11 Best PS4 External Hard Drive Of 2023

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The best PS4 external hard drives are here! Although the next-gen console is out, you can still find great deals on this old model. It might not have as much storage space compared to today's biggest names, but it'll do just fine for playing your favorite titles at home or giving friends an opportunity they don't want to miss.

Sony has a huge game library, so it's no wonder that more storage is necessary. The console is open about adding capacity to the device with accessible internals and support for external drives if you don't want your games on an obsolete format like Compact Disc or cassette tapes.

External storage is a necessary component for any computer, and there are many options available. You can choose between an external desktop drive and portable USB-based and Solid State Drives (SSD).

The best option for those who need large storage but don't want to take a huge burden on their pocket is to pick an external desktop drive. These disks grow at modest speeds and depend on traditional 3.5" hard drives, which means they're not very portable. However, their support allows these devices to offer great value compared to other options out there!

External portable hard disks offer huge capacities in tiny packages, but they come at a price. These drives use smaller 2.5" formats which means that the data transfer rates will be lower than if you used an appliance-sized model with larger electronics inside it. Most products can only match what PS4 is already doing or hardly do so.

The best external hard drive ps4 is handily lined up for you below so that it's easier than ever to find one with all the features and speed your heart desires. We have covered the following different categories. But first, we would like you to learn about the best way to use the external hard drive for ps4.

How to use an external hard drive on a ps4?

Formatting the drive will create it consistent with PS4 storage. First, plug in your HDD, lead to Settings> Devices, and choose USB Storage Devices from under List variety. Pick Format as Extended Storage prospect by the following setup. This is necessary to use all available space on the apparatus.

How to use an external hard drive on a ps4

Formatting your external hard drive is easy! You'll be able to use it as the default install location for downloads and games. Only downloading apps and games will automatically proceed onto this new storage slot.

external hard drive for ps4

Storage possibilities let you pick between system storage and extended hard drives. To manage your devices, drive back into Settings> Storage, where these options are available. They will authorize users to modify their default download location.

external hard drive ps4

To get all of your favorite apps and games into an external drive, select System Storage > Applications, followed by pressing Options. After that, proceed to the "Extended Storage." Select all the objects you want to share and click on the Move button to complete the copying.

best external hard drive for ps4

6 Best PS4 External Hard Drive Of 2022

1. Seagate Game Drive for PS4 - best Seagate external hard drive ps4

Seagate Game Drive for PS4-best Seagate external hard drive ps4 

If you like to bring your arrows on the most suitable gaming storage choice for PS4, don't go on another tool other than this Seagate Disk. This best ps4 external hard drive 2TB is officially certified and optimized, particularly with Sony's console in a sense. So it will work efficiently every moment.

The Game Drive is available in two different sizes, 2 and 4TB. So you can choose to rely on your requirements. We advise the 2TB, which has an aluminum body and is only 135 grams weight but always standing capable of holding a lot of data. The drive has only 12mm thickness. Besides, you can turn to the post external hard drive for laptop.

The Seagate Game Drive is not the speediest or feature-rich drive, but its modern and authorized technique makes it an excellent choice for gamers. The premier Last of Us Part II edition and Marvel Avengers designs arrive with an additional regulator.


  • Officially certified
  • Comes in thin, light, and specific layout.
  • Best 2TB external hard drive ps4


  • Middle range performance

2. Toshiba Canvio Basics - best ps4 external hard drive 4TB

Toshiba Canvio Basics-best ps4 external hard drive 4TB

Toshiba's Canvio Basics drive is an elegant and inexpensive disk-based storage opportunity that arrives in powers between 1TB to 4 TB with costs varying from 40-100 dollars. The simple layout looks acceptable. It is only 149g in weight and only 14mm dense.

If you want to expand your console without spending a lot of money, the Toshiba is an excellent choice. It doesn't have a metal body, so it would not stay as long but even serves well for most gamers who don't need high performance or durability from their device and prefer just capacity.


  • The simple and smooth design arrives at a low cost.


  • Insufferable delicate body and low performance.

3. WD Black P10 Game Drive - best external hard drive for ps4

WD Black P10 Game Drive-best external hard drive for ps4

The WD Black P10 Game Drive has an elegant, military-style design that will loom extraordinary in your favorite gaming or job surroundings. Its rock-solid metal exterior and eye-catching color choices indicate why this fabulous device comes so pricey.

The lack of USB-C connectivity is not a big deal these days. The PlayStation 4 has full-size ports. The P10 is a reliable performer and works more than Toshiba. It is capable of retaining internal hard disks in PlayStation 4s. It also delivers slightly more speed and comes at more cost than Seagate. But the competent Seagate doesn't present an additional year on warranty range like our beloved WD Black P10.

The P10 portable hard disk is slightly costly than other drives on the market, but it proposes bold and trendy designs and powerful build quality.


  • It performs efficiently with a smooth, trendy layout, lightweight, and suitable warranty.


  • Pricy

4. WD My Passport - best ps4 external hard drive 1TB

WD My Passport-best ps4 external hard drive 1TB

The WD My Passport drives have been on the market for years. Its movable hard disk has powers between 1TB and 5TB. The prices sit in the cheap Toshiba and Western Digital's Black P10 range.

If you don't have a lot of money to spend, this portable HDD is ideal for your needs. It has good performance grades and a three-year assurance. So if something goes bad with the product, the manufacturers will take care of the issue.


  • It is fairly affordable, a suitable performer, and comes in various colors.


  • It is heavy and has less speed than competitors.

5. Crucial X8 - best ps4 hard drive external

Crucial X8-best ps4 hard drive external

The X8 includes NVMe SSD hardware so that it can be operated for playback gaming and other tapes on the PS4. Its USB Type-C connection is bound with a "Type C to A" adapter. So users need nothing more like extra cable. Its powerful design is admired as it passes the trial for durability against vibrations, heat, and drops.

The differences between the FireCuda and this new drive are minute but show a similar rate for USB ports on PlayStation 4. The derive makes it sure to keep up the speed faster with next-gen hardware and plenty of space.


  • The body of this derive is tough and durable.
  • The massive speed makes it notable.


  • It has a thick and heavy body.

6. Samsung Portable SSD T5

Samsung Portable SSD T5-ps4 hard drive external

The Samsung T5 is a small, lightweight external SSD with superior execution. It has only 11mm thickness and 51g weight. Its elegant metal layout makes it fine-looking.

The PS4 has a small and affordable SSD that can skillfully compete with any other high-end device. The drive's read rate is complemented by its lower price title. But it lacks some features like a higher level of performance as its competitors have, like Crucial's NVMe and Seagate. It arrives at the $80-$300 range, which is cheaper than the competitors.


  • The smooth, trendy body and hard disk beating speed make this drive a more suitable option than further gaming SSDs.


  • Low rate of performance.

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