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It is common that we prefer to use Photoshop to colorize image. With a strong ability to colorize photos, however, Photoshop has so many specialized settings that those newcomers can hardly colorize black and white photos as they desired. Therefore, turning to an application designed to colorize pictures or colorize photos online becomes more important for those people. The following top 5 best ways to colorize image will help you a lot.

1. DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

As an all-new AI-powered image enhancement solution, DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI has rich experience in settling the problem of how to colorize a black and white photo without Photoshop. This photo enhancer allows users to colorize photos with three separate enhancement modules for both novices and well-developed photographers. With time going by, those old photos recording our important moments have their unique and significant values. But the quality of those pictures was limited by technology at that time. So it is difficult to preserve those black and white photos.

Hence, this photo enhancer can provide you with practical functions and a helpful guide to colorizing photos. If you always spend hours and hours tweaking photos one by one, please try DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI to experience higher-level photo enhancement technology.

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Once you have the Photo Enhancer AI software installed on your devices, you can simply click the “+” button to load the image or drag and drop the image file or folder. After loading the image, the software will automatically build an AI model so as to colorize the photo. Once the work is done, you can click the “Save” button to download the colorized picture.

colorize photo


  • Turn black and white photos into color ones with strong AI technology
  • Completely automatic coloring to enhance the quality of photos
  • Support different language versions understandable to users
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac systems
  • Improve the quality of anime images with up to 40x
  • Easily add cartoon effects to your photos within the app.
  • Remove the noise of blurred photos to make them clearer and sharper.


  • Free version with a limited number of uploaded pictures

Except for the function to colorize old photos, DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI can add an awesome cartoon effect to your photos. You can easily turn photos of people or pets into a cartoon. They look like hand-drawn created by a professional cartoonist. If you need to optimize your photos, the PhotoPerfect function of this software can be a powerful tool.

2. Photomyne

The Photomyne toolbox is another solution provider that is specialized in how to colorize a photo. As the leading family nostalgia app developer, Photomyne is capable of preserving moments worth of memories in every minute. It can be realized just by a simple scan, and all these black and white photos will be colorized in seconds at a fast speed. In the meantime, the main Photomyne app empowers you to sort and edit your entire collection with convenient and efficient settings. You can add dates, locations, names, and captions to customize your old photos according to your desire. If you want to further learn how to use this application to colorize photos, you can turn to APP Store.

colorize black and white photos


  • Auto-cropped and auto-enhanced photo colorizing
  • Colorize old photos, slides, or negatives with a simple scan
  • Fast-speed scanning and good quality
  • Support various formats accessible for every occasion


  • Only available on IOS or Android mobile devices
  • Not support colorizing some part of a picture

3. Colorize Photos Online

Different from the software mentioned above, this is a website that enables users to colorize photo online. Specifically speaking, it can convert black and white pictures to full color online. Therefore, it can be seen as an online Photoshop colorize converter. As for how to colorize photos online, here I’d like to state the instructions. Tap the “Upload Photo” button, add a file and then wait for it to upload and process. Once done, you can click the circle with two arrows to differentiate the color as well as black and white photos. Finally, you can download the colorized image by right-clicking the color photo. However, this website can only meet your needs to colorize images online without any customized features.
colorize lights


  • Covert black and white photos online with just one-click
  • No need to download a program whenever you can use online


  • Very simple function without any other customized features
  • Not support colorizing some parts of a photo
  • Poor-quality colorized photos

4. Image Colorization API

Also as an online image converter, Image Colorization API empowers you to colorize black and white photos or videos. With this model, you can bring more colors to these old images or historic pictures. Furthermore, you can relive an old photo or film with colorization. Featured by its deep learning ability, this model has been trained to colorize photos online. Apart from that, this deep learning model can restore old photos or historic images. Only in this way can we better know the meanings and values concealed in these pictures.
You can upload an image by taping the upside arrow or adding the universal resource locator (URL).

how to colorize black and white photos


  • Color restoration for historic images
  • Film colorization frame by frame for video files


  • The maximum file upload size is up to 1200px for any dimension
  • Not support colorizing some part of an image

5. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop, developed and published by Adobe Inc., is a raster graphics editor. Thanks to its perfect compatibility with Windows and Mac, this software can meet almost all demands of users with both operating systems. Adobe Photoshop is software designed to edit and retouch photo. Photoshop colorizes black and white photos with various buttons and customized templates. In addition to that, Adobe Photoshop can create beautiful images with varied and specialized buttons.

colorize photo


  • Restore damaged or old photos
  • Surplus of advanced and innovative tools as you desire
  • Pull off trivial editing with ease
  • Various ways to colorize photos as desired
  • Support colorizing some part of an image


  • Too professional to handle it
  • Only 7-day free trial duration and the paid version costs too much
  • Less support for vector graphics
  • Not every user can fully use its function
  • Difficult to refine high-quality graphics

Sum up

Having introduced the top 5 best ways to colorize old photos, I hope you can select your favorite one. As for how to use colorize lights and colorize photos, it is advised that you can try each of them to have a comparison. Therefore, you will master different ways how to colorize photos, and you will find your loved one. Once done, you can use these photo viewers to check out the colorized photos.

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