Top Pick of iPhone Headphone Adapters Updated 2023

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With iPhone evolving, iPhone with headphone jack makes the iPhone simple-looking. However, it is inconvenient for users to listen to music while charging. In early 2007, Steve Jobs first introduced the world to the first-generation iPhone. In 2007, only a few million iPhones were sold, but these numbers went to 12 million in 2008 and have increased ever since.

Where Apple amazed the world with its progress, it also created an eternal challenge for its competitors. Soon, they were all trying to find what was so special about iPhone and eventually following it.

iphone without headphone jack

Apple has constantly improved its products with time, and we saw other manufacturers follow in its footsteps. The advancement by Apple has almost been appreciated by users worldwide. But we saw a great division of opinion in 2016 when Apple announced that it will not produce an iPhone with headphone jack.

Why iPhone Removed iPhone Headphone Jack:

In September 2016, Apple introduced the world to the first iPhone without a 3.5 mm headphone jack. And within no time, other smartphone providers like Xiaomi and Mi 6 followed in their steps. As far as the reasons are concerned, it was "courage," as mentioned by the marketing chief at Apple, Phillip W. Shiller. Here we have explored some of the reasons that may have caused such a decision:

  • To Make iPhone Thin:

It was primarily believed that the main reason behind the decision was that the iPhone with headphone jack appeared to be thick. But it was hardly the case as not much width difference was observed between iPhone 6S and 7 (both were approximately 7.1 mm thick).

  • To Create Waterproof Smartphones:

Although waterproof smartphones were in the market, most used small doors at charging and headphone ports to avoid water from entering, so, to charge your smartphone, you would have to remove the door first. Thus, removing the jack iPhone made mainstream waterproofing possible.

  • To Promote Wireless Headphone:

Of all the reasons Apple had to go on with this, this seemed the most legitimate. With technological progress, we all need to improve, and iPhone tried to make sure that we did. It was also proved when Apple provided iPhone Headphone adapter with the purchase at first but stopped soon.

So, it can be said that they attempted to make sure that the people were moving towards the latest technology constituting wireless space.

iPhone Headphone Adapter:

As Apple removed the headphone jack from iPhone 7 in 2016, it made almost everyone furious. But to compensate for that anger, they included a 3.5 mm adapter with iPhone 7. If someone lost their adapters, they are supposed to pay $9 to buy a new one. It was also observed that some headphones did not work correctly with these headphone adapters.

So, you can decide to move along and start using wireless headphones. Or, you can keep using iPhone headphone jack adapters, pay $9 every time you lose them, and eventually decide to use wireless. In either way, you will ultimately end up using the wireless headphones worth $130.

Pros and Cons of iPhone Headphone Adapter:

In 2016, Apple decided to drop the iPhone headphone jack, and we got a phone with a separate iPhone headphone adapter. The step was no doubt taken to improve the standards of the iPhone but still, it divided the customers into two.


Given below are some of the advantages of removing headphone ports and introducing headphone adapter for iPhone 7:

  • Removing the headphone port freed up the space. This space was used to add another speaker, thus introducing speakers on both sides of the charging port. Although it was never believed to be the primary objective of Apple, it was one of the tangible things that came out of it.
  • The headphone port covers a long distance inside the phone. Removing the port gave Apple a chance to make more necessary changes like decreasing the width or modifying the battery. Also, it needed its power amplifier, which can be installed in headphones.
  • The headphone adapters also play a role in enhancing audio quality. Lightning headphones were introduced in early 2015 and received a great response due to improved audio quality.
  • Last but not least, the introduction of these changes will promote the use of wireless headphones. Thus, there will be no need to untangle the headphone cables just because you put them in your pocket for a while.


