Leawo Blu ray Player and its 8 Best Alternatives

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DVDFab All-In-One
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Blu-ray player replaced DVD and CDs for its high-definition viewing experience. Leawo blu ray player provides a good picture and soundtrack, and users enjoy watching movies and videos. But over the period, the Leawo blu-ray player lost its usefulness for several reasons. This article will discuss Leawo blu-ray player review, including Leawo blu ray player problems and its alternatives.

Leawo Blu ray player review contains about Leawo blu ray player and its details. When you use a free Leawo blu ray player, you need to confirm whether the Leawo blu-ray player is safe or not. In that case, the review will help you to know the details. Let's get into the matter and start digging deep.

Leawo Blu ray Player Review

Leawo media player software provides playing blu ray, DVD with HD video. The software is compatible with Windows's latest and old versions. You can watch movie shows on Leawo blu ray player windows 10 with High-definition audiovisual.

The features include:

  • It supports videos in 1080p
  • It can play blu ray disc, blu ray folders, blu ray iOS on your Windows PC
  • It's a free DVD player that can play any DVD with its original quality maintained
  • It supports any kind of video format to provide you with a great viewing experience

Price: Free version and the paid version


  • It supports various video formats
  • It's compatible with all the latest and old windows version


  • Ad-supported
  • Cannot remove region-restricted code from blu ray
  • Not suitable for the expert users
  • Features need to improve

Leawo blu ray player Problems

The major drawback of the Leawo blu ray player is Leawo blu-ray player Windows 10 is not up to the mark, and users do not enjoy running the program on their PC. Ad-supported Leawo blu ray player keyboard controls become messy, and you cannot use your keyboard. At the same time, the ad shows in between the videos. Further, Leawo cannot remove the region-restricted code. Therefore, the Leawo blu ray player not working often pops up on your screen and is annoying.

What is the solution?

Do not worry if you face difficulties working with the Leawo blu ray player.

We will present you with the best alternatives of Leawo so that you can pick the best one to get rid of all these issues.

The best alternatives of Leawo Blu ray Player

DVDFab Playerfab All-in-One

leawo blu-ray player alternative dvdfab playerfab all in one

DVDFab Playerfab all in one is a versatile software to provide you with a complete package of entertainment. With DVDFab Playerfab, you can run DVD, blu ray, and many other streaming services with high-definition picture quality. It is also compatible with all the latest Windows versions. Even you can watch Ultra HD videos enjoying an excellent picture quality. The advanced software is not ad-supported and provides a smooth video watching experience to its large users.

The Features of DVDFab Playerfab

  • It can play the local disc, blu ray, DVD, UHD disc, and many streaming videos
  • It supports various streaming playback services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Tubi, Peacock, etc
  • You will get FHD 1080p video quality with EAC3 5.1 audio quality
  • Auto-skip ads give you smooth watching
  • In the audio track, it supports up to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
  • You can playback 3D content.

Price: Free version, and the paid version lifetime with an amazing discount


  • It can remove region-restricted code from blu ray
  • It can backup blu ray and DVD to your library
  • You can optimize the screen while watching videos
  • You can watch 4k Ultra Blu ray disc without any glitch


  • Users do not have any issue running the program on their PC

Cyberlink PowerDVD 20 Ultra

leawo blu-ray player alternative cyberlink powerdvd 20 ultra

Cyberlink PowerDVD is our second alternative to play blu ray discs. It's also a universal media player that plays blu ray, DVD, CDs, and various streams. It supports HD blu ray and even 8k video. To watch your favorite movie or backup your blu ray, you can rely on Cyberlink PowerDVD 20 Ultra software.

The Features of Cyberlink PowerDVD

  • It has high-definition video and audio quality
  • You can watch your favorite video or show with its HD blu ray and 8k resolution
  • It offers a cloud storage facility that you can access when there's no internet
  • Start watching where you left your movie to attend a call; no more start from the beginning

Price: It comes up with its cloud storage of 100GB for 12 months at $69.99. It offers a free trial as well.


  • You'll get cinematic experience at home with HD quality watch and listen
  • It supports streaming, blu ray disc, DVDs, cd, etc.
  • Its cloud storage facility is great for offline watch.


  • To enjoy its advanced features, make sure your PC configured with the latest version


leawo blu ray player alternative makemkv

If you want to play your blu ray disc, MakeMKV could be your third choice as well. It can play blu ray DVD to watch and store the video, audio, etc., with its meta description and other information as well. Further, it can convert media files from encrypted formats during storing important information. That's why it's called a transcoder Or a format converter.

The Features of MakeMKV

  • It can read encrypted DVDs and blu ray discs
  • It can convert media files into MKV files within a short time
  • It has to store and to save option of videos and audios file
  • For the encryption, there's no need for additional software

Price: It's free


  • Its simple interface is beginner-friendly
  • It can read encrypted DVDs and blu ray discs
  • It's freeware


  • It can create only MKV files from DVD, blu ray and video
  • It takes time to create an MKV file on your PC

Blu Ray Master

leawo blu ray player alternative blu ray master

Blu ray master deals with all the blu ray products like a disc, folder, iOS image files, etc., for you. It's compatible with Windows and Mac. The software can even play DVD folder DVD discs in 1080p. Users have the flexibility to select the movie and watch it along with the subtitles.

