Top Picks of Online Photo Storage Platforms for You

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It can be quite hard to find the best online photo storage. Having a lot of options to select from, it is not easy to know which one will be helpful for you and which one you have to avoid.

One of the best ways to backup your photos is through photo storage sites. If you upload your photos online, you will be able to have a second version of your photos, and you don't have to worry if something happens to your hard drive or PC. Moreover, you will also be able to share your photos with others. Here, we will discuss the ten best sites for online photo storage to help you choose the best one.

1. Photobucket – Free Online Photo Storage

online photo storage site: Photobucket

Compatibility: Online

Price: Free, 5.99 to 12.99 USD per month

Photobucket is a great platform for online photo storage. In addition to photo storage, it also comes with several photo editing tools. With these tools, you can fix blemishes, resize the photo, edit contrast and colors, etc.

This platform features a sleek interface and several options to manage your photos. It enables you to keep your photos in stories, albums and manage them in the scrolling presentation. Its price varies according to the storage you choose.

2. Adobe Portfolio – Photo Storage Online

online photo storage: Adobe Portfolio

Compatibility: Online

Price: $9.99

You can get the portfolio service of Adobe's Creative Cloud software if you are its subscriber. It enables you to create a portfolio of your best expertise and keep it safe online. Moreover, you can also get some customizable templates that will be helpful for you to manage your photos and caption and tag your photos. You can't create a portfolio free of cost. You will get 2GB storage for $9.99.

3. SmugMug – Online Photo Storage Platform

best online photo storage: SmugMug

Compatibility: Online

Price: 5.99 to 41.99 USD per month

With SmugMug , you will not just be able to get the online photo storage service, but it will also enable you to make your own webpage with your address ( and unique designs. Moreover, you will get unlimited storage to keep your photos safe and a host of photo editing tools.

4. Amazon Prime Photos – Photo Storage Online

best online photo storage: Amazon Prime Photos

Compatibility: Online

Price: 99$ per year

Amazon is not only an online retailer, but it also enables you to store your photos online. This service is only available for prime members of Amazon. Moreover, you will also be able to order photo prints, calendars, and cards, and you will get them at your door. Amazon Prime Photos also offers a Family Vault feature that enables the five people to keep their photos safe together.

5. Pixpa – One of The Best Online Photo Storage

photo storage online Pixpa

Compatibility: Online

Price: $6 per month

In addition to online photo storage, Pixpa also enables you to create your portfolio, client galleries, and eCommerce store. You will not have to be a coding expert for creating a website, and you will be able to select your desired theme in order to showcase your work. With all Pixpa plans, for the original files, you will get cloud storage space. According to your requirements, you will be able to select a plan from 10GB to 10TB cloud storage space to store your original images. Pixpa does not provide services free of cost; however, you can use it for a 15 days trial period.

6. Flickr-Online Photo and Video Storage

photo storage online Flickr

Compatibility: Online

Price: Free

Flicker is a platform to store your photos and videos online free of cost, which is getting more popular as it provides photo storage up to 1TB free of cost. However, the free users will have to deal with a few advertisements. From January 8, 2021, the free users can store up to 1000 videos and photos. You can upgrade to Flicker Pro if you are looking to get unlimited storage.

This platform provides everything that you can get from the standard online photo storage sites, but with some extra bonuses. You will get your photos displayed with great Photostream. People will also be capable of following you and posting their comments on your shots. It makes the Ficker like a social media platform.

7. 500px – Free Photo Storage Online

online photo storage 500px

Compatibility: Online

Price: Free, $4.99

It is also a free platform where you can store your photos online, and it works similar to a social network. Several websites are designed for casual users; however,500px is absolutely for professional photographers. To showcase your best work and store your photos, it can be a great platform for you. It offers free and premium plans. However, you will be bothered by the advertisements with a free plan. And a premium plan will provide you with advanced analytics and make your portfolio. Before adding these photos into online photo storage, you canrestore these old photos to have a fresh memory!

8. Dropbox – Best Free Online Photo Storage

online photo storage Dropbox

Compatibility: Online

Price: Free, $9.99 per month

Dropbox can be the most popular online file hosting platform. It comes with a user-friendly friendly interface. Moreover, the easy-to-use folder system of Dropbox makes it more attractive to store photos and more files online. You can also easily share your photos with friends and family on this platform. You can virtually work on all OSs with Dropbox. Moreover, you can also get Android and iOS applications from the relevant app store.

This platform provides you with 2GB of storage free of cost. And, with a Dropbox Plus account, you have to pay $9.99/month for 1TB storage.

9. iCloud – Online Photo Storage Free Platform

photo storage online iCloud

Compatibility: iOS, Windows

Price: Free, $0.99 per month (for USA users)

It is also one of the best Apple's online photo storage platforms. It is best used as an extension of photos on Macs and iPhones. Moreover, it also enables you to display your uploaded photos in the Photostream. When you are online, you can tag photos with the locations and names. And, other iCloud users can also add their own photos.

Moreover, you will get 5GB of storage to store your photos with a free plan. However, it offers different plans; you can choose a plan that suits your requirements.

10. Free Image Hosting-Best Online Photo Storage Free Unlimited

photo storage online Free Image Hosting

Compatibility: Online

Price: Free

The name \"Free Image Hosting\" is a self-explanation for its services. It enables you to upload your photos free of cost. Moreover, you can also upload your photos without any registration. And, you can share the photos on several sites. It can be the best choice to post your photos on social media and forums quickly. However, you have to keep in mind that you can't upload a photo with a size of more than 3000KBs.

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