All You Need to Know About Mosaic Removal

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An ever-growing number of photos and videos are shot in a mosaic mode for security reasons in this digital age. And you have to admit: it is sometimes a huge pain for editors. Even if you are not a professional editor, you might need an image, and the quickest source would be the internet. However, most of these are not read to use, which calls for some editing to remove mosaic.

This article will delve deeper into mosaic removal, its reasons, cons, and pros, among other aspects. It will help you gain more insights into mosaic removal and smoothen your editing process.

Understanding What is Mosaic and How it Works

Mosaic's definition depends on its application and use. It is a technique used to blur a video or image's segments.


Mosaics have their origin in the ancient Greeks and Romans, who created them as a type of art. Today, they can be found in various places, such as floor tiles, kitchen backsplashes, and even tattoos.

In digital media, a mosaic is created when an image or video is divided into small squares or tiles. These tiles can then be displayed in any order to create a new photo or video.

Various factors can cause mosaics in videos and images. In most cases, the mosaics are intentionally created by the file owners. In other instances, they may be due to incorrect camera settings and may also be caused by imperfect photo-snapping techniques.

The primary reason for mosaic use, however, is privacy, especially hiding the faces of underage individuals and credit card numbers. The process of removing them is known as mosaic removal.

This process allows you to remove blocks of an image or select mosaic portions. The removal is made possible through mosaic removal software, applications, and other online tools. You can check out VanceAI and DVDFab software to find a suitable tool for your need.

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When to Use Mosaic Removal

Primarily, you can remove mosaics when you want to change the texture of your image or video. You can also remove censored parts, watermarks, or elements from an image or video that you don't want anymore.

For example, you can remove a background or create a seamless transition between two clips. In such cases, mosaic removal tools can be a lifesaver and are some of the must-have essentials of an editor.

Advantages of Using Mosaic-removing Tools

The available remove mosaic tools provide an easy way to remove unwanted mosaic elements.

The advantages of using these tools include

  • You can find free tools that have great features, thus ideal if on a budget
  • Most of the tools are intuitive and easy to use
  • Many of the tools can remove mosaics from different images simultaneously, and are thus time-saving
  • They allow you to remove annoying watermarks and mosaic tiles effectively.

Limitations of Mosaic Removal Tools

  • Mosaic removal tools are not 100% effective. Some limitations that you are likely to experience include
  • There are some mosaic aspects such as censors that can never be removed
  • Sometimes it might not be possible to get a clear image, especially in the area that had the mosaic
  • Some tools are expensive and thus not available to all
  • Mosaic removal tools require in-depth understanding for you to use them effectively
  • Some mosaic removal tools are limited in the type of mosaics they remove; thus, you might need to purchase different tools for the same image
  • Some apps are incompatible with either Windows or Mac
  • Risk of damaging the original video or image

Reasons for Removing Mosaics from Images and Videos?

  • Mosaic removal can be done for several reasons, such as
  • You want to replace the background
  • Commercial purposes
  • Some privacy reasons
  • The mosaic covers an essential detail of the file
  • You do not love the look of the mosaic

Whatever your reason, mosaic removal is a process that can be done with various tools and techniques. However, it is vital to take care when removing a mosaic, as there is a risk of damaging the original image or video.

Some of the common areas you can use this process include;

  • Super-Resolution (SR): It involves the various techniques for improving the resolution of an image
  • Removing backgrounds: It is the art of removing unwanted backgrounds to make the image or video more appealing
  • Object Removal: It involves cutting an object in a picture and making the residue more professional
  • Deblurring: It is the process of removing unclear elements from an image and making it sharp
  • Inpainting: It entails reconstructing and repainting a file to give it a near-original look

Factors to Consider During Mosaic Removal

When it comes to removing mosaics, the process is tedious. And if you are not careful, you may water down a file's quality. However, you can ace your way through with the right tools and some understanding.

In any mosaic removal process and choice of tools, consider the following.

Type of Mosaic to be Removed

The object you need to delete will significantly determine the choice of tool you should go for. Some tools are best for background or watermark removal, while others can remove blurred aspects. So, pay close attention to the mosaic tool's features as they greatly determine the success of the removal process.

Size of Mosaic

Different tools work differently on different mosaic sizes. Some tools are effective on large mosaics, while others on smaller mosaics. It is, therefore, crucial to first consider your mosaic before settling on a tool.


Your budget is a critical component of mosaic removal and influences the tool chosen. If you go for free or cheap tools, you may miss some aspects. However, expensive tools do not necessarily mean they are better. You just need to consider a tool's features and match them with your needs.

Use of the File

There are various reasons for removing mosaics. If it is for fun, you can choose cheap tools, but if the file is for professional purposes, you need to invest in a good mosaic removal tool.

