was really stunning, full of brilliant colors, fascinating machinery, and new worlds to explore.

We also see Aloy underwater donning what looks to be a respiratory mask, implying that there may be some aquatic scenes. It's nice to see that we'll be able to return to Guerrilla Games' beautiful universe and embark on a journey on our PS5.

Horizon Forbidden West ps5 games coming soon

Little Devil Inside

Expected to be released somewhere in 2021, this PS5 release game would definitely be the talk of the gaming realms.

Little Devil Inside had its beginnings on Kickstarter in 2015. Five years later, we witnessed a premiere teaser during the PS5 announcement webcast, along with the announcement that it would be a limited release. Little Devil Inside, an RPG with survival aspects, is set in a semi-open world during the "Victorian-like" era.

The teaser showed off a slew of creatures as well as quick looks at some of the game's combat aspects and features. It was without second thoughts one of the most marveling draws of the previous event.

top ps5 games Little Devil Inside

Solar Ash

One of the most awaited PS5 release games, it will put an end to the fans' indefinite patience on December 2, 2021. Solar Ash is the newest forthcoming videogame from Heart Machine, the company of Hyper Light Drifter, to be unveiled as part of the PS5 roster.

In Solar Ash, gamers will wander through the Ultravoid - a rip in spacetime that is consuming entire worlds, with its own flamboyant design aesthetics. The protagonists must find consolation in one another to survive through the vortex of sorrow; they find themselves stuck in this treacherous location with its strange and diverse atmosphere.

Ash Preston, the head of Heart Machine, described Solar Ash's narrative as a personal experience that grows "beyond simply the weight of the struggle into something more positive."

best games for ps5 Solar Ash

Concluded Thoughts

The world of gaming powered by the PS5 is proliferating day by day. These PS5 games give the players an out-of-the-body experience as they warp them through space and time and into a quintessential gaming universe. As greater new PS5 games are released day by day, PS5 owners have a lot to look out for. In addition to these best PS5 games mentioned above, many game-lovers are enthusiastic about Xbox games.

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