Medical ID Bracelets

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Medical ID bracelets are a simple and practical way for communicating information to first responders during medical emergencies. While traveling to a foreign land or other places it is important to keep the medical ID bracelet around your hand. Just like a watch, it can be easily worn on the wrist.

Features of ID Medical Bracelets

  • On the medical bracelet, the vital information related to your health is displayed. Like your name, age, blood group, emergency contact number, residential address, and the medical issues you're suffering from.
  • With the assistance of the ID medical bracelets, major emergencies can turn into minor emergencies. In the critical time when every second counts these ID medical bracelets speak and save you from getting misdiagnosed by doctors.

In mostly half of the medical cases, the medical error happens while admitting the patient or at the time of discharge from the hospital. In all these scenarios, the medical bracelet can help a lot in giving the right treatment.

The healthcare professionals recommend the free medical ID bracelet to all people who are already taking some treatment. For example, patients taking blood thinners, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, drug allergies, food allergies, memory impairment, implants like pacemakers, defibrillators, and other severe disease victims too.

The silicone medical id bracelets are easily accessible and handy to keep your vital medical information. The bracelet contains a medic alert badge in which there is a space to engrave any customized 5 lines text.

Nowadays, a number of companies are manufacturing medical ID bracelets. Ranging from quality, designs, bracelet material, color, the bandwidth of the bracelet, there are a number of options to choose from. From silicone clasp, silicone stretch, pin-tuck, durable stainless steel there are a number of customized medical ID bracelets for women, men, and children of all ages.

There are a number of persons in the world that are suffering from serious allergies which may lead to anaphylaxis - an allergy that can act upon the body as shock or directly to death. Therefore, with the invention of the medical ID bracelet, all the medical information can be shared with an outsider who doesn’t know your medical history or family background.

Here, we have researched and mentioned some of the allergies in which the medical ID bracelets prove to be very useful:

Peanut Allergy

More than a million children in the US alone are suffering from peanut allergies. From breathing problems, tight throat to hives, these are some of the common symptoms of serious peanut allergy. With the assistance of a medical bracelet containing vital information, the life of a child can be saved during the time of emergency or any other critical situation.

medical id bracelets

Bee Sting Allergy

Bzz. Bzz. Bzz the bee sting allergy is considered one of the most serious allergies. The buzzing of the bee is annoying as well. You don’t have any control over the bee. They are free to roam anywhere and you can’t escape yourself from a bee sting. Breathing problems, nausea, swelling, and fainting are the symptoms of a bee sting allergy that may lead to serious consequences. Therefore, while roaming outside or in a garden, it is highly recommended to wear the medical ID bracelet for all of those who are already a victim of bee sting allergy.

medical id bracelets

Shellfish Allergy

Often it happens, we eat shellfish with other food and don't realize that we have eaten shellfish. The realization happens, when there is an allergy caused due to the shellfish. It leads to hospitalization, fainting, and breathing problems, and vomiting. But, if you’re wearing a medical bracelet, then the problem is quite easier to deal with. The doctors and nurses would already be knowing that you are prone to shellfish allergy. They will make them able to diagnose you properly and give you the right treatment.

medical id bracelets

Types of Medical Bracelets

  1. Gold Plated Titanium Medical ID Bracelets for Men: The Gold plated titanium bracelet is one of the best medical id bracelets among the buying options. It consists of germanium, far-infrared and magnetic elements that provide a number of benefits. With the assistance of this bioenergetic bracelet, it promotes the health and growth of living cells, improves blood circulation, promotes metabolism, and improves the overall immunity of the body. Apart from it, it’s anti-allergic, radiation protection cleanses the blood and accelerates blood circulation.
  2. WaterProof Medical ID Bracelet: The Elite USB plus bracelets is among the topmost choices by medical professionals. With its highly polished stainless steel and water-proof quality, it is designed with alluring designs and the size of these bracelets can also be adjusted from 5.5 to 8.5 inches.
  3. Children Medical ID Bracelets: Taking care of the children is the most difficult job and it becomes more annoying when the kids are naughty. By making them wear a classy, sporty, durable, and tough child medical ID bracelet, you’re just carefree. Doesn’t need to worry about where they’re every time. With the help of a children's medical ID bracelet, it gives a piece of mind and relaxation to the parents a lot.

Like everything has its own benefits and disadvantages too. In a similar way, the medical ID bracelets also have the same scenario. It has a number of benefits. But, at the same time, it cannot be useful either. For example, the emergency contact number engraved on the bracelet doesn’t pick up the call at that particular moment of time. Then, wearing the medical ID bracelet is not worthwhile. Adjacently, people started checking their blood pressure, pulse check, sugar level, etc. very frequently. This sometimes becomes stressful and even leads to overthinking and depression. Therefore, it is highly advised that only those persons should wear the medical ID bracelet who have medical issues like diabetes, asthma, and other heart-related issues.

Q & A:

Question: What is the purpose of a medical bracelet?

Answer: The main purpose of this medical jewelry is to provide vital information of your health to the medical staff in case of emergency. As per a survey, in 87% of cases, the medical ID bracelet had proved to be a life-saving thing. It assists in faster treatment of patients without the need to check the medical background at the very first glance.

Question: How much does a medical ID bracelet cost?

Answer: The cost of a medical bracelet has quite a large range. Approximately, it costs $20-$30 a month for monitoring and to get other medical alerts. The medical companies provide alerts and suggestions to medical ID bracelet purchasers. The one-time activation costs from $0- $150. For getting the life alerts for free, you can reach out to a local agency. The agencies give you a regular update on senior citizens’ scholarships and other grants.

Question: What is ice on a medical ID bracelet?

Answer: The full form of ice on the medical bracelet refers to In Case of Emergency. On the medical bracelet only, important things are mentioned in an easy and simple way.

Question: Is wearing a medical ID bracelet safe while working in the kitchen?

Answer: While working in the kitchen, it is not safe to wear a medical ID bracelet or any other diamond ring. You can just simply wear a simple band while working in the kitchen.

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