What are the Best Tools for Mosaic Removal for Images and Videos?

There are a few different ways to remove mosaics. Some tools allow you to clone part of an image and then paint it over the mosaic area. This is a great way to remove small mosaics, but it can be tricky.

If you're dealing with a larger mosaic, however, you might want to try using a mosaic removal plugin or script. These tools can be a little more expensive, but they're well worth the investment if you do a lot of editing. They're usually user-friendly and can quickly remove even the most stubborn mosaics.

Regardless of the tool chosen, there are two major methods of removing mosaics; lossless and lossy conversion. The chosen method primarily depends on the mosaic processing preference.

Lossless Conversion

In lossless conversion, the removal entails dividing the area with mosaic into horizontal and vertical segments and then sloppily rearranging them.

Lossy Conversion

Lossy conversion involves determining the mosaic area color and then processing the image. This is the widely used method and provides the best results.

Some of the tools include;

Mechanical method

The mechanical method involves the use of a machine to help erase mosaics. It is uncommon primarily due to its high cost but an effective tool, especially for big corporations that can cough up billions.

Its limitation is that if the mosaic is incompatible with the machine, the image will be distorted further.

AI Technology

This method helps remove mosaics and restore the file's cleanliness. Some of the tools here include Pulse, Google, and TecoGAN.


These are applications compatible with different smartphones. They work better on removing mosaics from images but not videos. Some of these apps you can use on your phone are;

  • Release Mosaic
  • Apple


You can download and install these mosaic-removing programs on your computers to help you with mosaic removal. Some of the common ones are;

  • ThunderSoft Video Watermark Remove
  • Remove Logo Now
  • Easy Video Logo Remover for Windows
  • SoftOrbits Video Watermark Remover
  • Video Logo Remover for Windows
  • DeLogo Filter for VirtualDub for Windows
  • Remove & Add Watermark
  • APowerSoft Watermark Remover for Windows

How to Remove Mosaic from Images and Videos?

Now that you know all there is to know about mosaics, it's time to learn how to remove mosaics from an image. In most cases, mosaic removal is a relatively simple process.

First, you need to have the necessary tools. And despite the existence of different tools, most are designed similarly; thus, their use does not significantly vary.

In most cases, the free tools require you to follow these steps

  • Download and install the software, Filme for example.
  • Click the add the file menu to upload your preferred file
  • Click the spot with mosaic and then select edit
  • Follow the prompts therein, and after completing the editing, download the new file

On the other hand, the paid tools have extra features which help you get top-notch results. To remove mosaic from an image or video, you need to

1. Open the image or video you want to mosaic in your favorite editor.

2. Zoom in on the area you want to remove the mosaic from.

3. Copy and paste the area into a new layer.

4. Zoom out to see the entire image or video again.

5. Delete the original layer with the mosaic.

6. Save your image or video, and you're done

How to Achieve the Best Results with Mosaic Removal

For the best results, it's essential to follow a few basic steps. If using the software or programs, use the lasso or marquee tool to select the area you want to remove the mosaic from. Next, go to Effects, then Mosaic Removal.

Remember to adjust the Mosaic Removal dialog box settings until you're happy with the results. Finally, click OK to remove the mosaic. You may need to experiment a little to find the best settings for your image.

Additionally, the best way to remove a mosaic is to use the eraser tool. It will help you achieve the best results and ensure that the mosaic is wholly gone. Remember to zoom in and out as needed to get the best view of the mosaic area.

How to mosaic an image or video?

Mosaicking an image or video means extracting a specific section of it and saving it as a separate file. This can be done for various reasons, such as cropping a section out for use in another project or removing an unwanted element from the frame. The process is simple:

1. Open the image or video you want to mosaic in your editing software.

2. Use the selection tool to outline the section you want to extract.

3. Copy and paste the selection into a new file.

4. Save the new file.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for any other sections you want to extract.

Take Your Photo Editing Skills to the Next Level

There are instances where you’ll encounter a mosaic effect when working with digital images or videos. Several factors can cause this, but the good news is that there are methods for removing the mosaic effect. You should however note that mosaic removal can be a hectic task even for the most experienced. But it still can be done in various ways, with relatively good results.

As technology advances, mosaic removal tools also progress. It pushes the photo editing field to greater heights and challenges editors to cope with the changes by honing their skills. But since mosaic removal is essential for anyone who wants to create polished and professional-looking images and videos, all aspects need to be learned.

And by using the right tools and following a few simple steps, you can easily remove unwanted mosaics from your footage or photos. More importantly, mosaic removal is possible and easy. And you can easily employ these tools and take your photo editing to the next level.

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