8 Easy Ways To Convert Mp4 To Webm in 2023

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We have narrowed down some easy mp4 to webm converters. You do not need to worry about a mp4 file that cannot be downloaded because it is not in the correct format. The amazing fact about these tools is that they are online and free of cost. A large number of files can be converted in under 5 minutes. Many tools offer premium conversions that are costly and time-consuming in terms of payment. Because there is no money-back guarantee, the significant advantage of a free tool is that if it is unable to convert the file, you can try again without worrying about conversions per minute.

Read the complete article and let us know which tool worked out best for you.


Mp4 files are highly compatible with popular platforms such as Youtube but can cause trouble with HTML5. You might have come across certain situations where mp4 is not compatible with your web; therefore, you need to convert it to webm as WebM works fine with the web. Both formats are flexible in their ways. Converting with these online tools is the best, and many of them are free. The premium subscriptions can also be availed if needed. We have also discussed which plan would work out best for you in the article.

Check out the article below for further details.

Mp4 vs. Webm

Mp4 is a compatible format that stores data such as video and audio. It can carry images and subtitles as well. Many devices and systems support mp4. Youtube is one of the popular platforms that use mp4 format for streaming. In comparison, Webm was designed to support web such as HTML5. Webm compresses video content. However, with VLC media, you can easily open a webm file. Sometimes while converting or downloading a webm file, you need to encode the codec again but not always as many webs support webm format.

8 Ways To Convert Mp4 To Webm

Below are 8 ways to convert mp4 to webm easy and quick.

Let's begin!

DVDFab Video Converter

mp4 to webm

DVDFab Video Converter is an online tool that converts mp4 to webm free for 30 days. It supports both Mac and Windows. You can add subtitles and crop videos. Also, adjust audio/video settings according to your needs. Download the software and run it. After, add files and click on convert. If you want to convert batch videos, you can click on add all sources for that. You can avail of the subscription for $29.99/month or $59.99/month. You can try Dvd video Converter for other format conversions as well.


mp4 to webm

Convertio. co is an excellent option to try converting mp4 to webm. You need to follow three easy steps for conversion. Upload files from your PC, Andriod, iPhone, Dropbox, or google drive. Once the file is uploaded, click on convert to Webm and wait. Your webm file will be ready to view in less than two minutes. Now download the video onto your PC or device. With advanced features, you can adjust the quality of the video, resize it, set the video codec, etc. Also, the saved video can be saved in Google drive. The max size of your mp4 video should be 100 MB.

If you are looking for an online option for webm to mp4, then Converio. Co is the answer. It offers premium packages in case you need to convert large files daily. You can avail of $14.99/month. With this, you convert massive files up to 1 GB. Also, you can cancel your subscription anytime you like.


mp4 to webm

Freeconvert is an online source for mp4 to webm conversion. With Freeconvert, you can convert a 1GB file with ease. Just drop your mp4 file from your device or PC. Also, you can add an mp4 file from dropbox, Google drives or directly paste Youtube URL. Now click on convert the file to webm and wait. Once the proccess is done, you can download the file. It is a secure source and does not change the quality

of the content. Along with mp4, it supports multiple formats such as Flv, Mov, Mkv, Ogv, Wac, Avi, etc. You can also compress videos, crop, trim or even convert mp4 to mp3 and other formats.


mp4 to webm

Cloudconvert is a free online source to convert mp4 to webm. Along with webm, it supports multiple formats such as avi , ogg ,mkv ,mov, etc. All you need to do is upload the file from your PC, device, iPhone. You can directly paste a URL link, upload from Dropbox, Google Drive, and click on convert on mp4 to Webm. Once the conversion is complete, simply download it onto your PC. You can adjust video quality, video codec, and resolution with advanced options. You can adjust the audio codec, Volume, audio bitrate for the audio option. Also, you can trim the video file.

Cloudconvert is a secure source, and you can trust it with your data. If you have huge files to convert, you can avail their 1000 conversions per minute subscription that costs $9.00/month.


mp4 to webm

Looking for a mp4 to webm converter for Mac? Movavi is the answer. It is a free source for conversion and compatible with Windows as well. For converting mp4 to webm, you need to download Movavi onto your system. Run it. Now add mp4 files in "Add Video." Choose webm as output, and your conversion will start once the conversion is complete just save it.

The other way is to convert mp4 to webm online. Like other online platforms, add your files and click on convert. The quality of the content will remain unchanged. A significant drawback of Movavi is that it does not support batch conversions. It works only when the internet connection is on.

Video. online

Video. online

Video. online is a free source to convert mp4. Add a file from a PC or device. You can add a file from Google drive or a URL for direct conversions. Now click on convert the mp4 to webm. Once the conversion is complete, you can save it. With advanced settings, you can change video quality, codec, pixels, frame, and bitrate. You can play with the audio options to adjust bitrate, codec, and quality like the video.

Along with mp4 to webm video.online supports image conversion, CAD conversion, Audio conversion software conversion, and many more.The best thing about video. online is that it is mobile friendly.

Online converter

mp4 to webm

Online converted is an online option to convert mp4 to webm. The maximum size to convert a file is 200 MB. Upload a mp4 file, click on convert to webm and wait a minute. Your file is ready, and you can download it.

The simple interface is also a plus point, but one major drawback is that it won't support large files or might take longer to convert, so you need to be patient. Along with webm, it supports Flv, mkv, WMV, Avi,3gp, etc.


mp4 to webm

Zamzar is a popular online converter. It offers conversions in multiple formats such as 3gp,ogg, Flv, WMV,wav, and many more. The tool works in more than five languages. You need to follow the simple instructions. Upload any mp4 file or paste a link from Youtube or any source. The maximum size allowed is 50 MB. Now click on convert the file; download it. Once the conversion is complete, save it. You can sign up for free, but if you are looking for large files to convert, you can buy a subscription of $16 per month with a 400 MB supporting size of the file and unlimited conversions. One thing about Zamzar is that it does not change the original file's quality.


Webm files are highly compatible with the web, such as HTML5, but many video formats are unavailable to download unless converted. For this purpose, you can try the tools mentioned above for online and free conversions. Your data is secure with these softwares, and even large files are converted in a few minutes. Once the process is complete, you can download the file to your PC or device. The premium versions are worth trying if you need a professional hand for conversions. Make sure to upload unrestricted files when converting mp4 to webm format.

People Also Ask

Which is the easiest mp4 to webm converter?

Zamzar is the ultimate converter for mp4 files to be converted to webm. It supports large files and offers a reasonable subscription for professional use that is $16 /month with unlimited conversions and supports up to 200 MB.

Which is the best mp4 to webm converter for Mac?

Movavi is the best mp4 to webm converter for Mac. The best thing is that it is free and open-source. You just need to download the software on your Mac before converting.

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