Disney Plus Free Trial: There’s One but It May Take You Some Effort to Get It

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Whenever Disney is mentioned, the very first image striking people’s minds is the century-long famous Mickey and Donald, among other classic iconic characters. In the past, we can watch our favorite Disney cartoons, animations, and movies on cable TVs, in cinemas, and on some online platforms including Netflix till early November of 2019.

Then, as soon as the cooperation between Disney and Netflix comes to an end, Disney+ (reads Disney Plus) was officially introduced. So, from then on, Disney fans have a new way to chase after their beloved Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Queen Elsa, and Princess Anna, among many others.

What's Disney+?

As a latecomer in terms of on-demand video streaming, Disney+ is a 2019-debuted streaming service owned by The Walt Disney Company and operated by the latter’s Media and Entertainment Distribution division. It is home to the movies and TV shows produced by Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television, and those include the brands, such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Disney Plus Free Trial

Despite being too late to the streaming party, Disney+ has its inborn advantages and has been catching up with the major competitors really fast. According to statistics reports, Disney+ garnered 10 million subscribers on the single day it was released. Really impressive! And as of March 2021, over 100 million people have subscribed to the service, which has officially surpassed Hulu as the 3rd biggest on-demand streaming service in the United States, after only Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Is there a Disney Plus free trial available?

It’s a practice for streaming services to offer a certain period of free evaluation period or free trial as we often call it so that potential subscribers can have enough time testing whether it is really what they are looking for. It is no exception to Disney+. When initially introduced on Nov. 12, 2019, in the U.S. Canada, Netherlands, and some other countries, the brand-new service does offer every new customer a 7-day free trial to entice sign-ups.

Disney Plus Free Trial

However, this 7-day Disney plus free trial didn’t last long, actually only a little bit more than 6 months, at least in certain countries and regions. In June 2020, the entertainment giant abruptly announced the removal of the 7-day long Disney plus trial to any new customer in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia, with other available countries not being affected as of now, and those countries include:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Japan

Hence, if you are from one of those countries, unfortunately, you are no longer able to watch free movies for a week before you decide whether to hook up with the service or not, at least not through its official website, or its official Apps on the supported devices. However, the 7-day Disney+ free trial being ended does not necessarily mean you cannot try out with Disney+ through some other means. But before we talk about how to get Disney+ free trial via other ways, let’s first help those from the countries and regions where a free Disney trial is still available to sign up for a free Disney plus trial.

How to sign up for Disney Plus free trial?

If you come from the places where the free Disney plus trial is still being offered thanks to its comparatively late landing on the soil you live on. For instance, Disney+ only arrived in Japan in late 2020, so to better lure people to join the streaming platform, not offering a free Disney+ trial wouldn’t be strategically advised. The same goes for other countries and regions that received Disney+ in 2020 and 2021.

As a matter of fact, if you’re from Japan, congratulations, not only can you get a Disney plus free trial, you can actually get a Disney plus free month.

Disney Plus Free Trial

So here below is how to sign up for an entire Disney plus free month:

Step 1: Open your browser and visit the Disney+ website.

Step 2: Click the button named Start Free Trial.

Step 3: Enter your email address and then your credit card information.

Disney Plus Free Trial

You see?! Signing up for the free Disney plus trial is quite easy. But don’t forget to cancel the renewal before your 31-day free trial runs out if you’re not satisfied with the service, otherwise, you will be billed for the normal monthly subscription fee.

How to watch Disney Plus?

Depending on what you may have at home, there are a plethora of ways to stream movies and TV shows during your Disney Plus free trial period or your own paid Disney plus account. Next is our detailed breakdown, you just pick the best way that fits your situation perfectly.

Streaming Disney on a web browser

The most basic and easiest way to get started is via your computer.

Disney Plus Free Trial

Step 1: Launch your web browser, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or whatever, then open the official website of Disney+;

Step 2: Browse through the streaming catalog and pick the movie/show you want to enjoy.

Do remember to log in to your Disney plus account if you’re already a paid user, if you are still testing the platform with the Disney+ free trial, then forget about the login thing.

Stream Disney on other devices

Apart from a computer, similar to all the other streaming services, Disney+ also has its own official Disney Plus App tailored for different portable and mobile devices, game consoles, smart TVs from select manufacturers, etc.

Disney Plus Free Trial

  • Tablets and smartphones: almost all the iPhone models, iPad models, and Android smartphones and tablets running Android Ver. 4 and above.
  • Game consoles: Xbox One, PlayStation 4.
  • Streaming devices: Amazon Fire TV, Chrome cast, Apple TV 4th gen or later.
  • Smart TVs: SmartCast, Android TV, Roku TV, Vizio, LG WebOS.

