Top 9 Best Free PDF Editors You Need 2023

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Are you looking for the best free PDF editor that can edit your document for free? Are you looking for a PDF editor free tool that can edit your document professionally?

It is often hard to find a professional PDF editor that includes all the features such as editing, merging, adding links to document and is secure. To access these features, you have to choose either a free version or a paid version of these editors. Below is the list of the top 9 PDF editors for your office work or school presentations.

Why Do You Need a PDF Editor?

PDF editors are used for editing a written document. They allow you to edit text, images, add links and even add a calculation. Some PDF editors are so secure that they will enable you to set a password for your edits. These editors help make your document look professional.

Thus, to make your PDF document more personalized and applicable to your specific purpose, you need to find the one that suits you best. Here we will provide you a valuable list of top 9 best PDF editor free tools based on personal test and detailed survey.

Top 9 Best PDF Editors for Your Option

1. Libreoffice

LibreOffice is an online free PDF editor that allows you to edit and export your document. This free PDF editor online app was created in 2010, aiming to help its users to experience a wide range of features for free. You can enjoy the free PDF editor download without any cost from its official site.

Free PDF editor

LibreOffice comes with a wide range of features that includes multiple formats and templates. The PDF editor online free version has given access to free extensions such as calculator, fold medical card and about me template.


  • Perfect for Windows.
  • Free source for editing PDFs
  • Easy to use
  • Supports Ms Word, Excel format, and PowerPoint format
  • Available in different languages
  • Feature to export your document


  • Some advance features are available after a paid subscription
  • Unappealing Interface

2. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat is a popular PDF editor that offers a free trial, after which you need to pay to edit your PDFs. That being said, Adobe Acrobat PDF editor free download is available on free basis.

adobe pdf editor free

Adobe PDF editor free is another software of the Adobe family. It is an advanced version of Acrobat Reader. You can edit, share and sign your documents. Adobe Acrobat DC comes with several features that will make your document professional. Note that Adobe PDF editor free version has limited features.


  • Free trial
  • Supports Windows
  • Mobile application available
  • Supports MS word, PowerPoint, and Excel format
  • Convert your PDF to other formats
  • Share your PDFs
  • Scan your documents


  • A paid subscription to use after a limited time for free Adobe PDF editor
  • Advanced features might confuse complete beginners
  • PDF converting to other formats might confuse some users

3. Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF is a PDF editor that allows you to edit your documents, images and text. Its interface is user friendly. Foxit comes with a paid version that is best for big tasks. It allows you to share your PDF with others and build your team. The mobile application is quite handy and will enable you to work anywhere. It is easy to use as compared to other complex software such as Adobe Acrobat DC.

Foxit pdf editor free


  • Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Share your PDF and connect with others
  • Supports MS word and PowerPoint
  • Easy to use
  • Export your PDFs


  • The free version does not work for big projects
  • Work slow on a mobile app
  • A paid subscription is required for advanced features

4. Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda is a PDF editor that offers both free and paid subscriptions to its users. The free plenty of options that can edit your document professionally. You can make use of this PDF free editor to edit your document.

With Sejda, you can edit 200 files at one time. That's a massive number for someone working on large projects; however, its mobile application sometimes lags. For advanced features, you can access a paid subscription.


  • Your files remain safe
  • Supports Windows, Mac, Linux
  • You can edit up to 200 pages
  • Offline features available
  • Edit images up to 5MB
  • Add signature to your PDF file
  • Best for big tasks


  • Paid version for unlimited access to free features
  • Custom fonts are not supported
  • Lag on a mobile app

5. PDF expert

PDF expert is a PDF editor launched for Mac and iPhone users. A free and paid version is available for its users. The free PDF editor Mac offers you some basic editing once you start PDF editor free download. It enables you to edit text and images and add links to your PDF. You can handle multiple PDFs at a time and create your signature. Also, you can merge different files and edit them at one time.

free pdf editor mac


  • Best for Mac
  • Add a password for security
  • Catchy interface
  • Export your file
  • Supports iPad and iPhone
  • Book mark feature available
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Available in different languages


  • It does not support PC
  • It does not support Android
  • It does not help large files

6. SmallPDF Editor

A small PDF editor is a software used to edit PDFs. You can convert and merge multiple files by using this editor. It helps you edit your PDF with multiple features. As a free PDF editor, it is not as good as the other paid PDF editors, but its free version is best for small and quick tasks. Thus, this free PDF editor Windows is also helpful to you.

free pdf editor windows


  • Easy to use
  • Supported by Windows
  • Supports Android and iPhone
  • Offline feature is also available


  • A paid subscription is needed to use advanced features
  • Little expensive
  • Unappealing interface to users

7. Nitro PDF pro

Nitro PDF pro is a PDF editor with a paid subscription to use the platform. It allows to edit, convert and merge files. The paid version is expensive as compared to other PDF editors with premium packages. It allows you to edit files and supports multiple formats such as MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Comparing it to Adobe Acrobat, it lacks behind. In a sense, it is not a PDF editor free tool.


  • Best for individuals and small businesses
  • Free trial available
  • Safe editing
  • Supports Windows
  • Mobile application available
  • Available in multiple languages


  • Expensive
  • It does not support Mac

8. PDFelement

PDF element helps you edit, convert and merge files. The interface is catchy and best for small tasks. You can edit text and images in seconds. Often the saving procedure is confusing to users.

free pdf editor windows/mac

It allows you to use several features to edit your PDF. One of the promising features is that PDFelement detects the text that needs editing. It supports multiple formats for editing. Different from other free online PDF editor, PDFelement does have much limit on free use.


  • Supports Windows and Mac
  • Easy to use
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Customer watermark not available for a free version
  • Secure editing


  • Limited fonts are available
  • Paid version for advanced features
  • Not for offline use
  • Import feature might lag sometimes

9. PDFxchange editor

PDFXchange editor is a free PDF editor that allows you to edit text, images and save them. The online version is super easy to use. You can finish basic edits with the PDF editor free online version.

PDFxchange editor helps you edit your documents easily on Windows. However, it is not supported by Mac and iPad. If you are looking for a document to be edited for a small task, this free pdf editor Windows is best for you; you don't need to buy a paid version.


  • Easy to use
  • Available for Windows
  • Works fast
  • Multiple formats are available such as MS word


  • Not for scanned document
  • It does not support Mac or iPad
  • Paid version to access advanced features
  • Limited options for editing for free version


Editing files can be complex sometimes, especially if you are using the wrong PDF editor. Hence, you will need a PDF editor at some point in your work, whether for school or business work.

There are paid and free PDF editors available in the market. We have discussed a detailed review of the top 9 PDF editors with features in the list mentioned above. When speaking of PDF editor free version, some of them offer free PDF editor Windows, free PDF editor Mac, while others provide PDF online editor free feature to meet basic needs. For better access to the features, you can sign in to the paid versions of these editors.

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