How to Rip DVD on Mac Free?

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Here in this article, we would like to share with you a safe yet efficient way to rip DVD to Mac for free.

How to Rip DVD on Mac

Step1 Download MacX DVD Ripper

Let’s get started now! Firstly, go to the main page of MacX DVD Ripper. Scroll down and click on the "Download" button to free download it to your Mac.

Download MacX DVD Ripper

When the download process is completed, just install and run it. Then, you will see the main functions of the MacX DVD Ripper.
From here, you can drag the DVD file you want to rip to the file zone directly or click on the "DVD Disc" function to finish the job. After clicking "DVD Disc", you can choose the source "DVD disc", "DVD Folder" or "DVD ISO file".

Step 2 Load DVD Files

Load DVD Files

Here, we will take the "DVD ISO file" as an example.
Click on the "Browse" button and select the ISO file, then click on the "Open" button. If you don’t want to change the default Disc file system type, just click OK to continue. It will automatically detect the right title, which most software won't do. And it will also automatically apply the advanced title check mechanism to ensure a smooth protected DVD ripping process.

Step 3 Choose the Output format

how to rip dvd mac

Choose the output format from the drop-down list. After choosing, just click the "Done" button.

Step 4 Select Output Folder

how to rip dvd mac

Step 5 Start Conversion

how to rip a dvd on a Mac

The Other Features of MacX DVD Ripper: Edit Videos

Actually, MacX DVD also supports edit videos. Select the "Edit" tab of the DVD movie to be ripped: Click "Enable subtitle" to add built-in subtitle tracks to the video.

how to rip dvd on Mac

Or you can load an external subtitle file (.srt) to the movie. Click "Trim" to adjust the duration of the video segment by dragging the left or right bar under the video preview windows or modify the "Start Time" and "End time" with values directly.

rip dvd

Click "Enable Crop" to adjust your video's aspect ratio to Full Screen, etc. to better fit your device’s screen. Or you can cut off the unwanted areas and remove black bars by dragging the resizable handle and frame. Once you finish your setting, press "Done" to confirm. This button allows to select several titles and click "Merge titles" to combine them into one.

dvd ripper

"SET TAG" lets you edit the file name as you want. Also enables you to adjust bite rate, frame rate, resolution, audio channel, etc. according to your advanced need. Also, it permits you to take pictures appearing in the movie and store them as PNG. You can enable the "Hardware Accelerator" box to process DVD ripping faster. Select "Use High-Quality Engine" or set "Deinterlacing" for better image quality. "Safe Mode" is especially used when encountering conversion problems: conversion stops unexpectedly and the conversion sequence goes wrong, etc.

In this article, a safe and efficient way to rip DVD for Mac is listed. And If you want to know more about DVD ripping software, please feel free to contact us.

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