7 Best Free Music Download Sites You Will Like

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Are you looking for the best free music download sites? There are tons of legal and illegal free music download sites. Illegal sites require VPN and contain viruses. Your data is undoubtedly unsafe if you download music from these sites. But don't worry, several websites offer free music downloads and are entirely legal. Below we have listed the best music download sites in 2022 from where you can get free music. Let's get started!

Why Free Music Download Sites Are Popular

"You have a great taste in music, but you have to pay for the song." Not anymore. There are some resources through which you can download music for free and enjoy lifetime access to it. There are some sites where your favourite music is just one click away from you. You can download music free to MP3 or even in multiple formats. Most of these sites are mobile-friendly and do not require a fast internet connection.

Everyone loves music, and some diehard fans pay enormous prices for these music albums to download. But now you can enjoy music for free. Below I have listed the best free music download sites for you. All these websites are legal and do not require VPN to download free music. That will ensure you a nice listening experience whenever you like.

7 Best Music Download Sites You Need to Know

1. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is definitely one of the best free music download sites, a Swedish online music platform that gives you access to lifetime free music with uploading and sharing your favourite music. It is a fantastic website that lets you download music at zero cost. With just one click, your song is in your playlist. This platform perfectly works for those who want to gain an audience. To build a fan following, all you need to do is access the paid version of SoundCloud Go+ and upload content.


  • Easy to use
  • Mobile friendly
  • Offline access to free music
  • Build your audience
  • Upload and share music online
  • Create your custom playlist
  • Music available in more than 30 languages


  • Multiple ads might destroy the core of free music
  • Paid subscription access to advanced features

2. Jamendo

Jamendo is a free music download site for you to download thousands of songs to MP3 . This website is famous for offering many styles of music. Actually, Jamendo has many key features that include creating your custom playlists. It features different music such as hip hop, jazz, classic, country, electronic, rock, etc.

Free music download site: Jamendo


  • Supports Android, Windows, iOS
  • Free access to account
  • Quick download
  • You can use Jamendo radio to explore more
  • Earn with Jamendo by purchasing its monthly license subscription


  • Sometimes work slow
  • The interface looks like a web browser
  • A paid subscription is required to upload your songs

3. Internet Archive

Internet Archive audio archive is one of the earliest music platforms that offer free music download. This website is super easy to use, and fast free MP3 downloads services are available. The Internet Archive allows listening to free podcasts, audiobooks, poetry, and radio news, along with music downloads. You can filter music by artists and choosing your style of music.

Free music download site: Internet Archive


  • Available in more than 100 languages
  • Supports Android, Windows
  • Free MP3 downloads
  • You can find music by using the "YEAR" filter
  • A user account is not required


  • The unappealing interface of the website
  • Many audios are not available for download
  • Sometimes won't respond because of load

4. ReverbNation

Many music bands have made their career on ReverbNation.This free MP3 music download platform was created in 2006 and is helping many young bands to achieve their dreams. ReverbNation helps users to access free music sorted by the newest artists. You can apply different filters to listen to other artists in different languages. The attractive interface makes you stay on the website and use it more.

Music download site: ReverbNation


  • Available on Windows, macOS
  • You can Upload your music
  • Support Android
  • Connect with people having the same taste in music
  • Market yourself through ads with the support of ReverbNation
  • Connected with social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


  • You need an account to download music
  • Need a paid subscription to upload your music and connect with your audience

5. Bandcamp

As one of the best free music download sites, Bandcamp is made in 2008. It allows you to download free music with just one click. You can find jazz, rock, hip-hop, and all sort of music on this website. As one of the best free MP3 music download sites, Bandcamp offers new talent to showcase their talent. With Bandcamp, you can have free access to music without logging into it. You can also make sales with a paid subscription.

Best free MP3 music download site: Bandcamp


  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Upload your pieces of music
  • Sale your album
  • Connect with your audience
  • Multiple formats for downloading are available
  • Filter music according to artist
  • Sale your merchandise to your fans


  • Paid subscription for uploading content
  • Some songs have only paid access
  • The interface may look complex to some users

6. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive was made in 2009. This website allows you to download free music with many genres to offer, such as jazz, country, hip-hop, classic. As one of the best free music download sites, Free Music Archive offers an advanced filter for your favourite music. You do not need a user account to download free music. Also, you can view it before downloading the music.

Best free music download site: FMA


  • Free download
  • Supported by windows
  • Best for new talent
  • A wide range of categories is available


  • Limited format for downloading is available.

7. YouTube

How to download music for free in YouTube? As we all know, YouTube is a popular website for free music downloads. Though most music videos are copyrighted and cannot and do not have the option to download. you can find non-copyrighted music with advanced searches and download them for free to MP3.

Not all music is available to download but what distinguishes YouTube from other music platforms is that you have a lifetime of free access to the website. Still, some music cannot be reuploaded and downloaded due to copyright issues, even if you want to pay for it. Anyway, you can access to your favourite music whenever you like. But what if you want to download and save music from YouTube to your devices permanently? Don't worry, in the next section we have you covered.


  • Super easy to use
  • Youtube kids can be applied to filters for safe searches
  • Audio and video music available
  • Lifetime free access to the platform
  • Make sales by uploading your music
  • Connect with your audience via live sessions


  • You will receive a copyright strike for reuploading restricted content/music
  • Copyright music is unavailable even if you want to pay

Best MP3 Music Downlaoder - StreamFab YouTube to MP3

Would you like to download your favorite music for offline enjoyment? If so, try StreamFab YouTube to MP3. This music downloader provides such services as Turbo-Speed download, batch download and metadata download. You can save or download any single or playlist with the help of it.

It is very easy to download music with the help of StreamFab YouTube to MP3, no matter which website your music is from. It can not only convert YouTube to MP3, but also support over 1000 streaming sites to download audio from them. This software is a good assistant to help you solve all kinds of problems in music free download. If you also want to download movies or shows, StreamFab Downloader is of great help.

Now, let’s install this software and see how to use it to realize the best MP3 music downloader.

Step1: Install the StreamFab YouTube to MP3 downloader and click the YouTube icon from the left panel.

download music mp3

Step2: Search for the video and play it. Then it will have a pop-up window, click the Music tab.

streamfab download music mp3

Step3: Choose the download music quality and tap on the Download Now button to download the video to MP3 file.


Paid websites have made it hard for music lovers to enjoy music freely. You might not find big labels such as Drake and Taylor Swift on these free music download websites because they want to make sales. But that does not mean that you won't find good music on the MP3 free download sites listed above. You can search for your favorite style of music by using advanced searches and enjoy free music. If you are also interested in streaming music online, please head here to find the best music streaming service we provide.

As long as you download music for personal listening, you can make the best of such free music download sites to burn CDs for home entertainment.

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