The steps to watch Disney+ on all those supported devices are generally the same:

  • Step 1: Install Disney+ App from the app store on your device.
  • Step 2: Launch the app, and log in to your Disney plus account (omit this if you’re still with the Disney+ free trial period).
  • Step 3: browse and start to watch your favorite Disney+ content.

Watch Disney offline

While not all the times you want to stream everything online, there are times when you need to watch them offline without a live internet connection. In that case, you will have to download the streaming videos from Disney+ to your local storage and then watch them when you’re away from home. As for how to download Disney plus videos to your device, head to the next section to find out.

How to download Disney plus movies offline?

When it finally comes to the need of downloading your favorite Disney+ movies and TV shows for offline watching. Basically, there are two ways you can download from the platform.

Download using the Disney app

Luckily, Disney+ officially allows users to download movies and TV shows through its official app on up to 10 mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones & tablets, and also Amazon Fire tablets. Unluckily, the download is not available on computers, game consoles, nor other smart TVs.

Disney Plus Free Trial

Refer to the steps below to see how to download Disney Plus movies via the Disney+ app:

  • Step 1: Launch the Disney+ app on your device and sign in to your Disney Plus account.
  • Step 2: Click the downward arrow icon to the right of the TV show episode or movie to download it.
  • Step 3: Click on the Downloads to the bottom right of the menu bar to view your download.

Extra Tips: Like with other streaming services, your downloaded content shall automatically expire 48 hours once you start watching them, and if you don’t start to watch them within 30 days, they also expire. Hence, to get rid of those constraints, it is advised to download Disney+ videos with a 3rd-party streaming downloader software. And for that, move on to the next chapter.

Download with a Disney Plus downloader

StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader is a professional streaming downloader software dedicated to Disney+ movie download. With its help, Disney+ subscribers can download whatever they would like to keep from the Disney Plus streaming service for offline watching without any constraints. They can transfer the downloaded Disney+ movies and shows to as many devices as they want, regardless of what that device might be, as long as it is capable of video playback.

  • Downloaded Video Format: MP4, which is literally compatible with any device.
  • Downloaded Audio Format: EAC3 5.1-channel high quality
  • Downloaded Video Quality: 720p as of now, 1080p will be supported soon
  • Other Features: Batch-download, High-Speed download (10-20 minutes for a 90-min movie), metadata, and subtitles download
  • OS Compatibility: Works both on Windows and macOS systems (sold separately)

Refer to the steps below to download Disney Plus movies in just three steps.

Step 1: Start StreamFab Downloader After installation, click VIP Services from the left navigation panel.

disney plus movies downloader
Step 2: Open the Disney+ website by clicking its logo from the supported streaming service list.
Step 3: Log in to your Disney Plus account, play the movie/TV episode, and then click the Download Now button that appears on the following popup.

download disney plus movies

One of the best features of this top-class Disney plus downloader that you probably cannot resist is that it can automatically detect the video URL being played to see if you’re watching an episode from a TV show. Once confirmed, it shall show all the episodes together with all the seasons that a particular TV show has so that you can decide whether to download the single episode currently being played or download all the entire seasons. Impressive! Suppose, you can download all the 702 episodes of the entire 32 seasons of The Simpsons by one operation, wouldn’t that be wonderful?!

Other ways to get Disney plus trial or free Disney Plus account

With the Disney Plus trial offer being unavailable to the unlucky Disney fans living in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia who might be considering a subscription, there are still other means to get Disney plus trial or even get a free Disney plus for a whole year.

Sign up with Verizon to get a free Disney plus trial or forever

If you sign up for one of Verizon’s unlimited plans as a new customer, you can get free Disney plus for 6 months or for the whole year. Or, you can also choose to upgrade to one of its unlimited plans as an existing user which can get you free Disney plus for up to 6 months. If you are willing to stick to an ultimate unlimited plan, you can even get a free Disney plus bundle with Hulu, and ESPN+ forever, plus Discovery+ free forever and Apple Music free for a whole year.

Disney Plus Free Trial

Sign up with O2 to watch Disney plus for free for 6 months

British customers who sign up with O2 for select plans will be able to get a new smartphone (including the new iPhone 12 Pro) for free and full access to free Disney Plus for 6 months.

Disney Plus Free Trial

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can get you Disney Plus free trial for 30 days

This one might be only suitable for those heavy Disney Plus Xbox gamers who have already paid for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. As one of the incentives, gamers who also happen to be Disney fans can get Disney+ trial free for 30 days. So, don’t forget to take full advantage of this offer.

Disney Plus Free Trial

Get 1-year free Disney Plus with a Disney Plus Gift Card

Maybe one day on some special occasion, you might receive a Disney Plus Gift Card from your friends or parents. Then you can get full access to Disney Plus free for a whole. Although it literally not free, at least it is not you who paid for the subscription gift card. Just someone else paid it for you.