The Features of Blu ray Master

  • It can provide HD quality video watching experience at home
  • It allows its users to watch videos in any file format without any limit
  • Image clicking option is there during the playback of the video
  • You can watch the video with subtitles

Price: Free and Pro, both versions are available. Pro version starts with $29.50


  • You can run all the blu ray products
  • You can watch the video in HD quality
  • Image click option is available during playback


  • The cost is a little bit high


leawo blu ray player review handbrake

The open-source tool is best known for video converting from any source file. It can work with blu ray, DVD, etc. Various files and folders. Being an open source tool compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The Features of Handbrake

  • It's best known for video encoding
  • It offers several filters for the video you want to watch
  • You can watch subtitles with the video
  • As it supports various multimedia files, blu ray files, DVD files, and folders, you can watch anything

Price: It's free


  • It's an open-source video transcoder
  • It offers various filters
  • It offers subtitles with the video you're watching


  • The setting of the tool is not beginner-friendly
  • Not suitable for long video

Macgo Blu ray Player

leawo blu-ray player review macgo blu ray player

If you're looking for software that can deal with blu ray players, along with spyware Or malware removal, you're landed on the right page. It offers an outstanding picture quality with a virus-removing option. Further, access blu ray can recover lost iOS data through various iOS data recovery tools. It's compatible with Windows and Mac.

The Features of Macgo Blu ray Player

  • It supports original blu ray discs for the playback
  • The software is so powerful that it works with all the multimedia formats
  • It has a unique Blufast MX boost up hardware acceleration for both Mac and Windows
  • With the video, it has a great audio quality
  • It has various components to detect spyware, malware, and virus

Price: It has both free and Pro options available. Macgo Blu player pro lifetime license starts with $39.95, and Macgo Blu ray player lifetime license costs $29.95


  • It's a versatile software
  • It can detect viruses, spyware as well
  • It offers a great audiovisual viewing experience


  • The download consumes a good amount of system resources
  • The pro version is but expensive

Aurora Blu ray Media Player

leawo blu-ray player review aurora blu ray media player

Aurora offers a complete blu ray package that includes blu ray disc, blu ray folders, iOS files, etc. The software functions broadly and supports various types of video formats. It offers a good audiovisual quality that you can watch movies or videos for a long time.

The Features of Aurora Blu ray Media player

  • The software offers a wide range of blu ray playback options
  • It supports various types of video formats for the users
  • You can watch your favorite movie on blu ray using Aurora with multiple languages subtitles
  • You can connect with your friends on social media while watching movies

Price: Windows users have a free download. For Mac users, it costs $49.95


  • It offers high- a definition blu ray movie watching experience
  • It's compatible with Mac and Windows
  • It offers a complete package of blu ray watching, disc, files, and many more


  • It has no 3D playback option

AnyMp4 Blu- ray Player

leawo blu-ray player safe anymp4 blu ray player

If you are looking for a blu ray player who can support 4k Ultra HD picture resolution, the AnyMp4 Blu-ray player could be your best pick. Along with 4k and 1080p, it supports various video formats with excellent audiovisual quality. You can turn your home into a theater and enjoy watching 4k blu ray discs.

The Features of AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player

  • It supports all kinds of blu ray like files, discs, folders, etc
  • You can play iSO image file player on your PC
  • The software helps users to create a separate playlist after adding favorite movies and songs
  • With blu ray, it can also play the local disc, and other files and video formats are also supported

Price: It provides a free trial for its users. The Pro version starts with $129 with a lifetime license.


  • It's compatible with Windows and Mac
  • It supports 4k video
  • You can create your own local music library


  • To listen to your favorite songs you need good quality speakers
  • Free trial is limited

If you want to play Blu-ray discs on your device, you can help with this software. If you have questions, let's ask on FAQ.

FAQs Session

If the Leawo blu-ray player not working, what should I do?

We have listed eight software that can play blu-ray players better than Leawo. You can try one or two and check how are their performance.

Are these software safe to play blu-ray?

Yes, they are safe. They are maintaining their own parameters to provide you seamless service so that you can play blu rays safely.

Which blu ray media player should try, free or pro version?

If you are new to playing blu ray, we strongly recommend trying the free version first. If satisfied, then pay for it.

Final words

Leawo blu ray player is getting outdated with several other factors. You can go through the drawback and details in the Leawo blu-ray player review. If you want to playback your blu-ray on your device, you can pick any of the eight software with advanced features and no outdated appearance. Whether or not the argument Leawo blu-ray player safe, you can try the best Leawo alternatives and watch your favorite movie on blu-ray.

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