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DVDFab All-In-One
DVDFab All-In-One
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In the 21st era, the use of physical media has dropped, and many new PC and Laptops are not featuring optical DVD drives that demotivate the usage of CDs and DVDs. Also, Windows OS has contributed to this matter while discontinuing the Windows Media Centre software, which was also the end of one beautiful period. The free DVD player for windows 10 is growing.

However, thanks to the third-party windows 10 DVD players. They offer a smooth interface and appealing features to let us live the old times and enjoy our physical media collection. You can make one of this software a default one for your windows 10. Also, please take advantage of all their built-in functions, like editing, converting formats, enjoying soundtracks, etc. They are super safe and does not demand you download any other codecs or software for support.

So, allow me to bring in the best DVD Players for Windows 10 and help you choose one according to your requirements.

1.DVDFab Player 6

dvd player 6 for windows

Irrespective of reducing DVD player's popularity, DVDFab play 6 is still one of the best DVD players running online. From allowing you to choose between three affordable package plans, this DVD player windows 10 offers other exciting features to engage customers. The software is designed to provide services for two modes, TV and PCs, to promote streaming content via DVDs in this advanced era.
Furthermore, it can perfectly work as the default media player for your windows 10 and ensures playing all your regular or encrypted DVDs by removing any sort of encryptions or protections to open doors for entertainment. Besides, this DVD player software windows 10 fully supports HDR10 content to provide better display performance. It wouldn't ruin the video quality; instead, make it better to watch on giant TV screens. It also supports Hi-res audio output and 3D content playback, so you can run any advanced or latest DVDs in the player to enjoy to the fullest.


  • Decrypt encrypted DVD, Blue-ray, and 4K UHD discs.
  • Plays multiple video formats without ruining the quality
  • It will import DVDs as ISO files
  • The latest audio and video technology support
  • Available for Mac and Windows devices

Con: Packages are a little expensive

2. Blaze DVD

Blaze DVD

Blaze DVD is one of the influential windows 10 DVD players that may not match the latest video technology to enhance your viewing experience. Still, its audio output is undoubtedly the ideal one. However, it does offer a surprising feature that not all the free multimedia players are offering now. Well, you can stream region-coded and CSS-encrypted CDs or DVDs on Blaze DVD. You will also allow editing your video files to add subtitles, effects and play with other built-in functions to make them more presentable to watch.

Though the free version of the software offers limited features, you can still enjoy old times and watch your VCDs, DVDs, and SVCDs effortlessly. Gaining the pro-version access would be a bonus point because it will open audio playback supports to provide a theatre-like experience on your TV screens. Besides, it also has a built-in parental control feature that allows you to put restrictions on specific functions that you might not want your children to access.

Editing or making videos with still images is one of the best and exciting DVD players Windows 10. Also, you can open and enjoy different components of the software on any Windows device.


  • Learning mode for beginners
  • Play CSS-Encrypted files
  • Smart Stretch technology
  • Multiple audio filters
  • Parental control
  • Enhance the video quality

Con: Limited features in the free version

3.VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

Who doesn't know about VLC media players? The oldest yet most famous multimedia player has secured outstanding success in recent years for its continuous up-gradation. It is among the windows 10 media player free software equipped with many appealing features to turn your entertainment experience. It offers to convert file formats, play CDs, DVDs, Blue-rays, and VCDs supporting any format, and editing files to fix minor issues.
This free DVD player for windows 10 is a cross-platform software that can effortlessly operate on Mac, Windows, and Linux devices. You only have to download the software in your systems or smartphones and make it the default media player for all your audios/video streaming.
Moreover, the VLC media player won't demand downloading any other software to run smoothly on your devices. It is free, safe, and reliable software/app to use on your smart devices. However, it does not offer 4K, 8K, or any latest video display support. So, you might have to refer to its 3.0 version compatible with the latest audio and video technology.


  • Support hundreds of audio and video files formats
  • Versatile and flexible software
  • Available on all Windows, Mac, and Linus devices
  • Editing tools
  • Free and safe to use

Con: Customers are waiting for a 4K and 8K compatibility update.

4. PotPlayer


If you are looking for a smooth yet fastest DVD player for windows 10, then PotPlayer would pretty much be the answer to your findings. It does not require any codecs to work along. It is compatible with many advanced ones to play unique files effortlessly.
You can also trust the DVD player with 360 degree and 3D videos. It also supports hundreds of audio and video formats, so you can stream shows or listen to the audio files with high-quality output. Besides, it may not be the best free DVD player for windows 10. Still, it is feature-rich software that requires a one-time affordable licence purchase that would open doors for many exciting functions. You can also add subtitles to the files, organize and manage them professionally, add bookmarks to your favourite scene, and choose amazing soundcards to enjoy.


  • Smooth video play
  • Compatible with hundreds of audio and video formats
  • It allows previewing the scenes
  • It supports DVDs, TVs, HDTV, and PC.

Con: It may take a longer time in loadings

5. KMPlayer

KMPlayer: Media Player
KMPlayer is the modern but sophisticated free DVD Player windows 10 with different audio and video formats compatibility. It allows streaming 3D, 4K, and UHD videos with the best possible display quality. Fortunately, the windows 10 DVD Player free features built-in codecs that help you play several audio and video files. It reduces the chance of messing with downloading any codecs to play any specific file and promotes users' convenience to use their physical media.

Moreover, KMPlayer is one of the free DVD players for windows 10, available on both iPhone and Android devices for flexibility and quick access. Mac users do not have to rely on different software to play their CDs or DVDs. It will provide smooth processing and viewing experience on any device. Apart from that, you can merely listen to the audio, download files from the internet, and save them in any format you like. The loading process is fast enough, and against few clicks, you will be able to stream your old CDs on a smooth interface.

Screen capturing tool
It allows adding subtitles
It lets you download videos from YouTube
Compatible with old and latest PCs

Con: Lack of advanced audio system


Windows 10 has disappointed many users after removing the default DVD media player that would read and play different files with a single click. Thanks to the best DVD players for Windows 10 available on the internet, we can still use our DVDs and CDs and enjoy them for the old time's sake.
All the DVD player software windows 10 mentioned above are reliable, safe, and rich with exciting features to do the job. They are compatible with hundreds of file formats so that you can play, edit, and save audio/video files in no time.
However, if you have any other Windows 10 DVD player in mind, feel free to mention it in the comments. We can't wait to explore, test, and review it.


1. Why can I not play DVDs on Windows 10?

Unfortunately, Microsoft has restricted built-in DVD video playing support in the windows 10 update. So, you have to download or refer to any online DVD player for windows 10. You can trust any of the above windows DVD players to catch up on your CDs and DVDs.

2. Which is the best free DVD player for windows 10?

I recommend using the VLC media player by VideoLan. It is free, versatile, and user-friendly software to stream your DVDs, edit videos and convert different formats in one go. Besides, give a thorough read to the article and explore other best DVD players for windows 10.

3. Why is my system not showing my DVD Drive?

Restarting the computer should resolve this problem at first. But in case of no effect, delete and reinstall the drivers and try again. If your device still does not detect the DVD drive, there must be a hardware problem that you should be concerned about.

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