Best Image Cropper software in 2023

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Have you ever thought of customizing your favorite images for different shapes? Like cutting them into square or circle to make your images more attractive and then sharing them on your social media. And then it comes the necessity to find some useful the convenient image cropper software, providing comprehensive image cropping related service. In this way, you will not only crop images in whatever way you are fond of, but also add some special effects to improve image quality and attractiveness.

In the following paragraphs, we will present you with a detailed review of all image cropping software with guiding steps for your contrast and comparison so that you can easily find the one that suits you the best.

Best Image Cropper Software for Mac and Windows

DVDFab VideoCruise Video Editor

dvdfab videocruise imag ecropper

DVDFab VideoCruise is mainly a video editor for you to easily edit videos with easy clicks to obtain effect you want. And it is also outperforming in editing pictures like cropping images, adding or removing watermark as well as adding image filters to make your pictures more compelling.

And driven by a host of edging technologies, DVDFab VideoCruise is definitely the one for you with many creative minds and ideas to achieve. The software consists of many common but more advanced setting, designed to expand your imaginative ideas and crating image content that will bring you value-added experiences.


  • Featured by basic and advanced editing options including trimming, cropping, rotation, screen scrolling, partitioning, and speed adjustment tools
  • Free to customize the background theme, color theme
  • Different filters, overlays, and switch options make videos or images more attractive
  • Convenient to share your video or image edited with your friends on social media using mp4, movie, and other device-friendly formats.


  • Easy to combine music and sounds that you wish to add to your video
  • This photo cropper software offers a wide range of features for both beginners and professionals.
  • Compatible with most devices and formats
  • Various formats of output are supported

DVDFab Toolkit

DVDFab toolkit

DVDFab Toolkit is a specially designed software with functions needed for editing videos and images including video, audio, and image conversion service as well as editing features to satisfy all kinds of daily demand for new starters and professionals.

This tool is rather good at video editing, and it also provides an accessible way to crop your images and pictures to improve image quality. And most features are quite frequently used and thus demanded.


  • Crop images or videos to wanted size or shapes like squares
  • Add custom image watermarks into images or videos
  • Easy to take screenshots or make GIFs from video
  • Record everything from a computer screen
  • Convert 2D to 3D videos with easy clicks
  • Convert videos or images from one format to another
  • Cut the unwanted footage off the timeline to make long video short


  • Various features available to al users
  • User-friendly interface and steps to follow

How to crop images via Toolkit?

Step 1: Click the specific tool you are looking for from the homepage.

Step 2: Click on the "+"icon to load a file or drag & drop files here.

Step 3: Set up all the parameters per your special requirements, then click the "Start"button.

Online Image Cropper Software


image2go image cropper

It is easy with Img2Go's online image cropper for it provides online access to cropping your image to whatever size you prefer with just easy clicks within several minutes. What's more, it is totally free for everyone to crop photos or image files. And you just need to upload pictures or photo you want to crop either from your hard drive, via URL or from cloud storage.

The crop image function is, as the name suggests, reserved for photos and image files only. This means it will only work correctly if you upload an image to crop. Other files like documents won't work.


  • Image formats: BMP, EPS, GIF, HDR/EXR, ICO, JPG, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF, WBMP, WebP
  • The capability of converting images into popular formats
  • Enable users to crop, rotate images after editing
  • Set a specific size for the crop area and move it around to get the exact part of the image
  • Choose from a ration preset
  • Use the crop area in the preview to get what you want to crop

How to Crop an Image Online?

Step 1: Upload the photo or picture you want to crop either from your hard drive, via URL or from a cloud storage.

image cropper

Step 2:Then you can crop the image by dragging the crop area or by specifying a custom size.

Step 3: Choose it from the templates and move your selection around. Afterwards, don't forget to click on \"Apply\" and \"Save File\". Optionally, you can even choose the image format you want.


iloveimg image cropper

Iloveimg is another option you can choose if you are seeking for convenient and easy, as well as, most importantly free way to get images cropped. It enables all process steps be fulfilled via online operations with specific size requirements to be obtained. You as someone wants to crop images are totally free to edit images as you wish after uploading the image in the website page.

And here are the exact steps for cropping an image.


  • Totally free and online without downloading software
  • Easy to get images cropped
  • Quality can be retained if you want

Guidance for usage

Step 1: Upload images you want to crop via clicking add images.

Step 2: Then you can crop images as you wish or customize the cropping size via adding number for width, height, position X and Position Y.

image cropper

Step 3: You can directly click Crop Image after have all settings settled and save them on your PC.


befunky image cropper

Befunkyis really a good choice as an all-in-one creative solution that enables you to crop photos with confidence since it is the ideal crop for all your photos. With the tool, you can easily squarely crop to get flawlessly frame up your image. Besides, you can choose from one of your many other templates and never need to worry about dimensions.


  • Effortless cropping for any social media
  • Easy to crop photos for different size
  • All kinds of art filters you to choose

Steps for Guidance

Step 1: Upload images into the software via clicking adding images

Step 2: Add all parameters to get images you want to adjust image size

image cropper

Step 3: Save images you want on PC after having all features fulfilled

Final Words

Here in this article, you can easily find either reliable software with comprehensive features like DVDFab VideoCruise or free and online image cropping software for your reference. Compared with paid software, free software outperforms due to its zero price but with basic cropping features. However, paid software are more comprehensive in terms of functions they provide, which is not just limited into cropping images. Therefore, if you want to find a comprehensive one with all kinds of video or image solution for you, then definitely you may have a try at the newest image cropper software of DVDFab.


Does cropping an image reduce file size?

Actually yes, to crop an image is to remove a portion of the image. You can keep the part of image you want and save it. Therefore, the file size of your image will naturally get smaller.

How do you crop a picture properly?

Before cropping images, you need to decide what size you want for your image and then launch an image cropper. You may crop images due to guidance of the software after uploading the picture.

What is the difference between resizing and cropping an image?

The difference is actually easy to understand. Specifically, when you crop an image, part of the picture is removed. Cropping can be useful if you're working with an image that's too big and you want to focus on only part of it. Select the image you want to crop and then you can easily save the part you want.

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