Disney Plus Free Trial

Wait for the official 1-week Disney free trial to come back

Despite not being possible anytime soon in the countries where Disney Plus free trial has been removed, it’s really hard to say that the streaming giant shall never bring it back again sometime later in the future.

"We continue to test and evaluate different marketing, offers and promotions to grow Disney Plus," as hinted by a spokesperson from the company, the 7-day long free Disney+ trial does have a chance to be reinstalled, we just don’t know when that date would be. Guess we’ll have to leave it to the market to decide.

But before that really happens, you only have the above-mentioned ways to get your hands evaluating Disney+ free from 30 days to 6 months or get Disney Plus free for as long as you do not change those mentioned data plans with those carriers.

Why is Disney plus free trial canceled?

As far as it comes to why Disney decided to kill the Disney plus free trial, there could be several possible reasons.

Disney Plus Free Trial

  • Disney movies are easily attracted both to kids and adults, so as a family it is highly possible to ignore whether there is a free trial or not.
  • Disney might consider its $7.99/£7.99/AUS$11.99 monthly rate itself is already competitive on its own, compared to other streaming services out there, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video which both cost $8.99 for the basic plan.
  • Disney may think that they don’t necessarily need an incentive perk to draw potential subscribers in, considering the fact that they have a giant volume of streaming catalog covering extremely famous old classics from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, etc., but also including those most recent blockbusters such as Frozen 2, Hamilton, plus the upcoming new documentary series Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2, etc.
  • The unexpected outbreak COVID-19 pandemic might also be one of the driving factors. With cinemas and theaters being shut down and reopen not like to happen anytime soon, people still need to entertain at home when maintaining social distance. Disney sees this as one opportunity to cash in quickly. The already soaring subscriptions that have help Disney+ successfully take over Hulu as the 3rd largest streaming service can be better proof of this.

What can you watch with Disney Plus free trial?

In one word, everything! With the Disney Plus free trial, regardless of how and from where you got it, and regardless of how long it lasts, you can the full access to all the on-demand streaming libraries on the service. In other words, you can watch anything you want to watch on the platform before the free trial period ends, without costing a single penny of yours.

Disney Plus Free Trial

Don’t know what to start with? How about some classical Marvel movies, Star Wars series, Disney blockbusters, or award-winning Pixar animations! Besides, you can also get your eyes on some originals including the trending The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars, or maybe the WandaVision or The Falcon and the Winter Soldier shows if you’re an Avengers fan.

Final Words

Disney+ has already surpassed Hulu to become the 3rd largest stream service, and its subscribers are still growing fast, despite the 7-day long free Disney Plus trial offer no longer being offered in the U.S. U.K., Canada, and Australia. That being said, if you are considering jumping onto the streaming platform, there are still multiple other ways that can get you Disney plus free trial with a certain period.

While if you live in the countries or regions where a Disney Plus free trial is still being offered, you’d better grab that chance to give the platform a thorough evaluation before you still can. It’s very likely that those countries shall follow the suit and stop offering the Disney+ free trial anymore.

Besides, if you are also interested in downloading streaming videos from Disney+ for totally unconstrained offline playback, then Disney Plus Downloader offered by StreamFab Downloader is a very reliable option.


  • Is Disney Plus free?

No, it is not free. The Disney Plus monthly fee costs you $7.99/£7.99/AUS$11.99, or you can also choose to pay upfront of $79.99/£79.90/AUS$119.99 to get a Disney Plus annual subscription that saves 20%.

  • Does Disney Plus have a free trial?

Well, it depends on where you live. The regular week-long Disney Plus trial offer which was initially available in U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia has no longer been offered since June 2020. But if you live outside of those countries and regions, then you still have a chance to get your hands on the Disney Plus free trial for certain days. In Japan, for example, you can get a Disney Plus free month, that’s 31 days.

  • Is there possible to get a Disney Plus account for free?

Yes, there are several ways you can get a Disney Plus account for free, you just need to sign up with select mobile network carriers on select data plans. For example, some of Verizon’s unlimited plans can get you a Disney Plus account that lasts from 6 months to as long as you stick with the plan. There are similar offers with British carrier O2. So, just choose the right plan you need.

  • Is there any Disney+ bundle I can save money with?

Actually, if you live in the U.S., you can get Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu as a bundle for just $13.99/month, which saves you $6/month than paying for the three streaming services separately. But remember, for this price, you will see ads. If you want to remove ads, you will have to shed out a little bit more.

  • $14/month: Disney Plus, Hulu Basic, and ESPN+ bundle
  • $20/month: Disney Plus, Hulu (ad-free), and ESPN+ bundle
  • $73/month: Disney Plus, Hulu Basic + Live TV, and ESPN+ bundle
  • $79/month: Disney Plus, Hulu (ad-free) + Live TV, and ESPN+ bundle

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