Apart from the benefits, there are also some demerits of introducing headphone adapters for iPhone:

  • The iPhone headphone adapters generally provide only one port for headphones. Thus, it is not possible to charge your phone while enjoying wonderful music. Although there are adapters in the market that perform both functions at a time majority of adapters perform only one action at a time.
  • You cannot keep the adapters with you all the time. Plus, there is a strong chance, sooner or later, you are going to lose it. In such a case, always be ready to pay $9 for a new one.
  • Another drawback that we need to know is that we are too much influenced by technology. Apple might be trying to make sure to mold us into its ways. Just think of it like that; even if you decide to go with headphone adapters, you might lose your adapter again and again and eventually turn to wireless headphones. Thus, sooner or later, we all are going to end up doing things their way.

Best Headphone Jack to iPhone Adapters:

We all know that no one likes an extra cable to carry along all the time. But as Apple released iPhone 7 without a headphone jack, there came a demand for headphone jack adapters. Not much later, several companies started producing adopters to satisfy customer needs. Given below are some of the best iPhone headphone jack adapters:

  1. Lightning To 3.5 mm iPhone Headphone Jack Adapter

Being an authentic Apple product, it is no doubt the best choice for iPhone users. It also comes in the box with previous iPhone models lacking a headphone port, mainly because Apple products better work together.

iphone headphone adapter apple

Apple lightning adapter costs only $9 and is compatible with almost all 3.5 mm headphones, speakers, etc. It also has its downsides, like a thin cable that could break easily. Another drawback is that you cannot charge your iPhone while listening to music through Apple Headphone Adapter.

  1. UGREEN iPhone Headphone Adapter

UGREEN headphone jack to iPhone adapter can undoubtedly be qualified better than Apple's original adopter in so many ways. These are MFi certified; thus, they can work safely on iPhone, and ensure 100% compatibility with any iOS system without any error.

iphone headphone jack adapter ugreen iphone headphone adapyter

UGREEN iPhone headphone jack adapter is available in a variety of colors like silver, red, and grey like black. Its price may vary depending upon the model ranging from $19 to onward. Like Apple's original headphone adapter, it also doesn't allow you to charge while listening to your favorite music.

  1. Belkin 3.5 mm Audio + Charge Rockstar

Are you having trouble listening to your favorite music while your phone is on charge? If so, then Belkin 3.5 mm Rockstar is now providing a way to resolve this issue. It gives both iPhone charger and headphone adapter in a single device and can provide fast charging using electric power of 12 W while listening to music.

headphone jack to iphone adapter belkin 3.5 mm audio+charge rockstar

These adapters are of two different types. Type one only allows the EarPods that are provided with the phone. While type two is highly recommended as it can support a variety of headphones.

  1. iDARS Lightning To 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter

IDARS Adapter is MFi certified and is compatible with all kinds of iPhone devices. The adapter can be used for all purposes, including listening to music, receiving calls, or online meetings. Along with its stylish design and lightweight, it can bless us with clear audio and high-quality music. Also, it comes with a 12-month warranty that might be helpful.

headphone adapter for iphone idars headpphone jack adapter

A wireless charger has also been introduced that can charge iPhone while you are listening to your favorite music.


Is there a 3.5 mm lightning adapter available in the market?

Yes, there is. Well, as a matter of fact, All the headphone adapters discussed above are 3.5 mm. These can be used with almost all kinds of iPhone SE headphone jack.

Was there any improvement in battery observed iPhone after they got rid of headphone jacks?

At first, it was thought that with the removal of the headphone jack, Apple would have enough space to increase the battery's size and capability. But the increase was not observed to a greater degree, and the battery was only increased from 1810 mAh to 1960 mAh.

Is iPhone 7 waterproof?

Yes, iPhone 7 is completely waterproof. Although there were waterproof smartphones in the market before, they used various covers to avoid water from entering. As we moved from headphone jack to iPhone adapter, iPhone 7 became the first mainstream waterproof smartphone.

Final Thoughts:

iPhone headphone adapters have become an essential part for iPhone users. During the last decade, iPhone made a lot of changes with time. Most of these advancements got a positive response, but it was not that simple to remove headphone jacks. iPhone introduced a variety of headphone adapters as compensation. These steps allowed Apple to make necessary upgrades in the upcoming models. While on the other hand, a vast proportion of users got disturbed by this sudden change.

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