Top 6 Best MP4 to WAV Converters [Free & Paid]

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How To Convert Mp4 to WAV - Best MP4 to WAV Converters

Best MP4 to WAV ConvertersThe popular video format MP4 can be used for motion pictures, while the WAV file is one of two types that may hold audio on your computer. Sometimes you need to extract sound from an mp4 file and save it in uncompressed raw form, which means WAV. There is no editing or otherwise changing what is inside.

Yanking audio from an MP4 video can be a piece of work, but no worries, there are some fantastic devices out there to support you with all your demands. For example, if the song in the query was transformed into WAV layout, this method is much more effortless than testing and performing it manually.

There is an integer of various programs that can be exploited to remake videos and audio files. These contain free, paid software and those with limited characteristics but the capability to quickly manage extensive amounts of data. The best program for you will depend on how much you are willing to spend. However, it should always have a simple user interface, so even beginners don't get lost in all its options.

Top 7 Best MP4 to WAV Converters [Free & Paid]

1. DVDFab Video Converter Pro

MP4 to WAV: DVDFab Video Converter Pro

The brilliant pro version of the DVDFab video converter carries a lot of significant and additional features than its previous versions. It does not only work according to its name. This video converter shows some editing characters that will force the users to access this tool.

The involuntary video converter has self-taught and strong capabilities yet shows a simple setup and execution system. It lets the users design charismatic videos with simple but professional techniques in this converter.


  • This pro version carries multiple transitions, layouts, effects, and filters.
  • It can rotate, amplify, and boost the speed of videos.
  • Using it will let you enjoy various video formats including AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, and MPEG.
  • It can carry audio formats like MP3, AAC, OGG, AU, WAV, M4A, MID, etc.
  • The video converter has compatibility for various portable devices like Samsung, Sony, Apple, etc.
  • It can be executed on Windows and DirectX.
  • This tool efficiently eliminates noise, shaking, and blending if it occurs in the video.


  • It converts videos and boosts their resolution up to 8k.
  • Cropping, cutting, and merging is a different speciality of the DVDFab video converter.


  • Users do not find compatibility to convert videos into VOB.

2. Wondershare MP4 to WAV Converter

Wondershare MP4 to WAV Converter

Wondershare is a tool that has both an online and offline version. If you like to use the browser-based approach, you will notice this app is very convenient. Remake your files with a Professional time-saving drag-drop feature. This drives all those hours spent uploading MP4s worth every second they brought from your day. This app is worth the download. Other tools can take minutes or hours to convert your files, but not with this software.


  • This WAV MP4 converter works 30 times faster than others, so you'll have those conversions done in moments.
  • Plus, there are no boundaries. You can convert multiple Mp4 files into WAVs.
  • You can skillfully convert popular formats MP4, AVI, and many more without having concern about the quality.


  • All the processes occur at high speeds but still have awesome outcomes.


  • Expensive paid version

3. Windows Media Player - easy converting mp4 to wav

Windows Media Player - easy converting mp4 to wav 

Windows Media Player is a wonderful program for converting files from one setup to another. Employing this default media playback can be even more reasonable. The process of unlocking your target MP4 file and conserving it in WMV format without any annoyance makes this software flawless.


  • With so many options available to you, the decision on where your WMV file will be saved is up in the air. But once that's decided, the conversion process starts and occurs quickly.
  • Those who want more control over their modifications may not strictly serve as they need as you go to the default settings.
  • It is trustworthy, simple, and most compatible software that works when you need a quick spot instead of installing complex software on your apparatus.


  • Windows Media Player is the most useful MP4 to WAV converter.
  • This is a unique tool you should not avoid, though.


  • Not easy for the new users.

4. Any Video Converter - convert mp4 to wav audacity

Any Video Converter - convert mp4 to wav audacity

This is the most excellent Mp4 to Wav converter that allows you to convert an entire MP4 file and alternatives for converting just precise details. It is very versatile. You can use it as both a way to Convert the whole movie soundtrack into other popular formats likeMp4 to AAC or MP3, M4A FLAC or if you prefer listening on audio cassettes.


  • With your preference of bitrate, sample pace, and codec to WAV file type, you can have the finest audio quality.
  • In addition, there are options available such as adding lyrics or tags for counted personalization with this digital world in mind-blowing technology developed just right.
  • It has multi-thread processing and conversion characteristics that lead quickly to complete the pack conversion mode.
  • The software is an uncomplicated and multilingual app. It works specifically for converting videos on your medium without any botheration and error.


  • This innovative software can also perform in isolation. So don't worry about what will happen with WAV files.


  • Average quality result.

5. Zamzar - from the top mp4 to wav converters

Zamzar - from the top mp4 to wav converters

Zamzar makes it easy to convert MP4 files so you can take them anywhere. All for free, also. Just add your videos and get the outcome in no time at all. It is easy, straightforward, and all done within three steps! The whole process has been seamless as an attempt conceivable and still adjusting for beginners.


  • The most reasonable role is not to demand to stay for the audio files.
  • You just need to add in your MP4s, select WAV as the outcome file, and then start lining up.
  • This software makes the conversion technique from MP4 to WAV very easy.


  • You can convert your files fast and secure, all while assuring the user adventure remains at the top.


  • Does not have OCR

6. iTunes - The best software to convert mp4 to wav

iTunes - The best software to convert mp4 to wav

iTunes is always familiar with playback features. It also holds some strong conversion capabilities. If you want to transfer MP4 files into WAV or convert a type of media over another, then pay attention to iTunes.


  • The most manageable way to convert files on Mac is with this preinstalled software.
  • You can dip directly into converting single or numerous MP4s without much trouble. It all depends on your iTunes choices for Windows and Apple Music programs.
  • The easy choices will allow you to build audio copies of the videos from its collection.
  • During this process, the high level of quality will ensure that you have excellent audio files similar to what was in the original MP4.


  • It's an easy and fast way to convert MP4 to WAVs. So, no need to adjust options as other software does.


  • Heavy to download.

7. VideoProc - the best wav to mp4 converter

VideoProc - the best wav to mp4 converter

Are you dealing with an Mp4 file that frustrates you a lot? Don't worry, VideoProc is here. Whether you are dealing with an MP4 file or not, even if your video processing conditions are more complicated than transforming audio from one setup to another. This software brought all of the essential tools. With pack conversion choices that can endure multiple files at one time, there is no sense why people should use anything else when they need their videos edited in professional quality without fail.


  • The creation format of your choice can be transformed to WAV after selecting it as the default.
  • The options include adjusting the codec used during conversion and modifying what information about each song will appear on its metadata and file name if desired.
  • Recovering these recently created files becomes tiresome without knowing precisely how many were yielded in whole or which folder they ended up existing saved.


  • The best way to avoid losing your audio files is by using an app like VideoProc.
  • You can specify the output directory, and then in return, you will have all these wimpy WAVs.
  • You also have a chance for additional alternatives.


  • 5 minutes limited support in the free version
  • Slow downloading


The uncompressed WAV format usually covers more efficient storage than its compressed counterpart. It is efficient to be playable on many devices. But there are times when you need the extra space for things like significant sound effects or extended mixes. So listeners would not have any compatibility problems with their device of choice.

With the introduction of the above unique software that can convert videos in a moment and give you high-quality WAV files, there's no logic to proceed through old processes.

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